Chilly Sunday

Backyard tree in fall

Fall is falling......

Happy Sunday!  As you know, my Mom was away for a couple of days but while she was gone we sure saw a lot of changes in our trees.  I’m happy because I love all those leaves piling up.  This one tree is my favorite because when its leaves come down, the pile is the same color as me.  I can hide in the middle of them and nobody can see me.  Great for spying. 

I like to spy.  I think my favorite spy spot is under the leyland cypress trees on the side of our yard.  I can watch the neighbors next door – they have a lot of kids and of course two cats and two beagles – lots to watch.  Mom thinks it’s funny that I enjoy just sitting under the trees and staring over there but there’s always a lot of activity.  The kids play basketball in their driveway while I’m spying…..the dogs run around and bark and chase each other…..the man who lives there putters around with interesting stuff like ladders, camping gear, hoses, tools – lots of interesting stuff…..but almost ALWAYS there’s something to watch. 

Cats like to watch stuff.   Other animals and birds, cars going by, people (especially people!) – and anything that moves! 

What’s YOUR favorite thing to watch????? 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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  1. Hi, Sammy,
    My mom’s niece and her little boy have been visiting us (from TEXAS) for the past few days. He has a couple of little Monster trucks that he likes to play with on the floor. I just lie there and watch him. He’s much busier than my mom and dad…..well, at least he’s busy playing with stuff on the floor: at my level!
    Beautiful tree in that photo!
    Love, Sundae


  2. Hi Sundae…..we saw the picture of your Mom’s niece and her son on your Mom’s blog. How FUN that would be to watch him play! I’m glad you have someone who’s easy to watch – closer to your height (haha) – and I just bet he enjoys watching YOU too!!

    Love, Sam


    • Hi Layla and gang…..that tree is always “first” in our back yard – the others are just barely turning. I’m a “birder” too…..we have lots of cardinals, chickadees, and noisy blue jays. The only birds I don’t really like are the blackbirds – they’re awfully noisy and once in a while one will fly down and “dive bomb” me which I REALLY don’t like!



    • Hi Pedro………….drains are way cool I agree, but somehow I never arrive in time to see those last moments before the big “glub glub glub” when ALL the water’s gone. Must be slowing up in my old age. As to where is it all going, that’s a great question – maybe it goes back and waits until the next time our humans run water in the sink or tub????????



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