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Tuesday Teaser

David Mystery Photo

What do YOU think my Dad's doing in this photo? (he's the guy in the beige slacks!)

HA HA!  So Mom was going through her photos on the computer yesterday with me supervising from her lap and we came across this little gem.  I said “Hey Ma….let’s post that on my blog and see if people know what Dad’s doing in this photo!!!”……..she thought it might be a hoot so here it is!

All I will tell you is that it’s from a vacation my parents took some years ago.  I already know SOME of you who travel will either KNOW what this is all about or can GUESS what this is all about. 

Tee Hee……….this is gonna be fun………so what do you think???

Happy Teaser Tuesday


Resting Up For Next Weekend

A Post-Breakfast Nap on the Couch

On a Sunday afternoon SOMEONE needs to stretch out on the couch - since Dad's not interested, I guess it will have to be ME!

Ahhhh…..Sunday…….I figure I’ll need all this week to rest up for NEXT weekend – why?  Well, as you know, I’m a football fan and I do believe it’s time for the SUPER BOWL.  No, that’s not what we call my food dish around here – it’s the big wazoo of football games.  No doubt it will be noisy around here with Mom screaming, Dad screaming at Mom for screaming, and me – well – I’ll be on a footstool watching the game – quietly following that little round thing as it flies through the air or gets kicked somewhere.  It’s so exciting.  All those little tiny people running every which way in all directions – it’s just so much fun to watch.

So that’s why I’m taking this opportunity to relax……I’ve been outside several times today – it’s been sunny but chilly – and OLD DAD is about to start a fire in the fireplace.  So it’s a perfect late afternoon to do what we ALL know I do best…………snooze.  The couch is my chosen spot just now – mainly because Mom’s in her studio working on some stuff to get ready for a BIG book fair/signing/event that she’s going to in February.  I’ll do a special blog this week all about that but it means she’s going to be leaving me ALL ALONE WITH DAD for a few days.  I can sum up my feeling about that in one word:


Just kidding Pop…..actually it will be a good time for some good old-fashioned male bonding.   I guess.

Happy Monday All!


Where’s My Hot Water Bottle??

Sam Keeping Warm in a Blanket

This is OK but I prefer having Mom's legs as my own personal hot water bottle......

It’s all fine and dandy to go outside pre-dawn with Mom for a walk but it was beyond cold out there this morning.  Brrrrr……so of course when we got back inside, Mom fixed some hot chocolate for herself and while she was doing that, she wrapped me up like a little sausage (pig in a blanket??) on her recliner so I could get warmed up. 

I look good enough to eat – right?  Well, maybe not but there’s one thing for sure……..I look cozy. 

Here’s the thing though……while I’m certainly warm on TOP of me, I’m not warm NEXT to me or UNDER me.  That takes one very important ingredient which was missing while Mom made her hot chocolate.  Her LEGS!  My own personal hot water bottle! 

You’ve seen enough pictures of me on Mom’s lap or legs to know that’s my favorite spot – especially on a chilly day.  She’s my Mom and I love her dearly but she’s also my source of WARMTH….she’s my cozy spot.  I’d probably sit on Dad’s lap too but he’s too squirmy for me.  Mom can sit still with me on her legs for HOURS while she reads or watches a movie or something…..and I stay nice and warm and toasty.  A guy learns these things from kittenhood you know – where the best place in the world is to take a snooze.  Yeah, sure – the sunny spots are fine, the window perches are great, Mom and Dad’s bed is nice and soft and yummy, even the front porch on a warm summer morning is grand but – quite honestly – the BEST place is with Mommy the Human Hot Water Bottle!!!

Oh goodie – here she comes – she’s about to read the Sunday paper…..that means she’ll be here for a while…..I can relax…..I can snooze….zzzzzzz

Happy Sunday Morning Peeps!

Sammy, One Cozy Pig In A Blanket……….


The “Cookie Rug”

Sam On His Cookie Rug

Having a munch on some treats (or cookies as we call them in my house!)

Hi Everybody!  Happy Saturday……today I have a sort of long story to tell which relates to this photo Mom took of me Friday.  

WAY back when I came to live with my parents twelve years ago I sort of bonded immediately with my Mom.  She was my “primary care giver” and had several cats throughout her life whereas my Dad hadn’t – maybe I somehow knew that?  Anyway, one of the things she did RIGHT OFF THE BAT was make my Dad the “cookie/treat dispenser”……her way of getting me to depend on Dad for something.  Well, it worked – big time.  The little rug that sits in front of his recliner became the spot where, if I wanted a treat, I’d go and sit and give him “THE LOOK” – sure enough, my personal cookie dispenser (aka Dad) would give me a handful of treats on the little green rug! 

Eventually of course we started calling that rug “the cookie rug”……after some years, if nobody noticed that all my treats were eaten and there weren’t any there for yours truly to munch on, I would leave a rather BLATANT and noticeable reminder that someone was falling down on the job!  That’s what the pink rubber circle is all about. 

Actually that little pink rubber circle used to live in the basement.  It was part of a toy I had torn apart (oops) many years ago…..all that was left were two rubber circles – a red one and a green one.  

It was MY idea to leave the reminder but much to my parents’ surprise, the red rubber circle that I had kept in the basement all of a sudden started appearing on that green rug – Mom said “that’s to call attention to the fact that he’s out of cookies!” and that’s exactly right.  I brought it upstairs and deposited it on Dad’s rug during the night because – horror of horrors – he FORGOT TO LEAVE ME COOKIES BEFORE HE WENT TO BED!! 

So, there you have it…….the story of the little green cookie rug and the pink rubber circle.  Mom always puts the pink circle back by my toy box if she finds it on that rug (after she gives me some treats of course!).  Sure enough…….it makes its’ way back to the REMINDER SPOT if someone doesn’t keep my treats stocked up.  Heaven forbid.  Who runs this joint anyway????????????? Hummmmmmmmmm?????

Happy Saturday gang



Five Minutes of Sun

Sam outside in front yard

Five minutes of sun is better than NONE (hey - I made a poem!)

Thursday was a totally gloomy and rainy day BUT right in the middle of all the gray sky moments, all of a sudden, the sun appeared!  I noticed it and called Mom to the front door and gave her “THE LOOK”…….out we went.

I got a breath of fresh air (cold fresh air but fresh anyway) and probably could have nibbled some greenery but what caught my eye was the neighbor’s cat next door.  It’s a gray and white long-haired cat with a bobbed tail.  Whether it’s bobbed because it was whacked off my another animal or whether it’s bobbed because that’s the kind of cat it is I don’t know.  But it’s NOT a nice cat.  It sits in MY yard and hisses at me.  Lotta nerve huh?   I just mind my own business. 

Anyway, back to my story – it was strange that the sun came out at all because it was cloudy and kind of dark all morning then whammo – Mr. Sun peeked through.  Sure enough, after about five minutes gray clouds closed over the opening where the sun poked through and it even started to rain again.  I gave Mom “THE LOOK” – the one that said “did you make that happen?  If you did, that was mean!” and we both ran up to the front door and came inside. 

Today it’s supposed to be sunny but ALL DAY.  It’s too early right now to tell whether the weather guy lied or not…’s still DARK outside!!! 

Whatever kind of weather – HAPPY FRIDAY!!