Our NEXT Celebration!

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

Guess Whose Birthday is New Years Day?

New Year’s Eve – humans celebrate the end of one year and the start of the next.  So many celebrations all together huh??  Well, here’s one more to celebrate………..GUESS WHOSE TWELFTH BIRTHDAY IS NEW YEARS DAY????

Yeah, I know…..I don’t look my age – right?  I still look like a mere kitten and I owe it all to my cushy life with my parents.   I’ve only had a couple of minor scuffles with other cats in my time – so never been in a real “cat fight” to speak of.  So I’m not missing any bits of ear or parts of my tail, and no scars on my handsome ginger face either…..so I’m not too “WORN” looking for twelve.

Truth be told, my parents don’t really know exactly WHEN my birthday was.  When they went to the animal shelter in February, 2000 to adopt a cat the shelter people couldn’t say exactly how old I was at the time.  I was tiny though.  They thought maybe around Christmas time I could have been born because they figured me to be about six weeks old.  Who knows?!  The important thing is I charmed my parents into taking me home with them – THEY decided my birthday might have been some time around January first so I became their NEW YEARS BABY! 

I’m one lucky boy.  Spoiled?  I know I say I’m one spoiled cat and maybe in a lot of ways I am.  I sure have a nice house, lots of toys, plenty of food, and parents who totally love me and protect me.  If that’s spoiled then count me in!!

So – you’re all invited to my *birthday party* on New Years Day….OK?

Happy Tuesday……

Sammy, One Spoiled, Almost Twelve Year Old Cat

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  1. Well, Sammy, guess who’s birthday is New Year’s Day FOR REAL?? My Motor Man! Yep – he’s a New Year’s Baby! So you share a birthday with someone very special.
    Can’t wait to see the party your Mom and Dad give you!
    Love, Sundae


  2. Sam, you don’t look a day over one. You look terrific. We sure will be back for your big birthday. None of us are sure when we were born either. There wasn’t anyone around but our Mom. Have yourself a great week.


    • Hey thanks for the compliment! I am just one year old in my head….just like my Mom says she’s 18 in her head. Our bodies might not be what they used to be (!!) but in our heads we’re younger than springtime…… 😀 I hope you all have a great week too and I hope you come back on January 1st for my PAR-TAY.



    • Hi Miss June! I’m looking forward to my birthday party. I wonder if Mom’s going to make me a catnip cake….or maybe a tuna fish cake….guess I’ll just have to wait and see! I think it’s pretty neat to share a birthday with Miss Dianna’s hubby JR.

      Happy Tuesday,
      Love, Sammy


  3. How Cool !!!
    When my Mom & Dad decided to let me in the house and I became”officially” theirs. They took me to the Vet and he said he thought I was about 10 months old. That was in October 2011. So they set my “Birthday” as Jan. 1, 2011. Then a few months later, when Jasper came to live with us, the Vet said he was the same age I was. SO, we BOTH celebrate our birthdays on Jan1. also !! Have a GREAT PARTY !! We are a year behind you, but we can all party hardy on Jan. first !!!
    Your friend, Sammy The Talking Cat


    • Hi Sammy! WOW……so you, Jasper and I will be birthday kitties together on January 1st huh? That’s really neato. We’re all so lucky aren’t we? Just think Sammy – you and I share a name AND a birthday. We’re super special (but we already knew that didn’t we 😉 )

      Your friend, Sammy


  4. Woooo hoooo a birthday party!!! I am happy to come and THANK YOU for inviting me!!

    As luck would have it, your birthday present is in the mail lol!!!!!!!!!!! (that was a mere coincidence)…..we’ll just call it a birthday present! lol

    Is there something you would like my Mom to make for the party?
    (I love to eat, hint, hint!!) MOL

    Love, Cody


    • Oh goodie! Just stop on by my blog on January 1st and we’ll have plenty of snackables. Catnip Cake, Tuna Tater Tots, Chicken Chips – let’s see – did I leave anything out???? Mom told me there was a little goodie on its way to me from you and now it’s going to be my FIRST birthday present!! How cool is that??

      Love, Sammy


  5. I think it’s awesome that your birthday celebration is New Year’s Day, Sammy! Just think, when all the fireworks start at midnight, they could be celebrating YOU! We love you lots! Eddie the JR, Simone the collie and Mattie the foxhound


    • Hey gang….I hadn’t thought of that but when the fireworks start I’ll try real hard not to disappear down to the basement – this year maybe I’ll try to stay on the back of the couch looking out the window watching the fireworks and pretending they are for ME ME ME!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  6. Wow, Sammy! It’s so exciting that your birthday is just a few days away!!! I’m sure whatever your family does will be fantastic! And I don’t think you’re spoiled at all – you work hard, and you deserve everything you have!


    P.S. Guess whose 7th birthday is next week??? 😀


    • Pedro!! Your birthday is the same week as mine? Wow….that’s really neato. We should have a joint birthday party. What day is yours? You sure don’t look seven but then again people tell me I don’t look twelve. We must be doing something right!

      Wow……that’s just way cool my friend.
      Sammy 😉


        • Hi Pedro! January 6th is a good day to celebrate…..I think it’s pretty neat you and I are having birthdays the same week. I’m hoping for some of that extra brushing/lap time myself – and I bet our humans will cooperate after we give them our special head bump routines!

          Thanks for saying I don’t look a day over ten…………..I think………… 😉


  7. Lilly’s the same- We don’t know how old she is but that doesn’t matter at all. She’s a sweet heart and we love her. I’m sure your human feels the same way. Happy (early) birthday! Perfect day to celebrate =)


    • Hi there and welcome to my blog! My Mom says age doesn’t matter (to her or to me) so I think that’s a cool way to think. Lilly looks happy and that’s what’s important – right? Thanks for wishing me a happy early birthday. I’m going to take a peek at your blog and find out about Lilly. I love having new friends!!



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