Tuesday Teaser

David Mystery Photo

What do YOU think my Dad's doing in this photo? (he's the guy in the beige slacks!)

HA HA!  So Mom was going through her photos on the computer yesterday with me supervising from her lap and we came across this little gem.  I said “Hey Ma….let’s post that on my blog and see if people know what Dad’s doing in this photo!!!”……..she thought it might be a hoot so here it is!

All I will tell you is that it’s from a vacation my parents took some years ago.  I already know SOME of you who travel will either KNOW what this is all about or can GUESS what this is all about. 

Tee Hee……….this is gonna be fun………so what do you think???

Happy Teaser Tuesday


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  1. My first guess was that he had fallen with his head in a hole…but he looks too well-kept to have just stumbled into it…please tell me he wasn’t trying to rescue you! I am going to be very interested to know what your dad was doing…have a good day, Sammy. And good job making me as curious as a cat…


    • Hi Miss Linda!! I’m going to tell everybody tomorrow what’s going on in that photo but you’re right about how it looks like my Dad fell into a hole and that guy in the pink/red shirt is helping him get out of it!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I thought it might be a fun “Tuesday Teaser” for everybody. Stay tuned for the “tell all” tomorrow.

      Love and Kitty Hugs, Sam


  2. Hi Sammy. I’m so glad I decided to visit you today. I think I’ve got this one figured out. I’m going to say bobbing for apples!


    • Hi Kitty…..I’m glad you’re visiting today too and what an awesome guess as to what my old Dad’s up to in the mystery photo….you’re gonna have to wait until tomorrow’s blog to find out. While you’re waiting for the “BIG REVEAL” tomorrow though, you can keep celebrating with your bro Pedro on the 100th blog….has his left ear turned into a green floof yet? Just askin’……….

      Your middle-aged friend Sammy


    • Hey Rumpy – now THAT’s creative thinking at its finest…! It kinda looks like that guy with the hat and pinkish shirt on is trying to pull him OUT of the hole (or is he stuffing him into it???). HAHA I thought this would be a fun “teaser” ! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog and the “TELL ALL”……..

      Your Bud, Sammy


    • Nope! Dad’s favorite mousie is the one connected to the computer! However, that’s a good guess…..I’ll tell the world what’s REALLY going on in that photo tomorrow…..tee hee……

      Sammy The Big Tease


  3. Oh, Sammy – you and your mom are such teases!!
    I really don’t have any idea – but will be checking in tomorrow for the “rest of the story/picture!
    Have a good Tuesday!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Chris and welcome to my blog! Dad always HAS had the gift of gab – and he already had a bad back when he went to Ireland so this ridiculously uncomfortable pose while he smacked the old Blarney Stone didn’t cause further back damage either! He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in this tradition although my Mom managed to resist…

      Come back any old time!


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