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Snow? Really? Maybe?

Snow and Pink Sky - Pretty Combination

Mr. Weather Dude said MAYBE snow next week!!

 I heard him say it….honest I did…..this morning on the news the guy said “chance of snow next Tuesday” and Mom heard him too (although she pretended she didn’t!).  Now this picture isn’t my front yard NOW – it’s my front yard last year when we got an early snow……but just LOOKING at this picture gets me all revved up!  I have a feeling Dad won’t be too revved though…..even though he loves his snow thrower it’s still a very looooooooooooong driveway – 250 feet down to the road – so it’s a lot of work for the old guy. 

Now, granted, Mr. Weather Dude isn’t always right….in fact very frequently he’s not right – something about Warrenton being right between the mountains and the ocean….blah blah blah….makes it hard to really predict the weather accurately.  Uh huh….sure.  Excuses, excuses.  For all I know, it’ll be back into the 70s next Tuesday. 

Pssst…..don’t tell anyone……but I’m really hoping for some snow!  Everybody says they bet I won’t want to go out in it – I’m getting arthritic and older and on and on and on – but I just might fool them.  In fact, I’m adding a snow sled and skiis to my Santa Paws Wish List!

So there! 🙂

Sammy, One Snowcat at Heart

Pre-Christmas Crazy Cat

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Oh it's SO exciting around here this time of year!!!

 How’s a guy supposed to STAND all this excitement?!?!  I pestered Mom all day yesterday about those boxes she and Dad stacked in the library – I know what’s in there – I know those boxlids NEED me – and most of all I know that in just a few days the tree will go up and those boxes will open up finally.  In the meantime, I am having a hard time containing myself.  This morning while Mom made coffee I did the 1,000 yard dash in a big circle around the downstairs – – – thru the kitchen, family room, hallway, library, foyer, dining room and all over again about four times at my top speed (which is pretty darn fast!).  Mom laughed the entire time.  I finished with a flourish in the family room with my tail all bushed out like a raccoon and my ears back ready for play.

Isn’t it funny that some of us can be calm, cool and collected until there’s a BIG change in our routine, then we go nuts.  I’m one of those guys.  I may be almost twelve but I’m still a kitten at heart.  I’m right in the middle of anything my Mom is doing. 

After I calmed down, I sat on Mom’s lap while she watched the news and weather on TV.  There’s SNOW in Tennessee and Mom says that’s not too terribly far from Virginia……….wonder if it will sneak over here and dump some white stuff in MY yard?!  We are supposed to have rain today but so far – nobody’s talking about a white Christmas. 

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I hear the unmistakable sound of that shopping bag up in Mom’s studio where she has all the wrapping stuff.  That’s my cue – – – time to go pester her – – – Daddy’s busy having his coffee so I’d better not bug him but Mom’s always ready for a “Sammy-Pester” !!!!  GOOD OLD MOM!

Happy Tuesday

Sammy, One Getting-To-Be-Excited-Cat

Helping Mom Wrap Presents

Sam "Helping" To Wrap Gifts

Hey Mom - this is the purrfect box - don't forget tissue - and I like this RED ribbon!

Yesterday afternoon Mom decided to get a few gifts for Dad wrapped so there would be some stuff to put under the tree (other than ME) next weekend when they put the tree up.  She got out all the boxes, tissue, ribbons, tags and wrapping paper…..I was so excited!  She keeps a big shopping bag full of all that stuff in the closet in her studio and for weeks now I’ve been asking nicely for her to let me go into that closet – just to make sure that shopping bag hadn’t disappeared……I know it’s just a big old bag of FUN. 

After all these years Mom has wised up.  She knows that if I’m around and she’s wrapping presents, I’ll be in the middle of it making things “challenging”.  She keeps some distractions handy for me so she can get her wrapping done.  The yellow and pink tissue aren’t for Christmas presents – and the old red and green ribbon and that tired little red bow aren’t for them either….they’re for ME!!!!!  She puts all that old stuff in one corner of the room so I can hop around on them and pick them up and carry them or poke, prod and otherwise torture them – while she’s busily doing what she needs to do with the REAL wrapping.

Her strategy always works.  I’ve gotta hand it to her – she has me figured out pretty well by now.  By the time she does her wrapping, I’m just beginning to get bored with my so-called toys and she puts everything away for the next time she has more things to wrap.

Considering it’s really early before the holiday, I know that shopping bag will be coming out of the closet LOTS more times………I’ll be ready for it – you can count on that!!

Happy Monday

Sammy the Assistant Wrapper

The Annual Box Parade

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

Bring on the boxes!

I overheard my parents last night saying that in preparation for next week’s annual “putting up the Christmas tree” event, they’d begin moving boxes of STUFF up from the basement today.  That means I’ll have a lot of sniffing, inventorying, re-discovering to do as each box lands in the library – which is where we put our tree up. 

There’s a LOT of boxes too.  I enjoy the box tops when they come off the boxes.  I lie in each of them – sampling them for the most comfortable (which Mom thinks is hilarious since they are all the same type of box).  Then of course I have to WAIT patiently (if possible) for NEXT weekend when the real fun begins.  My parents don’t get a “real” tree like many people do; instead they have a new pre-lit type tree which is way easier to work with than the old one was.  It’s a bit narrower but just as tall as the other one we had.   The important thing though is that there’s room underneath it for ME! 

Dad’s getting a new train set to put under the tree this year as a decoration.  The old one finally pooped out and doesn’t work anymore but it was pretty cool.  Smoke came out of the engine stack and it had a train whistle……it makes a cool decoration (and I think Dad likes to play with it like a little kid!!!).   You might think that since I’m a bit of a nervous sort I wouldn’t like the train BUT guess what – I love watching it go round and round.  Might take me a bit to get used to a NEW one though.

Other than watching my parents trudge up and down the stairs to and from the basement, I don’t have any big Sunday plans.  Besides, I need to begin saving up my energy for NEXT weekend when those boxes open up and the real FUN begins!!!!  🙂

Happy Sunday


Introducing Cousin Rachel

Sam's Cat Cousin Rachel

My Cousin Rachel....

 Happy Saturday Peeps!  This morning I want to introduce you to another member of my family – my Cousin Rachel.  Rachel lives with her parents (my Dad’s brother Bruce and his wife Joan) in Dunkirk, Maryland.  I have never actually MET Rachel, although she’s lived with them for four years!  Time and distance has kept us from touching noses but I was mighty happy when my parents came home from Thanksgiving with some photos of her……Isn’t she pretty?  Don’t you just love that pretty orange “belt” around her mid-section?  She’s got such a pretty and soft coat (so says Mom anyway).   She’s about nine or ten years old but since she was adopted/rescued nobody knows for sure exactly how old she is.   My Dad says Rachel is a “full-figured girl” ….wonder how she’d feel about that if she heard him say it?!?!?!

Rachel is a mostly indoor cat although she does get some outdoor walk privileges.  She lives in a big house with beautiful gardens and trees all around.  She’s an “only cat” like me in her household.

She loves to play with her little catnip mice and likes to be brushed (although her Dad has to talk her into hopping up on the footstool but once whe’s there she loves the grooming session!). 

Nobody has to talk me into a bit of grooming – that’s for sure.  I can lie on my Mom’s lap for a loooooooooooooong time while she brushes me.  I almost always wind up falling asleep because it’s so relaxing. 

If I didn’t HATE HATE HATE riding in a car so much, I suppose I could have met Cousin Rachel long before now…..but I’m not a traveler by any means.  If I have to go in the car – like to the vet – Dad drives while I sit on my Mom’s lap with my head tucked under her arm so I can’t see anything.  She holds me real tight and makes me feel safe…..but I still HATE the motion of the car and the uneasy feeling I get. 

But I always say – THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME anyway! 

Now you’ve met all my animal family – Cat Cousin Rachel and Dog Cousins Toby, Mollye, Sophie and Buddy!

Have a Super Saturday………