The Annual Box Parade

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

Bring on the boxes!

I overheard my parents last night saying that in preparation for next week’s annual “putting up the Christmas tree” event, they’d begin moving boxes of STUFF up from the basement today.  That means I’ll have a lot of sniffing, inventorying, re-discovering to do as each box lands in the library – which is where we put our tree up. 

There’s a LOT of boxes too.  I enjoy the box tops when they come off the boxes.  I lie in each of them – sampling them for the most comfortable (which Mom thinks is hilarious since they are all the same type of box).  Then of course I have to WAIT patiently (if possible) for NEXT weekend when the real fun begins.  My parents don’t get a “real” tree like many people do; instead they have a new pre-lit type tree which is way easier to work with than the old one was.  It’s a bit narrower but just as tall as the other one we had.   The important thing though is that there’s room underneath it for ME! 

Dad’s getting a new train set to put under the tree this year as a decoration.  The old one finally pooped out and doesn’t work anymore but it was pretty cool.  Smoke came out of the engine stack and it had a train whistle……it makes a cool decoration (and I think Dad likes to play with it like a little kid!!!).   You might think that since I’m a bit of a nervous sort I wouldn’t like the train BUT guess what – I love watching it go round and round.  Might take me a bit to get used to a NEW one though.

Other than watching my parents trudge up and down the stairs to and from the basement, I don’t have any big Sunday plans.  Besides, I need to begin saving up my energy for NEXT weekend when those boxes open up and the real FUN begins!!!!  🙂

Happy Sunday


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  1. Wow, Sammy, sounds like a fun couple of weeks coming up for you! Maybe I can discover a box soon – but I probably wouldn’t be able to give up my plastic bag.
    Have a good Sunday! Love, Sundae


    • I know…..I’m one spoiled cat…..say – that’s the name of my blog isn’t it? HAHAHAHAHA Seriously, I suspect that train is more for Dad than for me but both of us like watching it go round and round and round. Mom says we’re both “Forever Kids”……



    • Hi Miss Layla! Yes indeed – I’m so excited….I can’t wait until my parents come home with the new train for under the tree. I really liked the old one but it was 21 years old and finally gave up the ghost. Christmas is SO MUCH FUN!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


    • Hi Pedro! I know you’re excited about your Christmas tree going up too. Just think – a TREE in the living room – how cool is that? I get pretty wound up this time of the year. Your presents started early this year with those way way way neato Black Friday boxes your human gave you. I’d like to have one or two like that myself – meanwhile I’m occupying myself with what’s available out of Mom’s wrapping supplies. There’s always something fun lurking in that shopping bag.

      Your Pal Sam


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