Baby Face….

Pix From Sam's "Baby" Album

Wow....what a different perspective from way up high on Mom's shoulder!



As you can plainly see, Mom spent some time yesterday going through my old baby pictures and came up with these gems.  Well, I think they’re gems because of course they’re pictures of ME ME ME!  The top one is me in my favorite basket lying on my back just thinking about life……(you don’t REALLY believe that now do you??).  Actually that basket was one that sat by my Dad’s chair and he kept magazines in it.  I discovered it early on and decided I liked to lie on top of the magazines so I “adopted” it.  I liked for Mom to carry me around in it. 

Obviously the bottom picture is ME on Mom’s shoulder.  I’m sure I was trying to understand why the world looked so different from up there than it did WAY down on the floor where I usually was located!  Mom used to throw wads of paper from the family room into the kitchen and I’d run after them – sliding across the linoleum (wheeeeeeee!!) and bring the paper wads back to her so she’d throw them again.  That’s what you see in the picture below……

Sam's Baby Pictures

Who says dogs are better at "fetch" than us kittens!!!

I looked kind of raggedy as a little guy didn’t I?  Maybe all kittens kinda do – our coats are filling out and we’re usually a bit gangly and awkward.  I sure did like to play fetch though and nowadays when Mom throws one of my toys I’ll go chase it but I don’t bring it back – – – I let HER do all the work – – – SHE fetches it and brings it back.  Turnabout is fair play!!!  🙂

Now for another piece of important business………I have another AWARD!!!!!  How cool is that?  Tomorrow I’m going to share the award with three of my friends and tell you all about it…..I’ll give you a hint though – – – it’s called the WONDERFUL award……isn’t that a great name for an award?   I’ll tell you EVERYTHING tomorrow though – I promise.  Meanwhile have a super Saturday.  I’m gonna….maybe I’ll surprise Mom and do the fetching today!  😉



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  1. Sammy, I always look forward to your thoughts on life…what a cute baby you were! Of course, you are still very handsome – and how smart you are to get your mom to chase the paper now! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day – can’t wait to hear about your award!


    • Hi Miss Linda! Well, I’ll brag on my award tomorrow that’s for sure; it’s nice someone thinks my blog is WONDERFUL….. 😉 I’m glad you’re enjoying hearing about my adventures…there’s always something going on in my world. My Mom and I enjoy your blog too. It’s fun to catch up with friends every day isn’t it???

      Happy Saturday……hope it’s WONDERFUL


  2. Oh, Sammy, I LOVE these pictures of you as a baby. Cute then, handsome now! My mom loves that picture of your mom holding you, and you were so cute with that wad of paper in your mouth. You were a kitty on a mission!
    Can’t wait to hear about your award….. 😉 But I already know you’re WONDERFUL!
    Have a good Saturday!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae!! I was kind of cute back then huh….well, what kitten ISN’T cute??? So were you with your pretty calico coat. Now look at us – all grown up and fabulous. 😉 Now that Mom rediscovered that old album I’m sure there will be more pictures of me as a baby to come. I hope you have a nice Saturday too!

      Love, Sam


  3. You grew up to be a very handsome kitty…even though I love your baby pictures. How lucky your mom and dad are that you decided to adopt them.


  4. Sammy I don’t think you were gangly at all!!! You were soooooooooo cute (you still are of course but you were EXTRA cute as a tiny kit!)

    Moms always do the shoulder pic don’t they? They think we are little babies…well….I guess we ARE!!!

    Congratulations on yet ANOTHER award too!
    Love, Cody


    • Hi Cody! Aw shucks…thanks. You’re right about the shoulder thing – Mom still does that to me and now that I’m all grown up – well – I take up more shoulder space than ever! 😉

      Hope your Twitter PARTAY was a huge success today. Thanks for the congrats on my WONDERFUL award – we think you’re pretty darn great too!! xxxxxooooooo

      Love, Sam


    • Wowzers! Thanks for the swoony designation! I was kinda cute in my day wasn’t I? ‘Course all kittens are, aren’t they. Wanna hear something funny? The other day I tried to get in that same basket (which is still by my Dad’s chair). My entire back half hung out….I’ve come a LOOOOONG way baby! 😉

      Hugs, Sam


    • He was a cutie (or should I say IS). I can’t believe we’ve been lucky enough to have him in our lives for twelve years – I hope we have AT LEAST twelve more! He’s a joy just as NotCat (and Cat before him) are/were for you.



  5. I hope you do too. I used to tell Cat he had to live to be thirty. It didn’t work out that way, but perhaps it is better he died when he was still enjoying things, and did not take that slow painful route to death that is so anguishing to witness.
    Had I seen your Sammy as a kitten, I would have been as smitten with him as you obviously were and remain. Here’s to many more years of happy companionship.


    • Thanks so much Isobel….having faced the old grim reaper a time or two in my own life I have learned to enjoy every moment of joy that comes my way and Sam has been a non-stop twelve year bundle of joy. I loved your blog this morning about how NotCat has learned to wake you vs. how Cat did. They are so different yet so similar….it’s the little things that make us smile – they seem to know just how to do that.

      Happy Sunday
      Pam (for Sam too);)


    • We were ALL totally adorable when we were babies – weren’t we? Kittens, puppies and all manner of “babies” (even those humans!) are so CUTE. I have to admit I was rather full of myself…I’ve toned down a little since then but not much (insert evil giggle here).



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