Yikes, It’s COLD



What a view!

Twenty-eight degrees this morning....it'll be a "spy out the window" day!

Wow….all this talk of Santa Claws and presents and holidays and snow must have stirred things up here in the weather department.  It’s mighty cold this morning.  I didn’t know that though until Mom opened the basement door at my request this morning and WHAMMO that cold hit me right in my furry face and I immediately shoved myself into reverse and backed awwwwaaaaaaay from the doorway!  Mom was putting my harness on me at the time and I managed to even back out of the harness.  🙂  Anyway, I’ll be observing from one of my various watching posts today. 
Today being Friday, it’s housecleaning day around here.  My parents tackle that together which I think is mighty nice.  Dad does the top floor and Mom the main floor and I’m in charge of the basement (hahaha).  Actually, the basement IS where my litter box, favorite old beat up chair, my “tent” and my observation chair are located but it doesn’t get messy down there so it’s not cleaned every single week.  I’m a pretty neat kind of guy.  Sometimes I even go around down in the basement, collect all my toys that are scattered about, and deposit them inside my tent.  See?  I can be neat too!
Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

Let's see...string toys over here, fuzzzy toys back here - and keep a little room in the middle for ME!

Another busy day at my house……hope it’s not nearly this busy at your house today – or as COLD either!
Happy Friday………..Sammy

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  1. Sammy, your post was funny this morning: shoving yourself in reverse! It’s cold here too – mom says 37 degrees, so not as cold as at your house. I’m sure your Mom appreciates you picking up your toys. You’re such a helpful kitty! Have a good day -stay warm! Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae….Yep – I sure won’t be making the round outside today, that’s for sure. Mom says it will get into the upper 40s but all I can say about that is BRRRRRRRRRRR! You stay warm too – thirty seven isn’t exactly a heat wave!

      Love, Sam


    • Hi Sundae…..Mom and I are about to visit all our favorite blogs now – haven’t seen your Mom’s yet but give her a BIG HUG from me and Mom if she nominated us for something……that’s SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

      Love, Sam


  2. I don’t blame you for backing up and staying in that warm and nice house. Unlike Zoe, you don’t really “have” to go outside, but luckily it isn’t cold like that down here in the swamp, only the lower forties.

    Still, this is the kind of weather we should be expecting, after all, Thanksgiving is only a week away.


    • Hi Uncle Jerry…so it’s chilly down in the swamps of Louisiana today huh? You’re right of course – we should expect cold weather around Thanksgiving. Mr. Weather Dude isn’t letting us down then is he?!

      Tell Zoe I said “ARF ARF”


  3. Holy cow-spotted cat, Sammy! I can’t even imagine what 28 degrees feels like. Maybe you should convince your parents to move to Hawaii. The coldest I’ve ever felt (except for when I’m shopping for a snack in the fridge 😀 ) is in the mid-50s. That’s cold enough for me!

    Enjoy cleaning day, Sammy. And stay warm… Maybe after you put your toys away, you should curl up on that thermal pad for a nice, long nap!


    • Pedro, you’re right – 28 degrees is ridiculously cold. Thermal pads, blankets, and warm laps for me today that’s for sure. Move to Hawaii? Hmm….fifty degrees for a “cold” temperature is mighty tempting but I think I’d miss watching the snow come down and laughing at my parents trying to build a snowman. I suppose they COULD build a sandman on the beach though huh….and I could learn how to surf….I’ll discuss this with them. They talk about how much they love Virginia – it’ll be a hard sell.

      Happy Friday…………and Aloha


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