Just An Old Softie

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)


Maybe it’s because it’s a little blurry but whatever or however, I sure look like a soft kitty in this picture don’t I?  Actually Mom says I am VERY soft and we all know why – my ugly pink brush. 

Strangely, as I’ve gotten older my fur has become longer.  Go figure.  Mom says about the time she started having thinning hair issues, I started getting thicker and longer fur.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  

Mom saw me curled up like this and she said it was all she could do to keep from coming over, picking me up and giving me a great big SQUEEZE because I just looked so cute and cuddily.  She settled for taking a close-up photo of me without the flash and that meant she had to hold the camera still – I guess that was why it turned out a little blurry but I kinda like the look!  

It was another day of relaxation around my house yesterday.  Some of the ice started to melt finally and I talked my Dad into letting me go with him out the basement door when he went to empty the trash.  I did a quick tour of the immediate area and checked out all the deer and squirrel tracks, as well as searched for a bit of green stuff peeking out from atop the ice and snow………..I found some!!   What he didn’t realize after we came back inside was that since I was out in the mud/slush my paws got dirty.  He forgot to wipe them with the old towel Mom keeps down by the door for that very reason.  SOOOOOOOO when I got back upstairs to tell Mom about my outdoors adventure I hopped up on the footstool which has a WHITE throw on it.  Do I have to finish this story?????????????????

Oh well.  Tomorrow was laundry day anyway.  😉

Happy Tuesday Gang!


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  1. I know what you mean about forgetting to wipe your feet! My puppy child is so good about waiting for me to wipe her feet when I take her out, but her daddy forgets, so I often have lots of muddy prints on the love seat. Fortunately, it is leather, so cleans pretty easily. Glad you got to go out and explore – being cooped up in the house gets so old! Have a fun day today – hope you get to go out some more. By the way, you do look very soft and squeezable!


    • Hi Miss Linda! Thanks for the “soft and squeezable” comment – I do what I can to keep the old bod in fine shape with Mom’s help (or should I say that ugly pink brush). Anyway, usually I get my tootsies cleaned off when I first come inside on a “wet” kind of day but this time I slipped by Old Dad before he knew it and ran lickety-split up to Mom (and the white throw). I’m just a little devil you know 😉

      Kitty Hugs


  2. Sammy, you look so soft and cuddly in that picture! (Oops, is it okay to say that to a guy? If it’s a “special” guy, I guess it’s allowed!)
    I’m sure Mom didn’t get too upset with you about the white throw – she knows you didn’t do it on purpose. Glad you were able to get out to stretch your legs a little.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! Yep it was nice to get some fresh air and not have to worry about sliding all over the place. Honestly I didn’t know my tootsies were muddy – and Dad really didn’t even think about it…..Mom just laughed when I hopped up on the throw and left my “mark” – so all’s well. Today I should be able to get outside more and THIS time I suspect everyone in the house will be pulling out that towel so my feet are spotless when I get back inside. Lesson learned…..well, maybe!

      Love, Sammy


  3. At least you got to get out and survey the area around your house, what’s a little tracking from your paws? Dad just forgot, he’s like a lot of us guys, we don’t think of important stuff . . .


    • Yeah, Uncle Jerry – it was nice to check things over since I hadn’t been out in a while. The “foot towel” is right by the basement door now so neither Mom nor Dad will forget to help me get all cleaned up after I go out that way today – AND that white throw is in the washing machine as we speak!!!!



    • Hi Dee…..yes, Sam apparently thinks I need something to do ALL the time and laundry must be “it” !! 😀 Isn’t he nice to keep his old Mom busy?????

      You have a great day too….had more snow??



    • Awwww geeeeee shucks……what a nice thing to say! Since I do a lot of napping, I’m pretty much always available for a nap photo…;) Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode of “Lilly” – after those dreams of stardom who knows what to expect??!!!!

      Kitty Hugs


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