Visor vs. Beret…..

Blurry but you get the drift...Sam's not thrilled with his new hat!

Dad had to hold me so Mom could take this embarrassing picture....!

Can you tell just how much I’m lovin’ this visor Mom plunked on top of my head?  Huh?  Can ya?  Well, if you want another view, check THIS out:

Sam in his visor and sunglasses!

Now if it actually FIT, I might not mind it so much....I said "MIGHT".....!

Aw Mom…is this absolutely necessary?  I’m trying to hang on to my dignity and this is what you do to me?  😦

Actually – truth be told – I might look just a little bit debonaire in this thing….sunglasses flipped up like a real dude, etc….but I think GREEN would have been a better color choice for a ginger cat.  Where did Mom find this thing?  Believe it or not it was in a store that sells clothes for teddy bears.  That’s right – you heard me – TEDDY BEARS.   What will they think of next? 

I was inspired to dig these old photos out (because I’ve posted them on my blog before) because my friend Pedro nominated a blog called Little Miao:The Miao Chronicles for the Wonderful Blog Award.  When I visited the website I met a very handsome cow-cat named Sprocket who had a RED BERET on!  He looked quite “fly” as the kids say……his brother Chun had on a BLUE BERET.  I’m thinking perhaps I will ask Santa Claus for a pretty GREEN BERET in my stocking next Christmas………….if I can wait that long of course……..which, if you know me will be a miracle because I’m not the most patient guy in the world…………!

So that’s today’s story…..and I’m sticking with it……… 😉

Happy Wednesday………..Sammy

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  1. Aloha Sammy! I’m glad you liked the Miaos! One of my Christmas wishes was that Santa would give Sprocket a red beret, and he got it! Maybe I should have included beret lessons in that wish…

    You look smashing in your visor, and much more relaxed than Sprocket! Like you’re ready for a tennis match. :D. I agree that green would be more suitable. Or maybe royal blue…


    • Ohhhhhhewwwww! Royal blue! Now that would be quite dashing…hmm…well, there’s plenty of time to consider colors before putting the finishing touches on my Santa Wish List for next Christmas – right? We enjoyed visiting the Miaos this morning – and your other WONDERFUL nominees. Thanks for saying I look smashing in my visor; tennis would be easy for me with my thumbs huh?????

      Your Buddy Sam


    • Yes, royal blue or green would be wonderful with your ginger, Sammy. Pedro is so cool, isn’t he? Even Santa listens to him! We’re really lucky to know him. He’s going to be president one day and he’s Sprocket’s role model.

      I just saw your baby picture in the sidebar. Awwwwwww….!


      • Hi Miaos! Thanks so much for visiting me – I’m going to enjoy keeping up with your Miaolings for sure. I was very impressed that Pedro is a “Special Consultant” to Santa. I’ve been writing letters to Santa for years and he hasn’t listened to me YET. Perhaps if I ask Pedro to intercede on my behalf I’ll get that royal blue or green beret????????

        Your New Friend


  2. Well, Sammy, you know that I think you’re just TOO, TOO handsome and debonaire regardless of what you’re wearing! Maybe you’ll get a green beret for St. Patrick’s Day….??
    Love, Sundae


  3. You look very fetching in that visor – I know you feel like you don’t look dignified, but really, a visor can’t rob you of your natural dignity! Just remember who you are, and you will realize you can wear anything and pull it off…except maybe a pink tu-tu…I don’t think that would work!

    Have a great day, Sammy!


    • Hi Miss Linda! The pink tu-tu might not go too well with my ginger coloring (tee hee)…..I posted a photo in my blog of my Cousin Mollye the Shih Tzu in her Halloween costume last year which WAS a pink tu-tu…on her it looked great!

      Hugs, Sam


    • Hey Cody….I’m GLAD our Moms are easily amused…makes our jobs as entertainers a lot easier eh?? I’ve got a notation on my Santa list about the hat or beret color….and every time Mom looks at me, I’m giving her THE LOOK so maybe I won’t HAVE to wait until Christmas for a new hat.

      Love, Sammy


  4. You are cute in your visor, Sammy! But I agree, green is your color. Santa gave Sprocket a red beret so of course he’ll give you one too! Pity he’s on vacation for the next 11 months.


    • Well, Santa works mighty hard in December so it’s certainly a well-deserved vacation he goes on (wonder if he’s with Pedro in Hawaii all that time?!?!?!?!?!). Red is PURRFECT for Sprocket with his coloring – the green or royal blue would be my preference since I’m ginger. Don’t worry – I’m working on a plan of action to get my beret!!!

      Your Friend Sam


    • Hi Pedro! Nope – I hadn’t met the Miaos before but I know them now…I’ll be following their blog from here on out. I’m SO envious of those berets. I’ll have to go see what Lotus Miao was wearing though because I haven’t visited everyone yet this morning – thanks for cluing me in buddy! 🙂



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