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Sam's Holiday Card

To all of my blogging buddies be you cat, dog, bird, fish, horse or HUMAN !!

 I thought it was about time I gave you all your Christmas card from me!  Did you think I forgot you?  Did you think I wouldn’t wish you a Merry Christmas in time?  Well, I have been busy that’s for sure, but never so busy that I would forget to give you my holiday card.  Since I can’t mail them – I’m posting it instead!! 

Speaking of cards – my Mom and Dad have sure received a lot of them.  Mom stuck them in the foyer at the entrance to the family room.  They go all around the doorway and look really swell.  Once in a while one falls down and scares me while I’m snoozing on the couch but hey – that’s to be expected.  I just turn over and go back to sleepyland.

So many of you have posted photos of your trees and decorations and it’s so much fun to see how pretty everybody’s house looks now.  Most of the stories of “decoration destruction” I’m reading about are with those of you who have a new kitten in the house OR cats who are just getting more excited (and get into more trouble!) than I do at my age!  There are some tree climbers, tree explorers, tree bark scratchers, tree decoration chewers, tree light pullers, and then there’s me……I’m a tree admirer!

So for all my animal buddies who might not have received their very own Christmas card – – – NOW YOU HAVE! 


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  1. We all slow down a bit when we start to age, huh Sammy. I bet you were a little terror in your youth though.

    I just know your house is smelling and feeling like Christmas.Through another log on the fire for me.


    • Hi Uncle J and Zoe! Indeed I was a terror in my youth – weren’t we all????? Nowadays I’m calm, cool, and collected (mostly). It does feel Christmasy here in my house even if there’s no snow and today it’s in the upper 50s….I can always pretend – right?

      Hugs, Sammy


  2. Hi there Sammy, we just came by to say hello and meet you. You are a wonderful looking Ginger kitty. We have four of those here at our house. That sure is a nice Christmas card. We hope you have one really nice Christmas. Good to meet you. We will be back. We signed up for the email alert.


    • Hi Miss Marg! Wow…..Mom and I just visited your blog and you sure do have a lot of animals at your house – it’s nice that so many furry friends have a home with you there. Thanks for the compliments on my “gingerness” ! I think it’s way neato that you signed up to read my blog every day – – – we tried to find a place where we could sign up for yours but didn’t see a place on the home page. 😦 Please let us know so we can do that – I think it would be fun to keep an eye on all the activity in your busy house……

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. Thanks for the Christmas greetings, Sammy. BJ and I wish you a very merry Christmas and look forward to hearing about all the ‘doings’ at your house for Christmas!


    • Hi Miss June and BJ! I think we’re all READY for Christmas aren’t we? I’m glad you liked my Christmas card – I just wanted all my friends to know how much I love hearing from them. I’m sure you and BJ will have lots of goodies from Santa this year because you’ve been EVER SO GOOD….right? Hmmmm? 😀

      Love, Sammy


    • Miss Layla and gang, we hope you have an extra special Christmas this year. Let’s hope all of us have a super duper 2012 and more animals in the world than ever before find their Forever Homes.

      Love, Sammy


    • Hey Pedro! I wanted all my buds to know how much I enjoy having them as friends so I just HAD to send a card to all of you……I mentioned you by the way in TODAY’s blog (Thursday) so take a peek. Are you ready for Christmas at your house? Are those disco balls still on the tree? Did you manage to get a better look at that semi-clawed package under the tree???

      Your Friend Sammy


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