Thankful Thinking

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

I just wanna share what I'm thankful for....ahead of the rush!

I know there will be a lot of folks who will be telling the world what they are thankful for over the next couple of days but I wanted to be ahead of the game!   I know what a lucky guy I am in so many ways, but here are just a few of the things that I’m MOST thankful for:

Napping with Mom on the recliner

My Mom's Warm Leg and Lap for Naps!


Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

My Dad

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

My "Grandma Chair"


My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

My Wagon Full of Toys

Sam Playing on Stairs With Stuffed Cat

Sunny Stairs


Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

My Wonderful Yard

Gosh, I could go on and on and on.  There are so many things I’m thankful for and these are just the tip of the iceberg……but one thing I can’t post a picture of that I’m VERY thankful for is:


I really appreciate each and every one of my new friends here in cyberspace – thanks for making it so fun to get up early and do my blog every morning and for all your comments that make me giggle and feel good.  If we can make each other smile – or be happy – or enjoy ourselves then isn’t THAT really something to be thankful for?

So – Happy Early Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it – and even if you don’t – THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND.

Kitty Hugs, Sammy – One Thankful Cat

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  1. Sammy, this is such a sweet post – right from your heart! You & I DO have a lot to be thankful for -and from the looks of your tummy in that picture on your Mom’s lap, not the least of which is a full food bowl!! (tee-hee; you know I love you! My tummy’s a little rounder than it used to be too!)
    Thanks for reminding us of all the good things in our lives. Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae….I’m glad you liked my thankful post today. I just wanted to “let the cat out of the bag” 🙂 a couple of days early – you know me – always on the cutting edge of things. Seriously though, you and I are lucky to have what we have and I know that we both wish EVERY kitty could be as lucky as WE are.

      Happy Tuesday
      Love, Sam


  2. Wonderful post!
    I too am thankful for this wonderful blogging community. Even reading the encouraging, funny or insightful things people have to say on others sites brings me so much fun and happiness that I wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to. Thanks for being my friend too. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Hi D……Sammy and I both wish you and your family (including the Clydes!) a super lovely Thanksgiving. We’re happy you’re one of our blogging friends – you bring a smile to our faces with your beautiful photos of wide open spaces and and tales of your busy life operating that beautiful place you call home!

      Hugs from both of us!
      Pam and Sam


  3. Enjoyed your puctures Sammie, we got to really see some things that make you feel thankful. Wishiong you and your folks, and all your friends and family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. (Not don/t you eat too much!)


  4. We are thankful for you, Sammy, and for your Mommy who so patiently takes your dictation and types it up. (Claws can be rough on keyboards.) And I am thankful for my sister Simone’s ears, which are great for chewing on. And for my Momma Mattie, who introduced me to cats, squirrels and birds. For my Daddy, who brings home the Bacon. For my human Mommy, who carries me around and gives me love. For the roof over my head and treats in the jar and food in my dish and water in my bowl. And for living in America and being treated like royalty! Love, Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie (the foxhound)


    • Wow Eddie……you have tons to be thankful for just like me! AND you have two sisters to keep you company and “Mom” you when your human Mom isn’t around. Can’t beat that huh? Considering you had a rough start (being shot in the leg is NO fun) before you were adopted by your parents, you really have come a long way my friend. We really have been blessed.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, your sisters, and your parents 🙂


  5. those are great things to be thankful for Sammy! As much as you like people visiting and commenting to you, ALL of us who blog are thankful for the same. We gotta admit we visit the blogs first that visit and comment to us as well, that’s just how we roll!

    We have been doing this for over 2 years now, we average 17,000 hits a month, it gets tiring but feedback from our readers makes it all worthwhile. Hope you will visit us one of these days too!

    Cat Chat


    • Hi Miss Caren! We visit you and read your blogs and love your interviews with friends. There’s always something happening on Cat Chat that’s for sure. Some day maybe we’ll have a lot more visitors to our blog but you guys ROCK with visitors.

      I’m thankful that you stopped by……..and I can only hope to be blogging still two years from now. I’ll be 14 and hopefully just getting my second wind!!

      Happy Thanksgiving Caren and Company
      Sammy (and his Mom too!)


    • Aloha Pedro and Kitty… all are pretty lucky too. Your human seems to be 100% behind the business plan to launch you into fame and fortune Pedro, and Kitty, you have Pedro giving you all those nice, wet baths 24/7. We’re all thankful for what we have – eh?

      Kitty Hugs to my Buds in Hawaii


    • I DO have a lot of fun toys huh? My parents thought instead of a toy box, I might like that little mini-Flyer wagon. It just barely holds all my goodies! All of us animals who live with humans who are so sweet to us are lucky – I wish everyone had a happy forever home like I do.

      Happy Thanksgiving!


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