An Early Birthday Gift

Sam's New Toys

Pardon me while I do a little "maintenance" while you take this picture Mom!

Mom had me all posed so nice when she was taking my picture this morning up on her bed with my new “stuff” – I love to throw a monkey wrench into her photographic endeavors though (as you can see).  I do this all the time – – – wait until JUST the second she’s ready to take the picture then move  (insert evil giggle here) 🙂  !  Anyway, you get the gist – this is ME this morning posing with some new goodies I got in the mail yesterday.  My first birthday presents to arrive and they’re from our super good friends Caren and Cody at Cat Chat!  Miss Caren is so sweet and Cody’s my pal.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I entered my name into the hat at Cat Chat to win a new litter lifter (poop scoop if you prefer)……and I was one of the winners.  But when the big envelope came yesterday and I peeked inside – I found not just the pretty blue lifter but some stuffed mice and one of them has feathers on the tail (I love feathers don’t you???).  There was also a cute red fancy collar which I, of course, refused to wear for my photo. 

So, a BIG thank you to Caren and Cody and to everyone else who sent notes yesterday to say they were excited about my New Years Day birthday coming up.  One of my good buds is ALSO celebrating his birthday next week…….. Pedro is having his too! 

So you see?  If you think I was excited LAST week because Santa Claws was coming to visit, it would seem that the excitement just goes on and on around here…….Mom and Dad will celebrate New Years Eve (well, sort of – they’ll be sound asleep by 9PM New Years Eve probably!), and the next morning will be MY birthday…….wow……..

Happy Wednesday


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  1. You just want to keep your mommy on her toes with your ‘special’ posing, Sammy. I’m not sure she appreciates being surprised, do you?
    Your presents look really special just like your special to all of us.


  2. Good morning, Sammy!
    We just have to remind our Moms that WE’RE in charge around the house – not them, right?
    Cool that you won that neat stuff.
    (My mom and dad will be sleep by 9 on New Year’s Eve too.)
    I know you’re getting excited about that birthday!


    • Hi’re right – we need to make sure they NEVER forget who runs things around the house. Mom says she has no doubt it’s NOT her! I suppose I am a bit more excited about my birthday this year than other years – I’ve made so many friends since I’ve been blogging and it’s nice to share with everybody!!

      Love, Sam


  3. Congratulations on your upbeat persona this morning, and all because of presents in the mail. I got a delayed Christmas gift yesterday also. Isn’t it nice when they finally show up? Looking forward to your birthday, I can tell.


  4. Aloha, Sammy! Great timing on the itchy tail – you have to keep the photographers on their toes. Your parents must have BIG plans for your birthday if they go to bed that early on New Year’s Eve so they can be fresh the next day. It’s really exciting to ponder, isn’t it?


    • Indeed Pedro. Since you’re going to be a birthday boy next week you know what I’m talkin’ about! Does your human PAR-TAY for New Years? My parents are fairly boring in the PAR-TAY department…other than for my birthday of course.

      Your Bud Sam


  5. That is totally awesome, Sammy, about your early Christmas gifts!! How sweet of your new friends to send you such cool stuff!! You are one lucky cat – and we’re lucky to have you as our friend, too! Eddie the JR, Simone the collie and Mattie the foxhound


    • Hi guys and gals….I know that the timing on me winning that prize and it being my birthday couldn’t have been better – – – so I’m pretending it was a birthday present! Still, it was fun to get a big envelope JUST FOR ME. I especially like the little mouse with the feathers on it. Love feathers….they tickle my nose!

      Have a super Wednesday Terrell Trio!


  6. Hi Sammy!! That is so nice of you to post about the scooper and toys!! We think you just licked yourself cause you are getting ready for your Mom to try out the scooper! MOL!!!!

    We are so glad that you like the feathers!!!!!!

    Don’t blame you about the collar my pal, I wouldn’t wear it either!!!

    Love, Cody


    • Hey Cody! That’s right….I was just prepping for a flush in my litter box – you know, just part of the demonstration for the lifter! heh heh 😉

      Thanks to you and your Mom again for making me a VERY happy boy!
      Love, Sammy


  7. If you have to wash, you have to wash.
    Not sure I’d be terribly excited about getting a litter lifter for my birthday (just in case you’r already wondering what I might like) but it takes all tastes.


    • Well it wasn’t REALLY a birthday present (the pooper scooper anyway) – I’d just won that as a prize in a contest BUT I did get the extra fun stuff as a surprise – the mice were a big hit and I’ve been carrying the one with the feather tail around with me most of the day today. 🙂

      Hugs, Sam


    • Hi Lilly! Yep – the mice are keeping me company rather well. I have quite a collection actually. My toybox “runneth over” with them in fact. There’s always room for one more though isn’t there?!



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