Christmas Tree Naps and Eggnog…..

Under Sam's Christmas Tree 2011

No room for me under there anymore!!

 Just a few DAYS ago, I was still able to find a spot to snooze under our Christmas tree… it’s getting a little dangerous under there.  Scooting around under there finding a nap spot could cause an avalanche of boxes!  I’ve decided in order to safely enjoy the ambiance of my Christmas tree, I’ll just nap on the rug in front of it.  Mom kindly obliged by putting a piece of my newest favorite thing – the newspaper – on the rug and I just curl up on that.  No sense risking life and limb by going under there!!

Not all this stuff is for me you know.  Mom and Dad have things under there too.  I heard Dad say he’s finally finished shopping yesterday so I think all that wrapping stuff will go back in the closet for another year.  Not before I talk Mom into giving me a fresh piece of tissue though – I need something to mess around with until Christmas day.  That’s when I’ll get all those boxes and ribbons, and of course MORE tissue to play with when my parents open their gifts. 

Yesterday Mom got something to drink out of the refrigerator – something I’ve never been really curious about before, but thought maybe I should “re-consider”…..when she sat down in her chair with her drink I hopped up and asked if I could sniff it.  Well – it sure SMELLED yummy…..she said it was eggnog and that it was something I shouldn’t have because it’s not good for me.  WELL!  Since when have I paid any attention to THAT????  I gave her “the look” and she dipped her finger in her glass and held it out for me……….I gave it a sniff then a lick and while it was interesting I thought it was too sweet and funny tasting.  I guess that’s the last time I’ll be trying EGGNOG!!!!

Today’s Saturday of course and it’s cold here…in the thirties….still no sign of snow but at least I know that Santa doesn’t mind if it’s snowing or sunny and hot – he’s magic !!

Sammy, One Eggnog Avoiding Cat

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  1. Hi, Sammy, I don’t think I’d like eggnog either! Goodness, there are a lot of presents under that tree!! I think you’re smart not to risk going under there now.
    Happy Saturday, Sammy! Enjoy your newspaper, tissue paper, and whatever other toys you can find. I’m just chillin’ on my window seat – waiting for the sunrise!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! You should at least TRY eggnog – after all, this is your first Christmas experience so you need to at least check everything out THEN make up your mind. I have been avoiding that tree with all that stuff piled up – – – it’s getting dangerous…..!!

      Love, Sam


  2. Yep, gotta watch out for falling packages,especially this time of the year. No use taking a chance. It won’t be long before a;; the boxes will be gone, and you and your newest freshest piece of tissue can play under there to your hearts content.


    • I’m going to avoid that tree PERIOD…under, around, near – an avalanche could occur at any second! You’re also right about AFTER Christmas. My parents will leave the tree up for another week or so and there won’t be anything but ME under it! YAY!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Miss Ingrid! You’re right of course – one little lick shouldn’t have made up my mind…maybe I’ll give it another slurp today. I don’t want to miss out on any Christmas treats that’s for sure!

      Christmas Hugs, Sam


  3. I agree about the eggnog,Sammy. It’s not my favorite drink either! Although I do like how it smells.
    Glad you’re a smart Sammy to stay away from those dangerous boxes! We don’t want anything to happen to our favorite kitty-blogger!!
    Enjoy all that newspaper and tissue…


  4. Wow – that’s a lot of presents, Sammy! It’s probably better not to risk napping under there… My human has left her wrapped presents in their cardboard shipping boxes so I can’t open them early for her this year. That’s a bummer…

    My human is a little afraid of the “nog” herself, so I’ve never gotten to try it. I’m not really heartbroken about that. 😀


  5. You’ll be pleased to hear that I know have a little Christmas wreath on the door, am staying home to write cards tonight and may even decorate with the things that I think Not Cat will probably destroy. Christmas parties have started ad tomorrow night i am going to St Bartholomew the Great’s for the Nine Lesson s and Carols with some friends. If you watched Four Weddings and a Funeral, it’s the church where Hugh Grant didn’t get married. 🙂


    • Oh that’s lovely Isobel. I am glad to hear you have let your Christmas spirit blossom! Perhaps NotCat will look and not touch the ornaments? Hmm….that may be a bit of wishful thinking on my part….. 🙂

      Enjoy all the planned events…..after all, ” ‘Tis the season ” ……



    • Miss Layla when I was Odin’s age I was shredding too! 😀 Now I look and occasionally poke but know better than to shred. One of my mostest favorite-est Christmas “happy moments” so far this year was hearing that Domino is recovering. Us feral boys have to stick together you know!!

      Kitty Hugs and Kisses


  6. Another great blog posts we enjoy very much to read 😀 And Sammy, it’s really good there isn’t any place for you under that tree, if it would be – you wouldn’t have any gifts now would you! I wonder for who all those gifts are ….

    Many hugs, the whole family


    • Good Morning!! While SOME of those presents under there are for ME! most of them are for my Mom and Dad. But I consider them ALL mine because on Christmas morning when they’re opening their presents, I’m right in the middle of it all, playing with all the discarded boxes, ribbons, tissue, tags, EVERYTHING – so in a way, whatever is under there will be mine before Christmas day is over with!! I’m sure the Trio will have a few goodies under that pretty tree of yours Miss Patricia and Miss Mathilde????

      Love, Sam


      • That sounds really good, you’re such a lucky cat you Sammy! I bet you will have some great gifts – don’t you go and forget to snap a picture of one or two of them now, please! We are all waiting 😀 The Trio have no idea what nice gifts they will receive 😉

        Lots of love, the family


        • Oh for sure I’ll have Mom take some pictures on Christmas morning…and I hope you all do the same! As for not knowing what we’re all getting – that’s part of the fun isn’t it…..being surprised!!

          Love, Sammy


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