Friday The First of Fall !

More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

My front yard will look like this SOON! Yippeee! Leaves!

It’s here!  The first day of fall.  I’m looking forward to cooler, snuggly days and of course all those leaves.  Right now, the leaves have just started turning but I bet once we have more cool days, they’ll all get real pretty and begin to fall.  I did a blog not long ago about how much I love to play in piles of leaves – well, won’t be long now!

My good friend Sundae reminded me this morning how awesome it is to curl up on a quilt on these cool days……remember this picture of me on my “Granny Chair” ?

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Napping on an old quilt, on an old chair....nice and warm!

I love a good snuggle.  In fact, as soon as Mom and Dad begin using the fireplace more frequently, I’ll be curling up on the end of the couch in the family room that’s closest to the fireplace.  I can feel JUST ENOUGH heat there….and Mom will put one of my cozy quilts there to make it even more comfy.  If not there, or on my Grandma Chair, I’ll be:

Napping on Mom's lap (as usual)

On Mom's lap on a blanket.....


Nap time.....again!

Snuggled up UNDER a blanket......

It’s all about comfy, cool, Fall days from here on out……at least until things change again, and we have snow to play in!

Happy First Day of Fall………….and Sundae, thanks for reminding me about the joys of quilts, blankets, and cozy spots!

Sammy, One Spoiled Boy


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  1. Happy Fall, Sammy!! Thanks for mentioning me today. As you know, I took over Mommy’s blog today to write about the first day ot fall. I think you & I have cozy covered!
    Happy napping! Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! You inspired my blog today so thanks a lot. I knew fall was coming today but hadn’t thought about just what that means for those of us who like to snuggle. Cozy? You betcha! I hope you have a nice day and I was happy to see that your Mom shares her computer with you once in a while…….. 🙂



  2. Happy first day of fall to you too, Sammy. It wwon’t be long before we’ll be saying happy something or other to mom too. Don’t you forget now.

    I let the first day of fall slip up on me, but now that you have reminded me of it I can say, like you, I’m ready for the cooler weather. We don’t get the beautiful turning leaves down here in the sub-tropics like you do up there, but there is enough to admire every so often.

    No bears spotted?


    • Hi Uncle Jerry…..yep I know what you’re talkin’ about (wink)….Mom’s pretending it’s not happening. 🙂 I’m happy it’s officially fall – Myyyyyyyyyyyyy kinda weather! I guess you and Zoe have a different kind of fall down there in Louisiana. No bears have been here to visit since the other day -thank goodness. Maybe they heard that this house is fully armed with an ATTACK CAT and they’ve moved on…..tee hee



    • Funny you mention feeling the warmth of Sammy…’s one of my favorite things about him taking a nap on my legs…..that warmth…..comforting I suppose. Handsome? Yes he is…..and I think he looks a lot like your Cat did….something wonderful about a ginger cat (or really ANY cat).

      Pam (with Sam supervising)


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