Last Day Before The Tree!

Sam in Library

Catching some rays in the library.....

Yippeee!  Today’s the last day before my parents put the Christmas tree up in here.  It will block the sun from coming in of course but that’s a small sacrifice for the trade off of having a tree in my library.   Unfortunately, I won’t get my choo choo train under the tree – at least for a while.  Seems that’s a hot item in the stores this year…..but my Mom is keeping an eye out and even if we have to take the presents out from under the tree long enough to “install” the train – no biggie!

After all, I can – if I really want to – be incredibly patient.  Oh sure, I want what I want when I want it but I CAN sit back and wait.  Sometimes.  And a train under the tree can wait.  Most of all, it will be fun to smell all the familiar smells of the Christmas decorations all over the house and seeing my stocking hanging by the fireplace.

Mom will be taking lots of pix of this whole thing so you’d better be prepared for some after this weekend!  I wonder if my stocking will have any lumps in it right away or if I’ll have to wait before there are lumps to wonder about until closer to Christmas?  Those mysterious lumps always turn out to be toys or a new kind of treat.  Time will tell.

You can bet though that today – I’ll be enjoying my last sunny library chair nap before the tree goes up…..besides, I have plenty of sunny nap spots in this big house but only ONE tree inside it!!!

Happy Friday Friends………Sammy


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  1. Hi, Sammy,
    How exciting it must be! I heard Motor Mommy discussing whether or not to put up their tree. I think she’s concerned that I might be too “interested” in it. Hmm… would I do that?? Stay tuned.
    Looking forward to pictures of your tree…and -YOU -of course (wink, wink).
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! I hope your parents decide to put a tree up. I bet you will be so fascinated that you’ll just look and not touch – well, anyway, take my advice and JUST LOOK! I never did try to climb our trees all the years we’ve had them. But when I was little, Mom couldn’t hang any ornaments around the bottom of the tree – I’d sit there and play with them until I got them off the tree then she’d have to try and find them!!! 🙂

      Happy Friday
      Love, Sam


  2. A discussion on the harvesting of our tree was had this morning…we’re running into ripples in our plans of getting ours darn it. The guys place we have gone to for the last 4yrs doesn’t have his sign out this year:( He still has them growing in his field so I think I shall stop by and politely see what the deal is. 😉 He has the most gorgeous trees…we don’t want to buy from anyone else. I hope you get your train Sammy Cat!


    • Hi Miss D…….I betcha if you stop and ask that guy about his trees he’ll tell you to help yourself even if he didn’t intend to sell them this year for some reason. Who could resist your smile huh??? It works for me – I bet it works for you too!!

      Kitty Hugs,


  3. Great chair! Don’t the big yellow cats always look so stunning in the sun against pink. And by the way, is the thread crochet-work yours – or rather your guardians? I love doing threadwork as well. I just can’t do it like I used to (dern carpal-tunnel).

    I’m not doing a tree here this year since I’m going out to visit my son in Arizona this Christmas! So his kitties will be enjoying the tree rather than mine. I’ll just have to spoil them some other way when I get back.


    • Hi! I love those chairs in the library and I think I look very dignified and studious sitting on one don’t I?? Occasionally I let my Mom sit in that one – but only occasionally. The crochet table top thing was store-bought. My Mom can’t sew (well, buttons maybe) but my Aunt Carol does sew – she’s a quilter. I’ll have to get Mom to take a photo of the Christmas quilt we put up every year. We have quilts she’s made ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over the house – they are quite snuggily.

      I bet Santa Paws will find you in Arizona – and of course will visit your animal crew back home as well. Santa seems to find us WHEREVER we are doesn’t he?!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Hello and welcome Miss Patricia and Miss Mathilde! Thanks for visiting my blog – my Mom and I just visited yours too. It’s always nice to meet cat people from other places far away (or close!!). Your cats look happy – Pillow and Cookie have great expressions on their faces – I bet they are best friends.

      I hope you visit me again……I’m getting ready to celebrate Christmas with my family – I’m almost twelve so I know the routine by now and I KNOW that the Christmas tree is going up this weekend! I can’t wait!

      Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


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