Still Waiting……..

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

I told Mom to wake me IF it starts snowing.....only IF.....!

I woke up this morning excited to see if Mr. Snowman had visited us overnight as predicted.  Short answer:  NO.  However the weather maps and radar stuff show snow just to our west….we’re on the very edge of a big blob of white stuff so time will tell.  It’s still dark out there and I can’t keep watch so I curled up on the Grandma Chair and told Mom to keep me posted…….later.

Mom and Dad were away overnight this week – they went to Williamsburg – and left me here to enjoy the house for myself and of course guard it like any good guard cat should do.  Anyway, One of the pictures she took of a big old tree is way cool!  Check it out:

Ancient tree in restored Williamsburg, VA area

What a perfect tree for climbing!

 All I can think of is how great it would be to climb this tree with all its big “arms” going off in all directions – I could hang out up there and spy on people all day long!  It was obviously a very old tree and Mom said there are lots of huge trees all through the restored area – some even bigger than this one.  

The trees we have are big too but they are big straight up – they aren’t big with cool arms sticking out that would be perfect for climbing around on.  I asked Mom if I added one of these trees to my “Santa Wish List” he’d bring me one this year.  She said she doubted it because it wouldn’t fit on his sleigh. 


Keep your paws crossed that the snow stays away – – – – I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow….meanwhile, Happy Saturday and I hope it’s not snowing where YOU are (unless you want it to of course).

Sammy, One Would-Be Tree Climber



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  1. This looks like the perfect weekend for you to stay indoors, Sammy, and enjoy a cozy fireplace and that chair! I was wondering if you’ve ever climbed a tree before and whether you think you could get back down if you went up into one? We are all afraid of heights here so we enjoy the trees from the ground. Love from Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie (the foxhound).


    • Hi Terrell Gang! About tree climbing….once when I was a little guy our neighbor had company and they let their visitors’ big labrador run loose in the back yard (no fence)……I was in my back yard with my Mom at the time minding my own business. When the lab saw me she came running for me and I had a panic attack and climbed straight up a big oak tree about 20 feet and just stayed there on the trunk. No way was I coming back down even though Mom had corraled the lab in our garage so she could “talk” me out of the tree. Finally the neighbor came and got the dog and took it inside……Dad came outside with his ladder, climbed up and pulled me off the trunk (my claws were getting tired anyway!!), tucked me inside his leather jacket, and climbed back down with me. I was never so happy in my life! As for the snow – it’s snowing now but just a little bit and it’s not sticking much – – – I’m staying INSIDE and cozy with the fire in the fireplace. Smart kitty huh?????

      Hope you all have a nice day with your Mom and Eddie – I hope you’re feeling better SOON!


  2. That looks like a great ‘climbing’ tree, Sammy. No one would ever know you were spying on them from way up there.
    Let us know if ‘snowman’ visits you.


    • Hi Miss June….guess what…’s snowing…..yep – has been for a while now but it’s not amounting to much (thank heavens!!). Started out as big fat wet flakes then changed to sleet and snow then to light snow then back to sleet….can’t seem to make up its mind!! Anyway, it’s not sticking to the tree limbs – just the yard furniture, deck and sidewalk a bit. So far so good…..besides, we’re cozy in here!!!



  3. My Mom and I are shocked that all of these southern states are waiting for snow! We are in Michigan and you think that we would be waiting for it but thankfully no! We are supposed to be in the 50s w/some rain.

    That tree is magnificent! My Mom loves huge trees with branches like that and old houses…she hates new developments that are stark and barren.

    Stay warm and cozy and have a great weekend!


    • Hi Cody! Yep – it’s snowing as we speak in fact but not that much. It’s not sticking to roads – just my deck, my sidewalk and the yard furniture! I’m warm and cozy inside with a fire in the fireplace….so far so good. That tree is way cool isn’t it? Wouldn’t you LUV to climb up there and hang out? Tell your Mom that me and my Mom are glad you don’t have snow up there – – – – yet – – – – !!

      Kitty Hugs


  4. Cats and trees are a great combination so long as they don’t go up too quickly to check if there are branches at regular intervals for the journey down…

    Snow already! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Stay snug and safe.


    • Snow has finally stopped….mostly a “scenic” snow with little accumulation (thankfully). First October snow here since the late 1970s. Sam’s only tree experience was in a panic situation when a neighbor’s company, which included a large labrador retriever, ran into our yard enthusiastically to “play” and Sam went up a tree rather too quickly to realize what he was doing (he was about a year old at the time). He was rescued thanks to his dear old Dad who got the ladder out and pried his claws off the bark, stuck him in his jacket and came back down. That’s the last time he did anything other than occasionally run across the yard full speed and fling himself up a tree about three feet to hang briefly then drop. Not sure what THAT’s all about though….exercising perhaps?



    • I like that….treehugging….Sam does that less frequently now that he’s “a cat of a certain age” but it’s always made me laugh. All that energy just bursting forth culminating in a leap at a tree for a short “hang”……cats are just FUN.



  5. Wow, Sammy, I bet you enjoyed watching that snow from inside today!
    (My mom and dad are travelling today and ran through quite a bit of snow. I think she’ll probably tell you all about it in an e-mail!)
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae…..Happy Sunday! I did enjoy watching it although it kept changing from sleet to snow and back again almost all day. At least it didn’t hang around too long. That means I may be able to go outside today! I know your parents were heading INTO the snow on their little trip – I do hope they still had a lot of fun anyway.

      Love, Sam


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