Helping Out Little Old Me

Old Chinese Carved Chest for Sam's "Stairs"

This is the old carved chest Mom put at the foot of her bed for me......

So after all the whining yesterday about my arthritis and me getting older and not being able to get up on my parents bed, blah blah blah, Mom decided to try out an idea.  Well, let me back up a bit….while I sat on top of Mom’s desk and supervised, she surfed the internet for pet stairs.  You know – little helpers for those of us who have a tough time springing up on top of things like we used to when we were younger!  There are a lot of things out there – two steps, three steps, even up to SIX steps – way high – but most of them were way bigger than we have room for in the bedroom. 

This old chest is in the guest room.  It’s not very big (you can tell from the size of the books on top) and there’s room at the foot of my parents’ bed for it too.  The pretty Chinese chest belonged to my Grandma.  When my Mom and her family lived in Taiwan for a couple of years back in the 1960s (when dinosaurs roamed the earth…. 🙂 ) Grandma bought this and a smaller sized carved chest just like it.  My Mom still has the smaller one – it’s in our library and holds Mom’s “special stuff”.   It’s TOO small to help me up on top of something though.  So, we moved the big chest out of the guest room and into Mom’s room yesterday afternoon…..well…….let’s just say I wasn’t thrilled.  That thing doesn’t belong in that room.  It makes the room different (the guest room too!) and I really just plain don’t like stuff to CHANGE.  I like things where they’re supposed to be – period.   I gave it a try though (anything to make my Mom happy you know…..) and getting up on the chest is easy.  Getting from the chest to the top of the bed is easy.  Getting DOWN again is easy.  Before bedtime last night though I pulled myself up on top of the bed (good thing I have strong legs!) NOT using the chest.  It’s just not supposed to be there!   Sigh. 

Maybe I’ll get used to it?  I’m going to try.  I really am.  My arthritis doesn’t act up every single day……some days I don’t limp at all – some days I do – we’ll see what happens.  But one thing is for sure:

I have the best parents in the world!  They are trying to help me get around easier because they love me……

That’s just plain swell 🙂 🙂

Sammy, One Grateful Cat


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  1. I think you will learn to like the chest they have provided for you, Sammy. I suppose you didn’t adapt to it better after you went up and down on it. I know you like things to stay the same around the house, but things change. You change. I’m sure you’ll come to like the chest as the sight of it eventually doesn’t bother you.


    • Hi Uncle J……..yeah, I’m going to be a BIG boy and try to get used to the new THING in Mom’s room. I did like the spot left in the guest room where the chest used to be though……nice new chunk of carpet that’s never been exposed before…….in fact, while Mom was on the computer earlier, I curled up on that bit of carpet in the guest room I’d never seen before and took a snooze………HAHAHA………..See? I can get used to something different – just takes time. 🙂



  2. Sammy, trust me….you’ll come to love the chest. EVEN IF IT WASN’T YOUR IDEA. Sometimes we just have to let our parents stew for a day or two, wondering if we’re going to go along with one of their ideas. Try it, you’ll probably like it! And you’re right: we do have the best parents in the whole, wide world!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae………I knew you’d understand…..I’ll keep them guessing (and check the chest out without them watching me when they’re busy with something else!!) and finally give in and use the darn thing! What I’m really anxious to see is Dad getting up in the middle of the night and banging into the chest at the foot of the bed on his way to the bathroom (TEE HEE……….JUST KIDDING……..well, sort of!!).

      Sam the little Devil


  3. Hey, Sammy! My human has arthritis that acts up sometimes too, and her philosophy is that anything that makes life a little more comfy on the achy days is a GOOD thing. So embrace the change and enjoy an easier climb into bed when you need it. (But if you pretend to be upset for a while while you “adjust” to the change, maybe you’ll get some extra treats or petting. 😉 )


    • Hey Pedro……..good advice (being patient and pouting for treats). Mom and Dad are leaving in a little bit for an appointment – while they’re gone I’m going to try to “practice” a bit with the chest as a booster. Actually I think it’s way cool that me and my humans are getting OLD together….. 🙂



  4. I think it’s wonderful that your parents are helping you get around easier, Sammy. I do hope you get used to the chest. And if you don’t, at least it was free. It would have been disappointing if your Mommy had purchased one of those expensive stairs or ramps only to find you wouldn’t use it. That’s what happened to my Uncle Buddy, the Australian Shepherd. Mommy ended up helping him up and down the stairs with a sling under him because he refused to try the expensive ramp she purchased. Sigh! Love from Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie (the foxhound)


    • Hi Ya’ll………I’m really going to TRY to adjust to that carved chest. Luckily so far my arthritis doesn’t act up very often…….and I suppose it’s going to be mighty nice when I can use the chest to help me get up on the bed. Time will tell. Today I’m getting around just fine and it’s cold and damp outside so it’s probably a good “test”……no fun getting older (you guys know what I mean!!).



    • Hi Miss Dee! I guess we ALL have to accept change even if it’s painful huh? Darn! Oh – the quilt was the only one in this whole house full of quilts that my Auntie Carol didn’t make. Mom bought it ages ago BEFORE Auntie Carol got into quilting. It’s pretty though isn’t it?!?!?! (p.s. it’s also comfy)

      Hugs, Sam


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