Catnapping on the couch

Blog? What blog? Oh dear - did I oversleep???

 Uh oh…..I’m late.  Well, it’s EARLY, but I’m late.  I usually get my blog posted WAY before now but – well – this morning was one of those mornings when it was just plain tough to get myself going.  Why?  Well we had a LOT of rain all night long……it was a great night for sleeping and I did just that!  I didn’t have to stay on the alert all night like I usually do – looking out the windows to make sure there were no “disturbers of the peace” lurking out there or space aliens landing in the backyard or bears bothering the birdfeeders.  Part of my job you know – watching out for things that go bump in the night!

Because there was so much rain – there wouldn’t be anything OUT there to watch!  I concentrated instead on something I’m really good at……sleeping. 

Apparently Mom and Dad slept well too because Mom didn’t come downstairs until 5:15AM (yeah I know that’s early for some people but not my Mom!) and then, after she made coffee, gave me my breakfast, and checked the old litter box, she sat down in her recliner with me ensconced on her lap on my blanket and watched a program on TV.  After I got a nice brushing it sort of – well – made me sleepy again so I snoozed while she watched the mystery on PBS. 

Dad finally got up and came downstairs for coffee….which of course woke me up – so HERE I AM!   Long story huh?  Well, I had to let you know that there was a perfectly good reason that I’m late getting into cyberspace this morning.  It’s all Mom’s fault for sitting down and letting me hop up on her lap and go back to sleep.  Yep – blame Mom!

Happy Wednesday!




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  1. (yawn) Well, Sam, don’t feel bad – I’ve been doing the same thing. It’s all because of the weather though….well, maybe not.
    Anyway – snuggling up on your Mom’s lap for a good brushing just sounds so wonderful!
    Have a good Thanksgiving eve, my friend!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae…….yeah, that brush kind of mesmerizes me and before I know it, I’m snoring away. Then when I wake up, my fur is nice and shiny AND I’m rested! Not bad huh? I hope you, Motor Man and Motor Mommy have a swell Wednesday (aka Turkey Eve).

      Love, Sammy


  2. Gotta blame somebody, huh, Sammy, and Mm is the closest one art hand, so . . . Voilà! . . . Put the blame on her. A little birdie told me she really didn’t get too much sleep last night, The rain kept her awake, so blame the rain.


  3. Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Sammy! I Love those super rainy nights when there’s no point in keeping watch, too. And sometimes when I sleep the most, I need a few naps afterwards. So no need to apologize for being late! And maybe you should double-check that your Mom’s lap is staying nice and warm now. Humans must get cold easily without fur coats. Poor things!


  4. Sammy isn’t it awful when our routine is disrupted? It makes blogging so much harder!

    Wait! 5:15am is LATE for your Mom? What time does she normally get up? My Dad gets up at around 4 cause Dakota and I wake him up MOL, but Mom doesn’t surface til between 5am and 7am usually!

    Mom and I know how it feels though when the blog doesn’t go up when it is supposed to, it makes Mom even more insane than she already is!

    xoxoxoxo Love, Cody


    • Hi Cody! My Mom USUALLY (emphasis on that word!) is making coffee in the kitchen by 4:45. Even though she retired several years ago, that’s what time she always got up when she worked and she’s never been able to break the habit! She gets all her running around done, her writing done, any painting projects she’s working on, housecleaning – EVERYTHING done in the mornings when she’s full of energy. It’s enough to make me DIZZY!!!!! Thankfully I can keep an eye on her and the minute her behind hits the chair, I’m there. If there’s a lap available – I’m on it!

      What would we do without our Moms? We don’t want to know!

      Have a good night and a happy Thanksgiving Cody.
      Your Bud Sammy


  5. It’s still mild here for the time of year, though getting colder and Not Cat went missing again tonight. I’ve been out pacing the streets fearing the worst, then he appeared and is now settling down for a nap on the sofa. Oh my!


    • Isobel, that boy is keeping you on your toes isn’t he….it’s really tough to have a missing cat – I certainly have gone through that many times in my past (not with Sam though). I’m just glad he knows where HOME is – and as long as he can make it back there to you I feel that he will. Worrying though is NOT fun!!

      Sam says tell Not Cat to behave himself! 🙂


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