Snow? Yah We Got Some….

January 2012 Snow

The view from my porch toward our driveway

When the weather guy said “a few flurries” we kind of thought “big deal”…..and really it wasn’t a big deal overall but it was NOT flurries…………we got about an inch AND it covered my sidewalk and my grass.  Sure did.  That meant even though I was brave and asked Mom to let me go out in it, I had to get wet feet and no grass munching for my trouble.  Harumph.


January 2012 Snow - another view

View from my porch toward the left side of the yard

I like this shot best though because you can see how the snow was sticking to every single teensy tiny itsy bitsy limb on the trees – looked like a fairyland (not that I know precisely what that looks like of course)…..but wanna hear something kinda funny?

By yesterday at 1PM it was all gone…….totally – like it never happened.  Our temperatures got into the low 50s and it’s just a distant memory now………sure was pretty though while it lasted.

Happy Wednesday!!



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  1. Good morning, Sammy,
    My mom would say that’s the best kind of snow: pretty and then gone! Sorry you got wet feet though – maybe some kitty snow boots…??
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! My parents apparently actually looked for some kind of snow boots for me a couple of years ago – can you imagine???? I think they realized that if they put something on my paws I’d just stand there frozen and not move. They’re right. 😉

      Happy Wednesday!
      Love, Sam


  2. Yeah, you’re right Sam, those were some good snapshots mom took yesterday. Talk about Winter wonderland.

    Every so often I miss the snow, but then I remember what comes with the snow. Busted water pipes and car wrecks and all manner of mayhem associated with snow. But yeah, if you don;t have to get out in it, snow is beautiful.


  3. Bbrrrr, Sammy, that sure does look cold! Mommy said that’s why she likes North Carolina along the coastline in the winter months. We very rarely get snow. I bet your Mommy and Daddy got a nice cozy fire going in the fireplace, didn’t they? You are so lucky to have peeps who take such great care of you! Love from Eddie the JR, Simone the collie and Mattie the foxhound


    • Hi Terrell Gang! How’d you guess?! We DO have a fire in the fireplace and Daddy started a big crockpot of chili for him and Mom for dinner…outside it’s sleeting and brrrrrrrrrrrrr but inside it’s warm and snuuuuuuuuug!:D

      You guys enjoy your warm(er) weather!!
      Your Friend Sam


  4. Sammy, (the Snow kitty!) that’s my kind of snow…here for a couple of hours and, poof, gone!! You had it just long enough to get cold kitty feet! I bet your Mom warmed them up fast for you!


    • Hi miss June! I know how to keep my tootsies warm….sometimes when I’m up on the recliner with Mom I lie on the recliner up close to her legs – throw one of my “arms” over her legs and scooch my feet UNDER her legs….keeps them nice and warm. I’ve got the worlds biggest hot water bottle (Mom!) 😉

      Love, Sammy


    • Hi Cody….I agree….weather has been most unusual….yesterday’s 50s have turned in today’s light sleet and low 30s….weird AGAIN. My Mom equates stuff to food a lot too; yesterday when we got up and looked outside at the snow before the higher temps kicked in, she said it looked like powdered sugar on the branches. Tee Hee

      Love, Sam


  5. Well, Sammy, having lived in Michigan for a number of years, I saw more snow than I ever needed to…and my very favorite kind of snow (other than NO snow) is the “here today, gone in 5 minutes”! I don’t like getting my feet wet either…but the photos are nice. Pretty because I didn’t have to travel in it like I did last week!


    • Well that “here today and gone in 5 minutes snow” was what we got, that’s for sure because it was GONE the next day. Still, it looked pretty and we didn’t have to go outside in it so that made it perfect! Thanks for stopping by to see me….. 😉



  6. Sammy, you have THAT much snow???? This is not possible!!!! 😦
    We were in France – NO SNOW. We got back to Sweden – NO SNOW. We are so sad – loving this picture and sight and you know what Sammy? Go out and play for those of us who can’t 😉 Enjoy!


    • Hi Miss Patricia and Miss Mathilde! I know you’re happy to be home with your “guys” but you all haven’t seen any snow yet huh? Ours disappeared pretty quickly but it WAS pretty to look at while it lasted. Maybe you’ll get some snow soon – after all, winter will be around for a while! 😀

      Kitty Hugs,


    • Well, it didn’t last long…..just one night and the next day we got 50 degree temps so you know what happened to all that pretty snow!!! It turned into WET puddles (which are kinda fun too).



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