The “Cookie Rug”

Sam On His Cookie Rug

Having a munch on some treats (or cookies as we call them in my house!)

Hi Everybody!  Happy Saturday……today I have a sort of long story to tell which relates to this photo Mom took of me Friday.  

WAY back when I came to live with my parents twelve years ago I sort of bonded immediately with my Mom.  She was my “primary care giver” and had several cats throughout her life whereas my Dad hadn’t – maybe I somehow knew that?  Anyway, one of the things she did RIGHT OFF THE BAT was make my Dad the “cookie/treat dispenser”……her way of getting me to depend on Dad for something.  Well, it worked – big time.  The little rug that sits in front of his recliner became the spot where, if I wanted a treat, I’d go and sit and give him “THE LOOK” – sure enough, my personal cookie dispenser (aka Dad) would give me a handful of treats on the little green rug! 

Eventually of course we started calling that rug “the cookie rug”……after some years, if nobody noticed that all my treats were eaten and there weren’t any there for yours truly to munch on, I would leave a rather BLATANT and noticeable reminder that someone was falling down on the job!  That’s what the pink rubber circle is all about. 

Actually that little pink rubber circle used to live in the basement.  It was part of a toy I had torn apart (oops) many years ago…..all that was left were two rubber circles – a red one and a green one.  

It was MY idea to leave the reminder but much to my parents’ surprise, the red rubber circle that I had kept in the basement all of a sudden started appearing on that green rug – Mom said “that’s to call attention to the fact that he’s out of cookies!” and that’s exactly right.  I brought it upstairs and deposited it on Dad’s rug during the night because – horror of horrors – he FORGOT TO LEAVE ME COOKIES BEFORE HE WENT TO BED!! 

So, there you have it…….the story of the little green cookie rug and the pink rubber circle.  Mom always puts the pink circle back by my toy box if she finds it on that rug (after she gives me some treats of course!).  Sure enough…….it makes its’ way back to the REMINDER SPOT if someone doesn’t keep my treats stocked up.  Heaven forbid.  Who runs this joint anyway????????????? Hummmmmmmmmm?????

Happy Saturday gang



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  1. Sammy, you are one clever cookie (ha-ha)…leaving reminders! What a great idea! I once had to give my kitty medicine and in order for her to take it, I would put a treat on the counter first. After she didn’t have to take medicine anymore, she would jump up on the barstool and stare at the counter…reminding me that the counter was for treats! She trained me pretty well – just like you have trained your parents. Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Hi Miss Linda! Cute story about your kitty and her medicine – that was a great idea. I guess it’s all about habits isn’t it….I love my cookie rug and my rubber “reminder” circle as much as my parents love that I USE them. Training is fun when love is involved!! You have a wonderful weekend too…

      Kitty hugs


  2. You run da joint, dere, Sammy, the cookie monster (never mind that other imposter) and you have your house well in hand, er, paw. I am so glad Mom and pop rescued you back years ago and gave you a beautiful home to live in and love to share. Still, over time you have “taken over” the day to day operations of the house ya mug, ya.


    • Hi Uncle Jerry….yep – you’re right…I’m “da man” around here and it took me a while but FINALLY things are operating like a well-oiled machine and it’s all about ME ME ME. Tee Hee

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. Happy Saturday – hope you’re enjoying your weekend, over here in cold Sweden Cookie is trying to get back to life from the castration and Pillow is sleeping on his favorite white fluffy blanket.
    The plans for France and always progressing and we think of more and more things every week.
    I have to make a little WISH, for all of us here at home – we would LOVE to see a little video of Sammy playing, it would be fun to see!

    Lots of hugs,
    Pillow, Cookie & Co


    • Hello Everybody! Thanks for stopping by. If my Mom didn’t have such an OLD computer and the equipment to make a video of yours truly doing my stunts around the house, believe me she would…..seems like everybody else in the world is doing that and I AM – after all – a “star” in the making!! 😉 Who knows – maybe one of these days we’ll get updated and I can have at least one weekly video on my blog. In the meantime, I’m SO happy to hear that Cookie is feeling better after his surgery and that Pillow is having some snoozing time on his favorite blanket. I wonder what they’re going to think when you all are packing your stuff up and getting ready to move?!?! It’s going to be an adjustment for EVERYONE isn’t it? Meanwhile I hope you are giving your boys French lessons so they can communicate with the cats in your NEW neighborhood?????

      Love and Hugs
      Sammy (and his Mom too!)


      • We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you SO much for all the support through everything – amazing! Lots and lots of love are we sending back!

        We would LOVE to see a video blog sometime of YOU Sammy, maybe from a phone camera or something else, but we think every reader here would love it!
        Mathilde is speaking french to our boys, so they understand!
        Lots of love back, xoxo


        • WOW! Thanks ladies for saying you’d like to see me in a video one day and that you think everyone else would enjoy that too! I guess we’ll have to work on that won’t we!? So Cookie and Pillow are multi-lingual?! That’s way cool…they speak cat, Swedish AND French. I’m jealous ;)! Will the boys have a yard in their new home? How exciting to be planning a move. As for me – I’m about to MOVE from the computer to my Mom’s lap…’s NAP TIME!!

          Love and kisses
          Sammy the STAR 😉


    • Love the quote – rings true doesn’t it?! My husband hasn’t been able to train me all of these years but Sam had me figured out in about five minutes! Thanks for the link….I’m on my way to check it out.

      Happy Saturday
      Pam (with Sam on my lap)


  4. that is an ADORABLE story!!

    I do have some food for thought though (no pun intended! lol)…I have read that when a cat deposits a toy, or a real mouse or something that they covet, by the area that they are fed (or given treats to) they are actually giving it as a THANK YOU for their food! 🙂


    • Ahhhh! Well, let me modify that a teensy weensy bit Miss Caren…..That’s ever so true about leaving a favored “thing” as a thanks but in my case it goes beyond the thanks and says “GIMME MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!”………..the old “multi-purpose pink rubber zero on the cookie mat” trick! Tee Hee

      Happy Sunday to you and Cody and the Crew
      xxoo, Sammy


    • It’s amazing what we can think up to handle a given situation isn’t it? Just proves how very INTELLIGENT we are. The pink zero on the cookie rug works for me – no doubt there’s something similar that will work for you!!!!

      Your Friend Sam


    • Aloha Pedro! It’s important to employ a treat dispenser system that works for your individual situation – you’re one smart cookie yourself (!) so no doubt you can come up with a similar solution customized to fit your household. The pink zero worked for me – perhaps a partially consumed gecko in a strategic location would work for you? Of course if you left THAT for your human, she might assume no further treats are required. Hmm…well, think on it and let me know what you decide!! If all else fails, I can always mail you a similar pink zero for your own use. Keep me posted.

      Your Bud Sam


  5. Hi, Sammy,
    Sorry to be so late commenting on your post. That’s a pretty smart “signal” you have there that SOMEONE forgot to leave you a cookie!
    You sure are the cat in charge!


    • Hi Sundae…..I guess we all find the best way to communicate with our humans don’t we? That cookie rug and my pink rubber circle work for ME but maybe not for the next cat in the line. I bet you have some special ways of getting your Mom to “cooperate” now don’t you?????

      Love, Sammy


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