Where's The Christmas Tree?

OK...the presents are here.....I'm here....so where's the tree????

 So we’re doing this in stages I guess.  The presents came down from the upstairs but so far NO TREE!  Here I am in the library, next to the presents, patiently waiting….well, sort of patiently….and I’m even trying to show my parents EXACTLY where I expect that tree to appear.  I guess I’ll just sit here until they get the message!

Are you tired of hearing about my Christmas “expectations” yet?  🙂  Sorry about that but I get pretty darn wound up this time of the year.  Have always been that way since I was a little guy in fact. 

I know this is the weekend Mom will decorate our porch and we’ll get the tree here in the library, and then it’s just counting down until Santa Paws comes to see me – well, I guess he’s going to see ALL of us and not just me! 

Last night when it got really dark, we could see that lots of people in our neighborhood have decorated outside this year.  Some years they do and some years they don’t – this looks like a bumper crop of holiday lights this year.  Before Christmas, my Mom and Dad will get in the car one night and drive around to neighborhoods just to look at the lights.  Some people get pretty carried away with big yard displays and lots and lots of lights.  We just decorate our porch but it always looks pretty.  I’ll make sure Mom takes a picture of it so I can show you.

Well, I guess I’ll resume my position in the library waiting…….I just know that they won’t let me down – they PROMISED me that the tree would go up this weekend – and the minute the clock ticked past midnight last night it became “THIS WEEKEND” ………

Let’s go people!  Time’s a’wastin’ !!! 🙂

Sam, One Impatient Cat


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    • Hi Miss Patricia and Miss Mathilde! I’m sure Mom will be taking tons of photos of all the Christmas “stuff” inside and outside the house. I’ll try to cooperate and allow myself to be photographed along with all the decorations. Mom says I’m her favorite decoration of course….. 🙂

      Hugs, Sammy


  1. Hi Sammy,

    Enjoy that Christmas Tree when it gets up. Mom & Dad put ours up BEFORE Thanksgiving because my “human” sister was coming home for Thanksgiving and will not be here for Christmas . . .whee . . . I have enjoyed mine so far this year.
    No presents under ours yet. Mom says she doesn’t trust Jasper & I with them under the tree for very long. Especially if the wrapping has RED on it !! Hmmmm . . . I am dreaming of RED ribbons and RED wrapping paper. :-))

    Love ya, Sammy The Talking Cat


    • Hey Sammy! You’ve been enjoying your tree a while then. As of this morning I can now enjoy mind. My parents didn’t let me down. The tree is up and decorated AND even though I know there are presents in Mom’s studio and Dad’s office to go under the tree, they’re not there yet so I get to have a Christmas Tree Nap under the tree first.

      RED is my favorite color too! Maybe because it’s the only color?????? 🙂

      Happy Saturday Sammy……
      Love ya too – Sam


  2. Patience, dear Sammy!
    I’m sure your Mom and Dad have to, at least, have their morning coffee before tackling the job of putting up the tree. You look so handsome sitting there by the presents.
    Please have your Mom take pics of the tree AND the porch – with you in the pictures of course!
    Love, Sundae
    (and you know what I’m (im)patiently waiting for today!


    • Hi Sundae! Guess what….THE TREE IS UP! I knew if I sat there in the spot in the library and just stared at them and looked pitiful my parents would get the message that today is the day. It’s up and decorated but Mom’s not finished doing all the other stuff – she’s pooped and so is Dad so they’re resting. As long as my tree is available that’s OK with me. I’m about to go down and get UNDER the tree to take a nap – so far those presents haven’t messed up my Christmas Nap Spot!

      I know what you’re waiting for…….it’s coming – LATER!
      Love, Sam


  3. Yes, it is that time of year, huh, Sammy. All though brightly covered presents, the tree with its lights (I guess it will have lights) and tinsel different colored bulbs, I just know it will be beautiful.

    Christmas comes but once a year so enjoy all the hoopla about it you can. It’ll be twelve more month before it returns, and when it does, you guys may be in another home. When that happens you are going to have fun, fun, fun exploring your new digs.


    • Hi Uncle Jerry…..yes indeed it’s only here once a year – which is probably good because I’d drive my parents nuts if it was more frequent than that….I do hope maybe we’ll be in a new house then. If not, I know just where I’ll expect the tree to be – AGAIN – my library!

      P.S. The tree is up now…my parents heard my whining and responded – Yippeeee!



    • Hi Miss Layla…..I’m trying to be patient but it’s been such an exciting day. The tree’s up, it’s decorated, Mom put lights on the porch railing….I couldn’t even nap under the tree because I was afraid someone would accidentally step on me while they were putting ornaments on the tree! SO, I curled up in my window seat and recharged my batteries. Whew! Mom will be taking pix I’m sure – but you’re the world champion picture taker in my book……. 🙂

      Kitty Hugs


  4. Yay!!! I’m so excited for you, Sammy! There’s nothing in this world better than napping under the Christmas tree because you can glance up and see the twinkling lights from the inside of the tree! I hope you enjoy every minute of it!


    • Yep Pedro – I’ll be anxious to hear how you like YOUR tree this year too! I was so wound up all morning while my humans put up the tree and decorated that I took a very long nap in my window seat. It was just too hectic in the library after the tree went up – tonight, when they are asleep and I have the house to myself – I’m going to turn on the lights and crawl under the tree and sleep….in the peace and quiet…..Whatta day!



    • Hi Miss D……I’m loving our tree and can’t wait to see YOUR tree there too! It’s always fun to see how everybody decorates their trees. Ours has lots of stuff from all over the world on it PLUS some American flags and lots of kitty ornaments too. FUN FUN FUN – especially the stuff that hangs down far enough that I can give it a whack once in a while….. 🙂

      Love, Sam


    • That’s really interesting Isobel….would love to read a blog about that! We had fun getting our tree up yesterday – in spite of Sam being in the way…he was into EVERYTHING and under foot as well. Bless his heart – he’s really just a “kid” I guess. 🙂



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