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New Years Eve Preparations!

Getting ready for the new year!
Confetti…check!…lampshade for head….check!

Happy New Years Eve

Here I am, standing in the middle of my newspaper and tissue collection, spending the morning getting party preparations lined up for New Years Eve!  Got the confetti stuff (blue is my color don’t you think?)….got my lampshade for my head so I can truly be the life of the party (I hear humans wear lampshades when they get really crazy)……let’s see – what else do I need?  I have plenty of tissue and newspaper for shredding and I don’t drink champagne (ick) but I certainly will raise a glass of milk as the new year rings in at midnight. 

I’ll be ringing it in on my own though because my parents never make it until the big ball falls in Times Square.  They plan on having a big dinner tonight (which I’ll get a scrap or two of for sure!) with a nice roast and yorkshire pudding and a bottle of champagne……that will put them to sleep early.  I’ll make myself comfy on Mom’s recliner with the remote for the TV handy and flip around the channels watching all the celebrations going on!  My favorite though is watching the party in Times Square. 

THEN…………..tomorrow morning will come and it will be my  birthday!  So much excitement all rolled into one weekend.  WOW. 

So what kind of New Years Eve plans to your humans have???  Are they party goers or party poopers like my Mom and Dad?

Happy New Year From Sammy the New Years Eve Party Boy!!


Resolutions? What’s That?

Napping with Mom on the recliner

New Years Resolutions? Huh?

Huh?  What exactly is all this “resolution” stuff anyway?  I know humans like to use the arrival of a new year as a reason to make a lot of promises to themselves and others about things they want to do.   I kind of think that we animals live in the moment and don’t plan stuff – we just ARE… we don’t need to make resolutions – do we!  

But in the spirit of the need humans have to go through this annual ritual, I’ll try to be a good sport and “play along”…..after giving it a whole lot of though (you can tell by the photo of me that I’m really thinking hard) here are some ideas I’ve come up with for ME:  

  1. I’m going to try harder not to fling litter all over the place when “flushing” in my litter box so Mom doesn’t have to sweep it all up and put it back in the box.
  2. I’m going to try to be neater with my toys and quit hiding them under furniture where my poor old Mom has to crawl around on the floor looking for them. 
  3. I’m going to spend even more time on my Mom’s lap having naps and being companionable because I know my Mom loves for me to lie on her legs and keep her warm.

Hmm….nothing very earth-shattering there on my list is there.  I should be able to do ALL of those things with no problem – right?

OK – I have to admit – this “resolution” thing wasn’t so hard to do.  If I can do it – then YOU can do it… what do you say my friends?  Do you have any resolutions in mind?  Huh?????????????

Happy Friday!


Bragging On My Mom

Rainbow Forest Fables Cover

My Mom's first kiddies book! (that's KIDDIES not KITTIES !)

Allow me to do a little shameless promotion for my Mom.  After all, Mom does tons of things for me so the very least I can do is give her new book a plug on my blog – right?

Besides, you may remember that I told you all in an older blog that I was helping Mom look for just the right tree in our woods for her to use as a photo for the cover and back of the book – – – a tree where the forest fairy who takes care of all the animals in the magical forest lives.  This was the tree I (yes me) suggested and there it is – in living color!

So this is a book of fables….you know what a fable is….a little lesson being told in a very understandable and fun way.  My Mom wrote the stories using creatures living in the forest – like birds, squirrels, chipmunks and even some bugs!  She also did all the artwork herself.  It’s not a big book but the type size is large enough that if a kid COULD read, it would be easy to read and if an older person wanted to read it TO a kid, the older person could SEE the words!!!  😉 

You might consider buying a copy of it if you have kids or grandkids or know someone who does….it’s a cute book but then of course I’m slightly biased in my opinion of anything my Mom does!!!  She’ll eventually offer it for sale on her website I would think but for now, it can be ordered from  and you just put “RAINBOW FOREST FABLES” in the Search box!!!  Cool huh? 

Yeah, I’m proud of her………she’s published a mystery novel and has two other novels she may eventually (hint hint Mom) finish one of these days but this little book is something VERY different for her.  Plus it was a lot of fun for her to do.  I’m all for my Mom having fun.  After all, thanks to her I have fun every single day!

Sammy, One Public Relations/Marketing Manager Cat 🙂


An Early Birthday Gift

Sam's New Toys

Pardon me while I do a little "maintenance" while you take this picture Mom!

Mom had me all posed so nice when she was taking my picture this morning up on her bed with my new “stuff” – I love to throw a monkey wrench into her photographic endeavors though (as you can see).  I do this all the time – – – wait until JUST the second she’s ready to take the picture then move  (insert evil giggle here) 🙂  !  Anyway, you get the gist – this is ME this morning posing with some new goodies I got in the mail yesterday.  My first birthday presents to arrive and they’re from our super good friends Caren and Cody at Cat Chat!  Miss Caren is so sweet and Cody’s my pal.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I entered my name into the hat at Cat Chat to win a new litter lifter (poop scoop if you prefer)……and I was one of the winners.  But when the big envelope came yesterday and I peeked inside – I found not just the pretty blue lifter but some stuffed mice and one of them has feathers on the tail (I love feathers don’t you???).  There was also a cute red fancy collar which I, of course, refused to wear for my photo. 

So, a BIG thank you to Caren and Cody and to everyone else who sent notes yesterday to say they were excited about my New Years Day birthday coming up.  One of my good buds is ALSO celebrating his birthday next week…….. Pedro is having his too! 

So you see?  If you think I was excited LAST week because Santa Claws was coming to visit, it would seem that the excitement just goes on and on around here…….Mom and Dad will celebrate New Years Eve (well, sort of – they’ll be sound asleep by 9PM New Years Eve probably!), and the next morning will be MY birthday…….wow……..

Happy Wednesday


Our NEXT Celebration!

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

Guess Whose Birthday is New Years Day?

New Year’s Eve – humans celebrate the end of one year and the start of the next.  So many celebrations all together huh??  Well, here’s one more to celebrate………..GUESS WHOSE TWELFTH BIRTHDAY IS NEW YEARS DAY????

Yeah, I know…..I don’t look my age – right?  I still look like a mere kitten and I owe it all to my cushy life with my parents.   I’ve only had a couple of minor scuffles with other cats in my time – so never been in a real “cat fight” to speak of.  So I’m not missing any bits of ear or parts of my tail, and no scars on my handsome ginger face either… I’m not too “WORN” looking for twelve.

Truth be told, my parents don’t really know exactly WHEN my birthday was.  When they went to the animal shelter in February, 2000 to adopt a cat the shelter people couldn’t say exactly how old I was at the time.  I was tiny though.  They thought maybe around Christmas time I could have been born because they figured me to be about six weeks old.  Who knows?!  The important thing is I charmed my parents into taking me home with them – THEY decided my birthday might have been some time around January first so I became their NEW YEARS BABY! 

I’m one lucky boy.  Spoiled?  I know I say I’m one spoiled cat and maybe in a lot of ways I am.  I sure have a nice house, lots of toys, plenty of food, and parents who totally love me and protect me.  If that’s spoiled then count me in!!

So – you’re all invited to my *birthday party* on New Years Day….OK?

Happy Tuesday……

Sammy, One Spoiled, Almost Twelve Year Old Cat