First Day of Winter….Sixty Degrees???

Lit Christmas Tree 2011

Happy First Day of Winter!!

At least it looks like winter INSIDE the house with our Christmas tree all lit up….but outside – not so much – in fact today it’s going to be SIXTY degrees!  Not very wintery right?  But today IS the first official day of winter.

I really shouldn’t complain should I?  My Dad hasn’t had to get the snow thrower thing out of the garage and trudge up and down our long driveway clearing tons of snow……my Mom hasn’t had to drive on the slippery roads through snow and ice to get groceries at the store… I know THEY aren’t complaining.  But those of you who know me know that I kind of like that white stuff.  I’m not tall enough to trudge through the usual one or two feet that we get but if my Mom goes out first and walks around I can hop along behind her in her boot steps and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that!

So, even though I’m really happy and excited about Christmas (as no doubt you have noticed by now 😀 ) I think for the first day of winter it certainly should NOT be sixty degrees outside.  My friend Pedro and his Cranky Sister Kitty who live in Hawaii probably think I’m NUTS for saying it’s not right for it to be sixty degrees at Christmas BUT for Virginia – let’s just say NO WAY BABY!

Although I hear the President is taking his family to Hawaii for the holiday……….watch out Pedro! 

Happy Thursday! 

Sammy, One WARM Cat Waiting for Christmas (and snow!)


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  1. We have to agree with you but our Mom likes the nice warm weather. The cold weather does make all of us very frisky and full of fun. Your tree is so pretty. We sure will visit your friend in Hawaii. That is one place our Mom has always wanted to go. Take care and a very Merry Christmas to all of you.


    • Welcome back Marg and friends! I get more frisky in the cold weather too but like your Mom, my Mom isn’t that crazy about cold. I guess we can’t ALL be happy (except at Christmas time!!!). We hope you enjoy your holiday whether you’re warm, cold, or somewhere in between. 🙂

      Meowy Christmas!!


  2. I agree 60 is not the right temperature for the first day of winter! But I’m sure you’ll see lots of that white stuff before the flowers bloom in the spring. By then you’ll probably be glad to see it go away!


    • I bet NotCat is happy whether it’s warm or cold! I think THEY adjust a lot better than WE do to temperature change but it’s just way too warm for a “traditional Virginia Christmas” !!

      Pam (and Sam too of course 🙂 )


  3. Sometimes the weather just won’t cooperate with ya, huh, Sammy? I’m kinda with you, Christmas just seems more Christmasey with a bit of the white stuff.Down here it is a rarity to get snow anytime, never mind on Christmas day.


  4. What a gorgeous Christmas tree, Sammy! You’re right that it looks like Christmas time INSIDE your house anyway! Good luck with that snow – maybe, when it comes, it will be enough for you, but not enough to cause your parents any headaches.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae…that would be a nice compromise – FUN for me and not so much work for OLD DAD! Thanks for liking my Christmas tree….I helped decorate you know. How did I help? I stayed out from under Mom and Dad’s feet while they hung stuff on the tree!!!!!

      Love, Sam


  5. It’s supposed to be warm in Lumberton, North Carolina, also, Sammy. Which is one reason our Mommy and Daddy wanted to retire here! No snow shoveling! Still, it would be awesome if it snowed on Christmas Eve, we got a chance to run around in the snow on Christmas morning, and it was all melted by Christmas night! Love from Eddie the JR, Simone the collie and Mattie the foxhound


    • Hi Terrell Gang! I worry about my old dad out shoveling snow too – looks like this year I won’t have to worry!! Maybe we’ll ALL be surprised and get a dusting of snow…it would make a nice Christmas present!

      Love you guys,


  6. Sammy believe it or not we are right with ya! We don’t quite have 60…we are more in the upper 40s and low 50s but it is crazy!!!

    We actually want some snow for Christmas too!!!

    Thanks for introducing us to your friends, Mom is CRAZY about Hawaii (Kauai in particular!) so we are going to pussyfoot on over and visit them.

    Prez Obama goes to Hawaii all the time cause he has family there! Lucky guy!


    • Hi Miss Caren and Cody…..I hope you visit my bud Pedro in Hawaii – his blog is a lot of fun. His sister Cranky Old Kitty is a hoot too! I guess we can keep hoping for a White Christmas but it’s not looking good for us here. Mr. Weather Guy said RAIN. I guess that’s “clear colored snow” ??

      Kitty Hugs


  7. That picture is simply gorgeous!
    Woke to it snowing here this morning but it’s melted – again. It was wonderful seeing it comin’ down though. I hear maybe more tonight, no accumulation but that’s ok, I’ll take whatever it gives us….Like I can do a thing about it either way!:)


    • Thanks Miss D!! Like I said in my blog, at least it’s Christmas feeling inside the house with our tree and stuff. My Mom was at a store this morning and when she got home she said there were a couple of people there in SHORTS. Now that’s just plain WRONG!

      Kitty Hugs,


  8. Happy solstice, Sammy! I’m sorry you won’t be having a white Christmas, although I think you’re a little nuts for wanting snow. 😀 It gets down around 60 here at night – and that’s WAY too cold for me! That’s the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up on my human’s lap and wait for the rest of my winter coat to arrive!

    Thanks for introducing me to your friends – a few of them have already stopped by to see me.


    • Aloha Pedro….I hope your winter coat is cow-colored too? Imagine if your winter coat came in red…..or leopard spotted…..or (heaven forbid) PINK! I’m glad some of my buds stopped by to see what’s shakin’ in Hawaii at Christmas time.

      High Six


    • Hey Rumpy – we had rain – LOTS of it – all afternoon, evening and through the night last night but this morning it’s supposed to be nice again. Not TOO warm though – just in the 50s. I hope your rain ends – we don’t want Santa getting soaked in his sleigh now do we?!?!?!

      Your friend Sam


  9. Sammy, this is an amazing picture! Look, such holiday spirit and warmth! We love this, and we are happy to see Christmas is coming up, in order to read what you got for gifts – we are excited!
    Have an incredible Merry Christmas with a lot of joy and be a nice cat on Christmas 😉
    Much love, the Trio


    • Oh I promise to be nice AND I’ll be sure and tell everyone what Santa brings me. I’m glad you liked that old picture of my Mom when she was a little girl which was about a bazillion years ago (hahaha). Mom and I read about what happened to you at your house and we’re so glad you’re all OK.

      Love, Sammy


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