Pumpkin Countdown…..

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

My very best "please, please, pretty please!!!" face...think it will work????

Actually I don’t have to do my “pretty please” face at all to get my parents to “cooperate” – they’re great at reading me and my body language and eye contact messages.  Yesterday I inundated them with “don’t forget to carve a cat pumpkin for me” vibes….I only did that because usually Mom has brought home the chosen pumpkin by now from the pumpkin place (wherever THAT is!) and it’s sitting on our front porch waiting to be carved.  I keep checking out the front door and it’s NOT THERE.  I think they’re going out today to get it.  They kind of have to go today since Halloween is tomorrow.  It’s not snowing any more (we had snow and sleet all day yesterday but hardly any of it stuck….yippeeee) so they have no excuse. 

For those of you who have followed the last week or so of my blog postings about Halloween and costumes, etc., you will be happy to know that my Mom decided NOT to get me one.  Costume that is.  Just my Halloween scarf which I can handle wearing for short periods of time. Whew!  I skated through that little crisis pretty well.  That face as seen in the photo above worked…..again.

I’ll be sure and have Mom take a photo of the cat pumpkin so I can share with you.  I bet I’m the only cat in the whooooooooole neighborhood who gets their very own cat pumpkin to surprise the little kiddies tomorrow night when they visit!

Sammy, The Pumpkin Cat Model 🙂


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  1. Happy Halloween Eve , Sammy!
    Whew – glad your parents won’t be expecting you to wear a costume! Do you greet the trick-or-treaters when they come??
    We don’t have trick or treaters at our house, but I can imagine how interesting THAT would be! Can’t wait to see your kitty pumpkin…
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae……….yeah I skated by that costume issue pretty good huh? I watch the trick-or-treaters from the safety of the basement top stair (with the door propped open just barely for me to peek). I’m enough of a scaredy cat that I can’t bear to be AT the door….but watching from my hidey hole is FUN! 🙂

      Love, Sam


  2. Good. I for one am grateful you are not going to be in costume this year. If humans want to get silly and dress in costumes that great, handsome felines such as yourself shouldn’t.

    Besides, you have a reputation at stake here, being the only cat that has his very own on pumpkin for Halloween. Yea!


    • You’re right Miss Layla…..my winter coat is coming in finally and I’m glad to have it – my arthritis has been acting up a tad so the more fur coverage the better! Make sure and take a peek at my cat-o-lantern Dad carved for me last night – it’s spooktacular. Happy Halloween to you and your gang.



    • Aloha Pedro! Yep, this scarf thing is something I can live with for sure. But YOUR costume – well – let’s just say I’m getting antsy to see it. Considering the “ingredients” – it must be spooktacular to say the least! I’m posting my cat pumpkin in just a minute when I finish my blog. Happy Cat-O-Weeeeeeen!!!!!!!!



  3. After I commented I thought perhaps I had put regal in the wrong place. A lovely picture of the regal master sammy. It’s the eyes half closed pure contentment look that makes it. One happy cat.


    • Hi Isobel…..I do believe Sam is a happy boy – we’ve tried to make sure he’s “one spoiled cat” around here for almost 12 years. He’s brought a lot of fun into our house that’s for sure.



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