Saturday With Sam

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Just had breakfast...just resting while I digest!

Taking a little post-breakfast rest under the dining room chair.  From here I can observe what’s going on this early Saturday morning.  Actually, Saturday morning is usually pretty quiet around here.  I did change things up a bit this morning though – it’s been a while since I asked Mom if she’d take me out in the dark….I spend a lot more time in the house than out these days.  However, since both my parents were actually up EARLY while it was still dark I thought “why not!!”… they harnessed me up and we went outside in the back yard.  The sky was totally clear so while Mom and Dad pointed out their favorite star formations, I ate some grass and sat observing.  I could hear the rain drops plopping through the trees onto the ground but not even the birds were awake yet so it was pretty quiet out.  Nice. 

We only stayed outside for about ten minutes.  I just wanted a little fresh air.  It was too muddy to walk around much – my white paws would have gotten all yucky!!  Once we got back inside, we all went up to the family room where I hopped on Mom’s lap and did a quick “clean up” to make sure I was spotless as usual.  A guy’s got some pride you know……………. 🙂

I’m not sure what my parents have planned for today but if it’s a typical Saturday the answer is NOT MUCH.  Fine by me.  Mom said something about maybe going shopping – that might mean a new toy for me but as you all know, my toybox (wagon) is already full of stuff……still, a new toy might be just the ticket!!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

It's full...but there's always room for JUST ONE MORE!!

Nothing like a new toy to perk a guy up after several days of rain!

Hope your Saturday is super in every way…..mine’s gonna be.



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  1. Happy Saturday, Sammy!
    Sounds like your kinda day.
    My mom and dad are on an overnight visit to the Outer Banks, so I’m home alone. But that’s okay. I like a little peace and quiet sometimes, and they’ll be back later today.
    It’s pouring rain here, and we had tornado warnings yesterday. Yikes!
    Hope Mom brings home a new toy for you!


    • Hi Sundae….my goodness – tornado warnings are scary. I hope you had your safe spot all picked out and ready just in case you needed it. Since you’re alone, you keep alert OK? I’m sure you enjoyed the break from parental supervision – I do too on those rare occasions when my Mom and Dad are out on their own. I bet your Mom will take some more pretty pictures at the Outer Banks…..can’t wait to see them. Meanwhile, I’ll be sure and let you know if Mom brings me a new toy today……yippeeeeeeee



  2. Sounds like a nice little ten-minute walk you had out there, Sammy, those kind of excursions are enjoyable.

    From the look of that red wagon full of stuff you look toy deprived to me, so let’s hope they bring you a new one to check out.


    • Hey Uncle Jerry and Zoe……yeah, there’s always room for one more toy in the old wagon. Since I cleaned it out a while back, there are a few available spots that’s for sure. Yes the short trip outside this morning was really swell. All three of us enjoyed that – – – – – a little “family time” !!

      Have a nice Saturday you two…………….


  3. Wow, Sammy! I hadn’t gotten a good look at your toes before, but they really are something, aren’t they? It almost looks like you have thumbs. I bet they make you way more stable & super fast! Do you have more interdigital floof than the Miaos, since you have more interdigitals? I have to admit that I’m a little jealous!


    • Hey Pedro! Yeah – I’ve got way cool front paws huh….having thumbs is fun. I can hold stuff easier than most cats probably although I know some polydactyls (huh?) have more than just ONE extra toe on their paws. The lady at the shelter where Mom and Dad adopted me told them polys are also called Hemingway cats……I guess Old Ernie collected cats with extra toes. I bet if a bunch of us extra-toe types got together we could have a heck of a baseball team…..built in gloves and all. As for being jealous – well, I happen to be jealous of your black and white patches! I think they’re way cool. I suppose we’re all special in our OWN way huh?!

      Sammy (and his thumbs)


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