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Happy Howl-o-Ween !


So, the BIG DAY (or night) is here!  Cat-O-Ween has arrived.  I probably should have waited to have Mom take a photo of our cat pumpkin after it’s “installed” on the front porch with the rest of the decorations but I just couldn’t stand to wait.  So – TA DA – here it is!

My Cat-O-Lantern for Halloween 2011

No that's not me standing behind it....just a decoration....but isn't my pumpkin WAY cool???

This is a WAY bigger pumpkin than usual – most of the time the cat pumpkin on the porch is the smallest one.  But now that we don’t carve TWO pumpkins (a regular one and mine) my parents got me a BIG pumpkin this year.  So – Dad says the whiskers were the hardest part – just little slits so light can come out…..and the ears are a bit tricky – they’re held on with toothpicks and some light will come out the cut out triangles too.  What you see on the nose as a dark orange is actually INSIDE the pumpkin – there’s an orange candle ready to light up the inside tonight!  I’ll probably get Mom to take a picture of it on the front porch later if she can. 

Last night after Dad finished working on it, he took it out into the garage where it’s nice and cold so it wouldn’t get all dried up and wrinkly before it makes it’s debut on the porch tonight for the Trick-or-Treaters. 

I hope we get lots of little kiddies this year.  Some years there’s tons of kids and some years not so much (depending on the weather).  It’s supposed to be cold tonight and cloudy but no rain so we shall see.  Mom has a BIG basket of goodies for the kids by the front door already.  Can’t wait to see all the costumes.  I’ll give you all a full report tomorrow morning for sure!

Meanwhile, Happy Howl-O-Ween to all my friends….stay safe and have fun.

Sammy, The Cat-O-Ween Cat 🙂



Pumpkin Countdown…..

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

My very best "please, please, pretty please!!!" face...think it will work????

Actually I don’t have to do my “pretty please” face at all to get my parents to “cooperate” – they’re great at reading me and my body language and eye contact messages.  Yesterday I inundated them with “don’t forget to carve a cat pumpkin for me” vibes….I only did that because usually Mom has brought home the chosen pumpkin by now from the pumpkin place (wherever THAT is!) and it’s sitting on our front porch waiting to be carved.  I keep checking out the front door and it’s NOT THERE.  I think they’re going out today to get it.  They kind of have to go today since Halloween is tomorrow.  It’s not snowing any more (we had snow and sleet all day yesterday but hardly any of it stuck….yippeeee) so they have no excuse. 

For those of you who have followed the last week or so of my blog postings about Halloween and costumes, etc., you will be happy to know that my Mom decided NOT to get me one.  Costume that is.  Just my Halloween scarf which I can handle wearing for short periods of time. Whew!  I skated through that little crisis pretty well.  That face as seen in the photo above worked…..again.

I’ll be sure and have Mom take a photo of the cat pumpkin so I can share with you.  I bet I’m the only cat in the whooooooooole neighborhood who gets their very own cat pumpkin to surprise the little kiddies tomorrow night when they visit!

Sammy, The Pumpkin Cat Model 🙂


Still Waiting……..

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

I told Mom to wake me IF it starts snowing.....only IF.....!

I woke up this morning excited to see if Mr. Snowman had visited us overnight as predicted.  Short answer:  NO.  However the weather maps and radar stuff show snow just to our west….we’re on the very edge of a big blob of white stuff so time will tell.  It’s still dark out there and I can’t keep watch so I curled up on the Grandma Chair and told Mom to keep me posted…….later.

Mom and Dad were away overnight this week – they went to Williamsburg – and left me here to enjoy the house for myself and of course guard it like any good guard cat should do.  Anyway, One of the pictures she took of a big old tree is way cool!  Check it out:

Ancient tree in restored Williamsburg, VA area

What a perfect tree for climbing!

 All I can think of is how great it would be to climb this tree with all its big “arms” going off in all directions – I could hang out up there and spy on people all day long!  It was obviously a very old tree and Mom said there are lots of huge trees all through the restored area – some even bigger than this one.  

The trees we have are big too but they are big straight up – they aren’t big with cool arms sticking out that would be perfect for climbing around on.  I asked Mom if I added one of these trees to my “Santa Wish List” he’d bring me one this year.  She said she doubted it because it wouldn’t fit on his sleigh. 


Keep your paws crossed that the snow stays away – – – – I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow….meanwhile, Happy Saturday and I hope it’s not snowing where YOU are (unless you want it to of course).

Sammy, One Would-Be Tree Climber



Snow? Seriously?

Snow and Pink Sky - Pretty Combination

Snow? Seriously? Already?

OK, well, you know I like snow – I’ve said it before here on my blog – it’s pretty, it’s fun to play in (or follow my Mom around in) BUT when we get a snow when there’s still lots of leaves on the trees – well – it’s not GOOD!   This morning the weather guy said we MIGHT get our first snow tomorrow….yep….a wet, sloppy kind of snow and that means broken limbs on the trees or even worse, a tree just plain falling down from the weight. 

This photo was from last year…..the tree in the center (one of four that go down the driveway) is a bradford pear and they are the last things to dump their leaves in the fall.  As of today for instance, a lot of the oaks and maples have begun “shedding” but the bradfords are hanging onto their leaves still.  ALL OF THEM.  They’re pretty trees but very brittle and breakable and when we had an early snow last year, one of the trees actually split in half and lost all the branches on one side!   It came down right across the driveway so OLD DAD had to get out there and cut the limbs so they didn’t block the driveway.  All four of those trees lost limbs….it wasn’t pretty…..!!!  The dogwood and two maples in the front yard were very badly damaged too.  The tree trimming/removal companies out here had a LOT of work to do for people dealing with damage and we were one of their customers.   

Let’s hope that IF it snows tomorrow it’s just a light coating….one that goes away quickly… know, the kind that’s nice to watch and look at but disappears when the sun comes out.  I sure don’t want any of the trees to be hurt – Ouch…..hmm…..I wonder……can trees feel it when they get hurt? 

So that’s another thing I have to worry about……….hurt trees.  Well, it’s premature to worry about it – after all – the weather people are wrong ALL THE TIME.  Maybe this is one of those times???

I’ll be back with a report tomorrow (of course)…………

Sam, One Cat On Snow Alert


The Buck Stops Here!

Sam appears on a 100 that's MAD money!

Sammy Bucks.....worth every penny!!

Talk about getting your money’s worth huh?  Now THIS is a sensible photo to be put on a $100 bill don’t you think?  Who wouldn’t like to have a wad of these babies in their wallet……..I would think they would be worth as much as the “real” $100 bills floating around out there.   Maybe more! 

Instead of having photos of all those old guys on money, why not jazz things up with pictures of famous pets?   I think we’re even more photogenic than the people appearing on actual bills and coins these days.  Just look at that face!!!!!  “Spend Me Pleeeease???”……..

The only thing is I’m not sure how I’d feel about being folded in the middle like my Dad does with his bills before jamming them in a money clip.  I’m too young to have a creased or wrinkled face!

Happy Thursday Peeps! 

Sammy, One Big Money Man