Sammy The Box Boy

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

So what if it has a tear in the side? It still works....

Those of you who know me, know that I have a love of boxes (don’t all cats?????).  Anyway, yesterday Mom was cleaning out the closet in her studio (oh boy oh boy THAT’s always fun).  She had stored a bunch of boxes from last Christmas on the top shelf and it was time to inventory them I guess.   So in the pile on the floor I found this one lonely (sniff) boxtop…..just lying there looking forelorn….I hopped in and promptly took a nap while Mom continued her clear-out.  So of course I looked so adorable sleeping in my boxtop that she left me there and left her studio to go fix dinner.  Well, I stayed there until I heard the top popping off MY can of catfood downstairs. 

Mom now has my new (although slightly damaged with a minor tear) boxtop available for me in her studio – in an out of the way corner – under a chair so it’s nice and “cave-like”…… I now have a box for napping in the basement, the family room, the guest room, Dad’s den, AND (drum roll please) Mom’s studio!!!!  The mind boggles at all the nap locations I’ve managed to wangle thanks to my always being on the alert for a stray box.   Some of my boxes are nice sturdy things – some are somewhat flimsy (like this new boxtop of mine)……but the best one is the one in the basement.  It’s the box that our new fake Christmas tree came in when Mom and Dad got it last year.  It’s long and skinny and Dad cut a bunch of holes in it for me to poke my head or paw out of. 

It’s good to be one spoiled cat (in a box).

Happy Thursday Peeps………



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  1. Good morning, Sammy! I’ll have to ask mom to find a box for me. She hasn’t thought to offer me one yet! Maybe your mom could take a picture of you in your “Christmas tree” box. That sounds cool with the holes your Dad made for you to pick out of! Is it still raining at your house? Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae……yep – still raining REAL hard here. I might go sit on the porch in a bit just to get some fresh air but I sure won’t be wandering around out there for sure! Meanwhile, I’ll make sure my new studio box is situated in the best possible location for napping – there’s always something to do around here. By the way, I highly recommend you discuss the possibility of your Mom donating a box to you – trust me – once you try one, you’re gonna love it and want more!!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hey Ed, Simone and Mattie – – – you guys know what it’s like to be totally doted on – just like me. Your Mom (and your Dad) make sure you guys have it ‘made in the shade” there in NC in your beautiful, big yard and your beautiful house. We are ALL lucky to have such NICE humans in our lives!!

      Your Friend Sam


  2. Hey Box Wrangler!
    What a dad! He cut holes esp. for you!? That made me smile that they’d think to not only do that for you but you have one in every room.
    I think that’s called “People Love”, Sammy. People Love! 😉
    Happy Thursday to you too.


    • Hi Miss D! I’m all for people love…..and you’re sweet to come up with that term cuz it’s right on the money! I’m gonna try and get Mom to snap my basement box for a post. It’s way cool!

      Hugs to you…..
      Sam the Box Wrangler


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