Five Minutes of Sun

Sam outside in front yard

Five minutes of sun is better than NONE (hey - I made a poem!)

Thursday was a totally gloomy and rainy day BUT right in the middle of all the gray sky moments, all of a sudden, the sun appeared!  I noticed it and called Mom to the front door and gave her “THE LOOK”…….out we went.

I got a breath of fresh air (cold fresh air but fresh anyway) and probably could have nibbled some greenery but what caught my eye was the neighbor’s cat next door.  It’s a gray and white long-haired cat with a bobbed tail.  Whether it’s bobbed because it was whacked off my another animal or whether it’s bobbed because that’s the kind of cat it is I don’t know.  But it’s NOT a nice cat.  It sits in MY yard and hisses at me.  Lotta nerve huh?   I just mind my own business. 

Anyway, back to my story – it was strange that the sun came out at all because it was cloudy and kind of dark all morning then whammo – Mr. Sun peeked through.  Sure enough, after about five minutes gray clouds closed over the opening where the sun poked through and it even started to rain again.  I gave Mom “THE LOOK” – the one that said “did you make that happen?  If you did, that was mean!” and we both ran up to the front door and came inside. 

Today it’s supposed to be sunny but ALL DAY.  It’s too early right now to tell whether the weather guy lied or not…’s still DARK outside!!! 

Whatever kind of weather – HAPPY FRIDAY!!


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  1. Sammy, you’re in the spotlight! I know it’s really the sunlight, but you look so handsome with it shining on you. I’m glad you were able to catch a few rays!
    That neighbor cat does have some nerve hissing at you in your own yard.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! Yeah, she’s not exactly “user-friendly” that’s for sure! Oh well – I’m not too crazy about other animals in my yard PERIOD, but I cut the deer, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, raccoons and the occasional bear a bit of slack. A hissing cat – not so much! 😉

      Happy Friday!!!!
      Love, Sam


  2. Quit saying Mom is mean. Hah! I know you don’t mean it, you’re just a funny guy and like to crack jokes. Sorry for all that bad weather, but at least you don’t have to be in it like the hissing cat next door. She probably is hissing because she’s jealous that you have a fine house to live in and she has to be out in the weather,.


    • Hi Uncle Jerry….maybe you’re right – she gets tossed outside every day (I think) whether there’s wind, rain, snow or WHATEVER so perhaps she just wants to come up and sit on my porch? Hmm…well, if she’d quit hissing and yelling maybe I’d let her!!

      Happy Friday


  3. I think Jerry is right – that hissing cat is probably jealous – of your nice house, your good mommy and daddy, and the fact that you still have your tail! Glad you got to see the sun, and I loved your poem! You are such a smart kitty! Have a great day…


    • Hi Miss Linda…..thanks for stopping by. I bet you’re right: Miss Hissy is just one unhappy cat PERIOD. I’ll try to be as nice as possible (from a distance of course). So you liked my little poem huh? I’m glad. Mom’s a writer so I guess I got my talent for writing from her?????

      Kitty Hugs


    • Cody! Dude! The sun’s out here right now and it feels mighty fine. I napped in the library, guest room and as soon as Mom finishes what she’s doing I plan to hop up on her lap. I’ve been outside three times already – had a blade or two of grass (light lunch) and – yawn – I do believe Mom’s lap will be a fine way to spend the next couple of hours. I’m glad you’re going to get some sun too! Happy sunbathing!!!

      Manly Hugs, Sammy


    • Hey Rumpy…yeah I agree. Not very neighborly of that cat huh? All I was doing was standing there – minding my own business too! Haven’t seen the cat today – which is OK with me AND the sun’s out now so perhaps you’re right….when that cat’s OUT the sun’s gone….if it’s IN the sun’s shining. Hmm….food for thought…..did somebody say food????? I need a treat. Mommmmmmmyyyyyyyyy?????

      Kitty Hugs


    • Thanks Isobel! From a photographer of your calibre to say that means a lot. Sammy’s a great photo opportunity so I owe it all to him! We are about to work on his blog for tomorrow and the photo isn’t that great but it’s kind of a funny story. Every day he gives me more reason to love him (as if I needed any encouragement in that department!). How’s NotCat?



    • You’re RIGHT too – she wasn’t happy either but we got plenty of sun today so all’s well! As for the neighbor cat? Good thought about manners/tail – for all I know, his bad manners got him into a fight and that’s why he HAS only part of a tail (or one of the bazillion foxes around here decided to take a grab at him while he ran and got a “tail” souvenir!).

      Hugs, Sammy


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