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Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of….Catnip

My Cousin Toby as a Pirate (sort of)

Cousin Toby....The Pirate (sort of)

So, I understand from other blogs that today is International Talk Like  A Pirate Day.  In the spirit of the occasion, I thought I’d show a picture of my buddy, Cousin Toby, in his semi-pirate costume.  To be honest, he was having to wear a patch over his eye to keep light out while it healed BUT, you have to take your pirates as you get them – right?  I think he’s adorable (for a dog) and since Mom has never caught me in my full pirate regalia (nor will she ever) I’m borrowing Toby’s picture. 

As for talking like a pirate?  Ahem…..(clearing throat)……I’ll do my best:

“Ahoy Mateys!  Avast and shiver me timbers but it’s chilly out here on the water this fine morn!  Heave ho me hearties and hoist the black flag as we send the traitor to walk the plank! “

Now since I’m not crazy about water, I’m not sure you’d ever catch me on a pirate ship or shivering my timbers (I don’t think cats have timbers do they???) but you gotta remember today is a special occasion!   So come on gang – break out your pirate gear and have at it…….

Oh and a very special thanks to Auntie Carol and Cousin Toby for the photo of Toby in his pirate outfit – – – understated as it is, it’s still the thought that counts!!  (p.s. Toby’s eye is just fine now)

With a hearty yo ho ho and a Happy Monday

Sammy, One Spoiled Pirate Cat

Shakin’ Things Up Around Here!

Catnapping on the couch

Good Morning Mom! What's for breakfast???

Happy Sunday Everybody!  Yawn……I always know it’s Sunday around here for two reasons:  (1) there’s a big fat newspaper to play with, and (2) Mom ALWAYS makes a big breakfast for herself and Dad (with me being available for anything falling off the table accidentally). 

This morning things are a little slower around here than usual because my parents slept in a little longer than they usually do.  So, I had to wake Mom up – which I don’t usually HAVE to do because she’s downstairs bright and early to make coffee.  In fact, she usually wakes ME up when she starts banging around in the kitchen.  When that didn’t happen “on schedule” I went upstairs and softly called her so Daddy wouldn’t wake up……then ran back down the stairs and waited – patiently – at the foot of the stairs.  Down she came, made coffee, went to get the paper, THEN fixed me some breakfast.  I can see a bit of retraining is called for around here!

I also decided this morning was a perfectly good time to shake things up a little bit relative to my toilet habits.  Usually, after I’ve used my litter box down in the basement, I will go find Mom and tell her I’ve been a good boy and that I’d appreciate her cleaning my box out…..which she does…..well today – just to shake things up a little bit – I went to find Mom BEFORE I used the litter box.  She of course thought I was asking her to clean it – and when we got downstairs she saw I hadn’t left her any – well – umm – “presents”.  She said “what’s up Sam?” and I hopped in the litter box, did my THING, and she cleaned it out.  I heard her later telling Dad all about it – I guess she kind of thought it was neat that I’d taken the initiative to be “creative” with my toilet this morning.

It’s a good thing to keep your parents on their toes.  Don’t let them get too set in their ways (or YOUR ways).  Any household with a cat knows that it’s never dull…………….NEVER!

Happy Sunday from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


Boxes and Bags…oh boy!

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

If you can't find your plastic bag to play with, a box is second best!

Saturday!  Yippeee!  Mom and Dad don’t run errands, do yardwork, laundry, any of that stuff – they concentrate on ME, ME, ME!  Speaking of me, I want to take a minute to say thanks to all my recent visitors to the blog who are enjoying learning about my world.  I’m enjoying hearing about all of YOU too.  One thing I thought was way cool when I’ve visited other blogs is that we cats seem to really LOVE plastic bags and boxes.  I was happy to hear I wasn’t the only one…….plastic bags make a great sound when you hop on them or slide across the floor on them or bat them around with your paw.  And boxes – well – you know how I love those.  I wear them out pretty quickly though so Mom keeps a ready supply of old empty Christmas boxes in her closet JUST FOR ME.

As some of you know, one of my first toys was an empty box that my parents tied a string on and pulled me around the house like a wagon.  Probably sounds silly, but you cats know what I’m talkin’ about!  Even after twelve years (almost) I still like a good box ride when I can get one. 

We cats can find our fun without lots of expensive cat toys.  We can be entertained for hours with an amazing variety of stuff like pieces of string, stray buttons, wads of paper – just about anything that’s loose and within reach.  If you leave it out there – we’ll find it and steal it and sometimes hide it where you won’t even find it!  We’re sneaky like that.  Mom says there’s a “people saying” that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…..well, I totally get that.

Ahhhh!  I hear my favorite sound……Mom opening a can of cat food….so if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed downstairs for breakfast.  A guy needs a lot of energy to keep up around here.  Staying one paw ahead of my humans is my #1 priority (well, not counting taking a nap of course).

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Sam’s New Favorite Nap Spot

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

I call this nap spot "The Grandma Chair"....I hope I don't roll over in my sleep!!

As you know, napping is my hobby.  I’ve been practicing it for almost twelve years so I’m now an EXPERT.  Yesterday Mom found me curled up on top of this chair in our guest room.   Lately I’ve discovered that behind this chair in the corner is a nice private little spot and for the last week or so I’d been taking naps back there…..but yesterday I climbed up on TOP of the chair and really liked it! 

This is a special spot……we call it “The Grandma Chair”…..why?  Well, the chair is a nice, comfy green armchair that used to belong to my Dad’s Mom.  The quilt I’m lying on is an old quilt that belonged to my Mom’s Mom.  In fact, the quilt was given to my Grandma as a present on her wedding day in 1946 so it’s OLD.  Older than me even!  Both of my Grandmas are angels in heaven now and I never got to meet either of them unfortunately. 

I think maybe when I’m all curled up on top of Dad’s Mom’s chair lying on Mom’s Mom’s quilt, I’m as safe as I can be – I can feel the spirits of my Grandmas “holding” me tight and giving me extra sweet dreams. 

How cool is that?   🙂

So where is YOUR favorite nap spot?  This is MINE (for now).

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


To Share, or Not To Share….??

Hmm...this thing has a cool fuzzy tail...kinda tickles my nose!

I'll share SOME of my toys but this one's mine all mine!

In the spirit of sharing (but mostly because Mom just DID it without asking me!!) I’ve “donated” some of my toys to our yardcat, Stevie.  I’m not sure she’s ever had a toy before (unless you count those poor chipmunks she catches and plays with “toys” !).   Yesterday Mom took some of the stuff I don’t play with anymore out on the front porch which is where Stevie hangs out most days either sitting in a rocker or inside her “sleeping cube”.  One toy was filled with catnip and she kind of liked that one, but the other stuff she kind of poked then walked away from.  Like I said, maybe she’s never HAD toys before where she lives. 

Mom and Dad have already told me that if Stevie and I can get along better maybe she can move in with us.  We don’t think she’s happy at her home and she spends almost all day here anyway.  Mom will take her to the doctor to make sure she’s healthy because my parents don’t want me to get sick if Stevie’s sick that’s for sure!  Stevie is mean to me sometimes but maybe we can work something out about territory inside the house.  Since Stevie is used to being an outside cat I suppose she will still spend a lot of time outside.  That might work.  Gives the old guy a break when the young whippersnapper girl cat is outside pestering chipmunks instead of ME.  

I know that it will be a big adjustment going from an only cat of twelve years to sharing my domain with another cat.  As long as she doesn’t try to take my Mom’s lap away from me – and uses her own litter box and eats her own food….well….I’ll TRY to get used to her if I have to.  Still, Mom says this is all a “MAYBE” thing because I’m the most important cat around here. 

It would be kinda nice to have a pal to chase around the house – – – something tells me it would be HER chasing ME though……!!   I’m sure Mom can teach Stevie not to take a swipe at me with her claws which she does sometimes out of nowhere if we’re together on the porch.   I think she wants me to leave so she can move in!  Can’t say that I blame her……this is a nice house, and there are two very swell humans here.   I oughta know…..!!

Happy Thursday Peeps!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat



Ouch! Acorns Hurt!

A photoshop funny picture from a friend!

Thanks Miss Penny for my acorn helmet photo - I'm using the helmet EVERY day now!

Happy Wednesday Folks!  Not long ago I was complaining on my blog about how HUGE the acorns are this year – and since we have big, high oak trees in our yard those things fall from a long distance and really pack a wallop when they hit…..unfortunately, they sometimes hit ME or my Mom and Dad.  Yikes.  I don’t know why they are extra big this year but they sure are.  Anyway, when I complained, our friend Penny Maxson (who also has a cat named Sam!) sent us this funny card showing ME in an acorn helmet!  How cool is this?  If only I really had one of these it would save me a lot of headaches.  🙂 

The deer are eating all the acorns that the squirrels aren’t gathering, but still walking through our backyard is a hazard – at least for humans.  Walking across a patch of fallen acorns is like walking through a field of marbles Mom says.  They roll and make you slip… for ME, it’s not like that – I’m little enough I can pick my way through but Mom and Dad aren’t that lucky.  SO, today Mom plans to rake them up into a big pile…..I’m sure she will wish she had an acorn helmet like mine while she’s out there working. 

Know what I think?  I think the squirrels sit up in the trees and WAIT for me or my Mom to come by then heave those acorns at us on purpose!  Yep – it’s a game to them….kind of like being at a shooting gallery….I swear I can hear them talking up there…..”Hey, I got another one!”……”Wow!  Direct hit!”……”Did you hear that hollow sound when it hit her head???”…..

Well, anyway, that’s my thought for today… out for falling acorns.  They HURT.

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (with an acorn helmet on!)

p.s.  special thanks to Miss Penny for my helmet

Sam’s Cat Tail Tale

What a view!

Don't I have a nice tail?

Hi !  Today I’d like to talk about my tail.  Funny subject matter you say?  Well, maybe, but I happen to like my tail a lot.  Whenever I’m giving myself a good grooming I never miss making sure it’s all nice and neat too.  I roll onto my side and hold my tail with my front paws and smooth it down and make sure it’s clean like the rest of me.  Mom likes when I do that – she said none of her other cats ever held onto their tails like I do but then I’m the first kitty she’s ever had that has extra toes!!!!  Makes holding stuff super easy. 

Anyway, Mom says when I’m asleep – SOUND asleep – my tail will raise up in the air and sway slowly back and forth…..or up and down…..that’s because I’m dreaming that I’m an orchestra conductor.   She also has told me that sometimes my tail will just slowly lift and stay there in the air for a few minutes then slowly go back down.  I’m not sure what I’m dreaming when THAT happens but sometimes – honestly – I think my tail has a mind of its own! 

One of the cats that lives in the house next door has a very short tail…..Mom says some kinds of cats have short tails or even no tails but I think something GOT hold of that cat because I remember it used to have a LONG tail!  The people next door leave their cats outside almost all the time and I just bet that gray cat with the short tail had a bit of a disagreement with a fox.  EEEK!

So what’s YOUR tail tale?  

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (and his tail)


Watching The World Go By…….

Backyard woods, trail, bench

At the edge of the woods in Sam's backyard is a favorite spot!

Yesterday was a REALLY nice day!  Mom and Dad took me outside for a nice long time – and I had a chance to catch up on some of my favorite spots like this one.  See the big oak tree in the middle of the picture?  It’s right by the trail that used to go all the way down in the woods to the creek.  On the other side of the trail is a bench that swings and I like to sit on it with Mom sometimes and just watch the squirrels play or the birds visiting the birdhouses…..or a chipmunk with a mouth full of sunflower seeds flying across the ground to his home to feed his family – kind of like when Dad goes to the pizza place and brings home a pizza for him and Mom.  🙂  Anyway, it’s always nice and cool down in the woods and yesterday it was just perfect.

When I was just a little guy, Mom and Dad spent all weekend clearing a path for me all the way down into our woods to where a big old oak tree had fallen way before we even lived here.  They moved all the leaves and brush and tree limbs and stuff out of the way and the path was really fun for me to follow to the tree – there I’d hop up on the tree and walk along the whole length of it thinking I was King of the hill!  Mom would sit and watch me – I thought I was pretty hot stuff….but then I was just a little kitten and everything I did was “pretty hot stuff”…… a days the path has grown over – I kind of lost interest in it through the years.  I’m content to sit on the bench with Mom and watch the other animals play.

She says that’s one of the way cool things about getting older…..having time to just sit, rest, relax, and watch the world go by and know what?  She’s right!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Quiet Sunday Thoughts From Sam

My Mom's Art Studio

Is that me on Mom's couch in her studio????

No, you’re not seeing things…..that cat pillow DOES look a lot like me.  Mom keeps this on top of the couch in her studio – just waiting for the day I hop up there and stand NEXT to it so she can take “our” picture.  Don’t hold your breath Mom….not gonna happen! 

On the wall are some of her paintings…..Mom likes to paint stuff like lighthouses, old houses, old cabins – but she doesn’t like to paint people OR cats!  Nope.  She says it’s hard for her to capture people in paintings (capture?? Like a cage or a trap?  Huh?).   She knows lots of really good artists though who paint people and animals.  I guess taking a picture is close enough to capturing for my Mom.  I think I can understand that.

Today is a funny old day.  Mom says it’s a day of remembering.  I’m only 11 and a half years old so I don’t have as much stuff to remember as Mom and Dad do.  Still, I can remember being in a little wire cage at the shelter and wondering why I was there.  I can remember two humans coming up and staring in at me while I played with my little plastic ball with a bell in it – and I remember the shelter lady taking me out of the cage and handing me to the two humans…..they oooohed and aaaaaaahed and hugged me and said I was adorable.  Then, they took me home with them and I’ve lived happily ever after. 

Remembering is a mixed blessing…..some sad things and some happy things all rolled into one.  Let’s all spend the day remembering.

Happy Hugs to all my friends!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

The BEAR Facts!

Back Garden

Bird/squirrel/deer/ AND bear (?) feeders???

Howdy folks and happy SUNNY (here anyway) Saturday!  Finally, a day without clouds and rain.  Whew!  It’s about time.

SO – here’s the excitement I want to share today.  Yesterday when Mom and Dad were out in the yard cleaning up after all the rain, they discovered that all three bird feeders (you can see one dark green one in this picture hanging there) were bent down to the ground.  The poles that hold the feeders are big fat metal things so they are very hard to bend….and the feeders were laying in the dirt.  Not only that, but the bit metal hangars that attach the feeders to the poles were MISSING!  Dad eventually found one in the woods but the other one is just plain gone.  We see all kinds of creatures around the feeders – the smarty pants squirrels figured out long ago how to get around the “squirrel proof” part of the feeders by shinnying up the poles and wrapping their toes around the metal hook and hanging down over the sloped top of the feeder to grab sunflower seeds (little devils)…..and we have seen groundhogs snuffling around in the dirt looking for the spillage (!)…..deer are a regular visitor too and they don’t have the strength to bend those metal poles down to the ground.

So what was it?  We think BEARS.  Yep – black bears have been seen in our neighborhood for a while and in other neighborhoods out here in the country too.  In fact, there was a picture in the local paper that Mom showed me of a baby bear crawling in someone’s outdoor hammock in their yard!! 

I guess during the several days of rain we had a bear or bunch of ’em came and helped themselves.  Sunflower seeds for everyone!   Mom and Dad are going to leave the feeders down for several days to discourage any UNWANTED creatures from visiting.  Bears can be very dangerous………and I’ve heard they don’t mind munching on an occasional cat !!!!! 

So those are the BEAR facts………scary huh?! 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (on the lookout for bears)