More Baby Shots

More Shots of Baby Sammy

I can't even FIT on top of that tan platform thing anymore! And the basket? I still like to poke around in it even though I can't wedge my big old self in there anymore......

Mom’s still going through my baby picture album and here are a couple more “gems” for you to take a peek at.  It’s really funny about that tan thing.  Mom keeps some toys in the openings but honestly there’s no way I can get IN there anymore and I really don’t fit on top of it either! 

I’ve always liked baskets – I think a lot of us felines do from what I’ve seen on other blogs and in other people’s houses who have kitties.  We like to pick and poke on whatever the basket’s made of but it’s also a nice little cozy item that most often FITS JUST RIGHT.  We can get inside of it and it just fits around us like it was made for us!  This basket I’m standing in still sits next to my Dad’s chair and it’s probably got the same magazines and catalogs in it as it did twelve years ago when Mom took this picture!!!  ( 😉 sorry Pop!)   My Mom has a basket by her recliner too and I like that one too but for another reason……Mom has a book of crosswords and word puzzles that she messes around with sometimes and inside of the book is a pen.  Tee Hee……..I like to steal the pen and hide it somewhere…..usually under the footstool or in the kitchen pantry.  I know – I know – you’re saying to yourself “that’s mean!” but really it’s just another game. 

We cats love to play games………with ourselves, with our “siblings” or even with our parents!!!

Happy Saturday Gang!

Your Pal Sammy



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  1. You certainly were a sweet looking kitty…not that you aren’t still sweet looking, Sammy! I guess you would prefer to be called handsome these days anyway. The kitty I used to have loved to hide foam-rubber ear plugs! You know, the kind you use when you operate heavy machinery, or live with someone who snores? I would find them everywhere – sometimes even in her water bowl, where they would swell up really big! I miss those games! Have a great day, Sam, and tell your Mom hello for me.


    • Oh Miss Linda that’s so funny about the earplugs. Gosh – I wish someone around here had some of those – sounds like a FUN toy!! I occasionally put stuff in my water bowl…..sometimes I’ll dump some treats in there and when they swell up I scoop them out and eat them. Mom says I like “gravy” with my treats. HAHAHA

      I told Mom you said hello and she said to give you a SAMMY HUG hello back! Happy weekend.

      Kitty Kisses, Sam


    • Hi Uncle Jerry…yeah, Mom said the same thing about “fitting into things”…..she still has her wedding dress hanging in her closet – she says she MIGHT be able to put it ON, but zipping it up would be another matter entirely! Hee Hee

      Hugs, Sam


  2. Good morning, Sammy! Such cute baby pics of you! Motor Mommy says she wonders what I looked like as a kitten…..
    And my mom also has crossword puzzles by her recliner too. And a basket with magazines that are probably ALMOST 12 years old!
    Happy Saturday – you know that I’m waiting for something really exciting later today!!
    Love Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! Yep I know EXACTLY what you’re waiting for later today and I know just how excited you are. Believe me. I bet you were as beautiful a kitten as you are a young kitty now. Your calico-ness is so pretty. I think calico coloring is way cool because there are so many different colors! I’m just ginger and white (although Mom says there are some black hairs in my tail!!!).

      Now, you just be a good girl and be patient. I’m sure your brother Marshall is as excited as YOU are!!

      Love, Sam


    • Uh oh Cody….want me to send you a basket? We have so many around here I’m SURE Mom wouldn’t miss one. Baskets are WAY WAY fun though so you SHOULD have one. Especially when they fit around our wonderful bodies JUST RIGHT. Mom used to carry me around in that basket all the time when I was little by the way. Talk about a fun ride!!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Sarah! Wow….well thanks a whole bunch for nominating us but we already have the Versatile Blogger award (on the right sidebar of my blog). It’s so way way cool that people like my blog enough to nominate us for something though so I want to thank you from the bottom of my kitty cat heart!!!

      Big Hugs of thanks………
      Sammy, The Very Spoiled Cat


    • Awwwwww shucks! I guess we ALL look pretty darn adorable when we’re wee babes huh? Everything’s new and exciting and scary and fun…sigh…”those were the days” !!!

      Happy Saturday……..


    • You’re so right Layla….they do grow up too fast but they certainly TRY to be little crazy kittens for as many years as they can. Thanks for commenting on the baby pictures – he actually was a lot smaller than this when we brought him home but I was so excited about having him the first few weeks flew by without me thinking to take photos of him! Duh!

      Happy Caturday from Pam and Sam


  3. Imagine looking back on those pictures when you were so little Sam, and you’ve been here for 12 whole years – that is truly amazing and your family must be so joyful looking back when you were just a LITTLE tiny kitten (cause you actually were, but incredibly cute) Go Sam – maybe we’ll write a record, another 12 years to live right? 😀

    Many many hugs and love from
    Pillow & Cookie


    • Hi Pillow and Cookie! I can’t believe I’m already twelve years old either. Seems like just yesterday my parents rescued me from that tiny little cage at the shelter where I was all alone and brought me to this great big house! I’m living “THE LIFE” that’s for sure and I hope me and my parents have years and years and years more together. I know you guys are happy to be with your Moms too. We’re some of the lucky ones – – – that’s for sure!

      Happy Sunday
      Sammy Hugs and love………


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