Outside and Inside Snow

Sam in snow Winter 2010

Where's the Snow THIS Year??

This morning’s photo is wishful thinking.  This was Winter 2010 and it doesn’t look like this is gonna be happening THIS year in time for a white Christmas anyway.  The weather guy said this morning that the “few flakes” he’d thought we might have Christmas morning won’t happen until Monday. 


Oh well.  It’s not like I had skiis or a snow sled on my Christmas Wish List anyway. 

How about where YOU are?  Any chance of snow for Christmas?  

Yesterday we had some “snow” indoors.  Huh?  Yeah – that’s what I said!  Snow…..well, sort of anyway.  Mom had received a box with some books inside and they’d been packed up with what Mom called “peanuts”……all I know is they were white, fluffy, and fun to bite!  Maybe too much fun though because after about ten minutes I’d shredded several of them and Mom had quite a time getting all the little pieces up and taken out to the trash can along with the box and the REST of the peanuts.  So much for indoors snow………

I bet it’s snowing at the North Pole…..and I bet Rudolph and all the other reindeers are resting up for their BIG NIGHT…..because it won’t be long now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy, One Excited Boy


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  1. Sammy, I think some of our blogging friends out in the mid-west are getting all the snow! One of the blogs Mom reads said they’re expecting 2 feet. You’d get lost in all that snow, Sam!
    Hmm.. I bet your Mom had a MESS to clean up after you shredded those peanuts. But it sounds like fun. Maybe I could ask Santa for some…..
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae….while I agree that you’d have a lot of fun with those peanuts, you might want to think twice about asking for some from Santa! Mom wasn’t too thrilled trying to pick up all the little pieces of styrofoam “snow” !! (insert evil giggle here).

      Love, Sammy


      • The weather folks said that blizzard out west is HUGE and those folks are getting hammered with AT LEAST two feet of snow in one day (on top of what they already had). I’ve told Sam to quit wishing for a lot of snow for Christmas….I love snow – don’t get me wrong – but that much snow???? NO!!!!!!



  2. OMG can I tell you how much I HATE those peanuts!? Those are the worst invention known to man! I can’t stand how “magnetic” they are! They stick to EVERYTHING!!!!!!

    I hear Colorado and neighboring states are getting whammed with snow…in Michigan there is snow in our forecast for Saturday!!! They are not saying how much at this point.

    I am with you…I LOVE “white Christmases!!”


    • I agree Caren…whoever invented those should be horse-whipped (or something similar!!). I was STILL finding pieces of those things this morning thanks to Sam. I only let him have three of the blasted things to play with…..good thing I didn’t leave him alone with the whole box!!

      I hope you get that White Christmas – something magical about having it on Christmas Eve and Christmas day……we’ll settle for a fire in the fireplace and PRETENDING it’s snowing!

      Hugs, Pam (with Sam on my lap)


  3. I worked in an office with a girl in Southern California way back when and to this day I still remember that she called those packing peanuts ….ready?… “Angel Farts”. She was a *bad* girl, but funny 🙂
    No snow in the forecast for us. This will be our first Christmas in Northern Michigan that we can see the grass. It almost looks like it can stand to be mowed too…However, I’m not looking.


    • Oh Miss D, Mom and I love that “term” for those peanuts! Of course I had to ask Mom for an – ahem – explanation 😀 I would have thought you’d get some snow up there in Northern Michigan for your Christmas this year but I think EVERYBODY’S weather is weird right now. As for the grass – – – why not pretend it’s just green snow?!?!

      Love, Sammy
      p.s. your Christmas tree is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty!


  4. Sammy, here you did it again. Or should I say, your mom did! What a great picture here 😀
    And don’t you worry Sammy, there is snow in the North Pole…perhaps in Russia too, but in Sweden there is NO SNOW……not that we are going out playing in the snow during winter, no…we just like looking at the snowflakes from the window 😀

    Love, the Trio


    • Hi Boys (and your Moms)….no snow in Sweden huh? Hmm….I guess we’ll all just have to DREAM of a white Christmas. Now Pillow, I read on the blog that you are particularly EXCITED right now with the tree growing in your house and all the ornaments and things going on all around you but try to calm down..save some of that energy for opening your presents on Christmas Day!!! 🙂

      Love, Sammy


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