“Pretty Please??”

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Please come sit back down Mom....I need more NAP!

 By now everyone who follows my blog knows that Mom and I have a “thing” about napping.  Here’s how it works……she gets on the recliner, puts the foot thing up, puts a throw on her legs, settles down and I hop up and lie down on her legs………and sleep…………or wait for her to brush me………..or watch TV.  It’s a great arrangement.  If she gets up to do something like answer the phone or put something on the stove or WHATEVER, I get a little “distressed”…..yeah I know, that’s very selfish of me isn’t it BUT I love my Mom’s lap.  A lot.

So, if she DOES get up I stand on the arm of the recliner and wait for her to come back……I do my fair share of calling and trying to cajole her into returning……”MAMAMAMA” usually works.  So does “THE LOOK” which I’m doing in this picture as you can plainly see.  I call it my “pitiful” look and it works pretty darn well most of the time.

We’re pretty well coordinated with the recliner routine.  Eventually she comes back to sit down – I stand with all four legs up on the arm of the chair while she puts the throw back on her lap and legs then pop back down and settle in.  Heavy sigh.  Big stretch.  Heavy sigh again then…zzzzzzzzz….

Today was a major nap day too because we had snow all day long!  Tomorrow I’ll share some pictures Mom took.  In fact she actually got UP from the recliner to take those pictures…..you know where I was right?  Yep – standing on the arm of the chair screaming “MAMAMAMAMA” !!!

Happy Tuesday


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  1. Sammy, excuse me, but your extra toes are showing! Just kidding – I love that picture.
    You may have heard that I’m becoming more of a lap cat than I was at first. Laps are pretty comfy, aren’t they?
    And speaking of calling our Moms, my mom was pretty impressed last night: I actually uttered a THREE-syllable meow! She’s still trying to figure out what I said….! (Keep ’em guessing, right?)
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! So you’re expanding your vocabulary huh? Keep ’em guessing is right BUT I’m sure you had something VERY SPECIFIC in mind when you said that word and your Mom will figure it out…never fear….humans are smarter than they look!! 😉

      Love, Sammy


  2. Sammy, my four-legged child loves cats, however, she is a D-O-G, so she probably won’t be reading your posts (she tends to get overly excited when in the presence of cats, so I hardly think I should let her read their blogs!)…I have, however, told her about you, and we both agree that laps are pretty nice. The sad thing is that my Sweetie Dog prefers her daddy’s lap to mine…I am simply the hand that feeds her sometimes. I am glad you are good to your mommy! BTW, I LOVE your Baby Picture!


    • Hi Linda….thanks for coming by again. I have limited experience with dogs. When I was very little and was in the back yard one day with my Mom, a dog came flying into my yard out of NOWHERE and I got scared and went up a tree…only problem was I had no idea what to do once I was up there so my Dad had to get a big ladder and climb up to rescue me! Meanwhile Mom had chased the big dog away. I know it’s kind of tough when we animals seem to favor one human in our lives over another – – – like me and my Mom….my Dad is jealous because I don’t EVER hop up into his lap like I do my Mom’s but her lap is more snuggily!!!! Thanks for the compliments on my baby picture. I was kinda cute back then wasn’t I???

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. Sounds like you have mom quite trained,Sammy. I understand that, and Zoe most assuredly does. Have a good day napping, catch you later.


    • Hi Miss Layla….well, whenever I’m on Mom’s lap grabbing some snooze time, my Dad magically disappears – out in the garage or down in the basement or running errands so Mom is “stuck” with me and has no “helping hand” available. That means yours truly gets dumped on the recliner and that means I get a little bit grumpy. Mom always hurries back though and I get my lap back. Speaking of Merlin, his collar looks so swell on him….I hope the magic works! Domino seems VERY happy to be formerly feral (so am I!!).

      Kitty Hugs and Kisses


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