The “Runaround”…….

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Come on Mom! Let's play!

So, several days of rain, rain and more rain have me feeling not only water-logged but ready to play.  While Mom made coffee this morning I decided to shake things up a little bit and spent about two minutes running in a circle at top speed – from kitchen, through dining room, through foyer and a big slide on wood floors into the living room and continuing on this circuit while Mom giggled herself silly in the kitchen.   I then proceeded to run up two flights of stairs and immediately back down, finishing with a bit of a slide across the linoleum in the kitchen to my food dish wherein Mom had already deposited my morning meal!  I guess you might say I’d worked up an appetite by then so it worked out PERFECTLY.

While Mom sipped her coffee, and after I had about half my breakfast (I always save some for mid-morning snack) I ran back upstairs and went into Mom’s bedroom, hopped up on the bed and pestered Dad until he got up. 

It’s what I do…….this “household/human management” thing……After almost twelve years I pretty much have it fine-tuned but there’s always some tweaking needed.   I just happened to really luck out in the human department though – training my parents actually has been pretty easy.  Once in a while they slip up but…………THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN AFTER ALL………… 🙂

Sammy, One Spoiled People Manager

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  1. Good morning, Sammy!
    Sounds like you have a bit of cabin fever. But at least you know how to use some of that pent-up energy: PLAYING!
    I do the same thing — run around the house and jump out at Mom as she walks down the hall. FUN!
    Have a good day.


  2. Hi Sundae………..Mom really liked your Mom’s blog this morning. She said it’s really fun getting to know people. Me – I prefer learning to MANAGE people. It sounds to me like you do a good job of that in your house too! So you like to surprise your Mom around corners too huh? It’s fun keeping them on their toes isn’t it…..:)



  3. Wish I had your energy this morning, Sammy, or any morning come to think of it, I know the animal world and pets in particular are pretty swift when it comes to training us humans.

    I know Zoe has me wrapped around her paw, that is for sure.


  4. Hmm……what a GREAT idea – a raise! I haven’t had one in twelve years so it’s high time I got one. I’ve also thought about being an instructor in People Management – lots of kittens need to know this stuff right from the start. Between getting a raise from Mom and Dad, and charging for the Kitty Kat Klasses, I might be a bazillionaire before ya know it……..Watch out Bill Gates!!! 🙂

    Thanks again Dee…….


  5. Yes, it definitely sounds like you have cabin fever or nervous energy, Sammy! Glad you have such a great big house to run around and play in. Your Mommy clearly adores you! Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie (the foxhound)


  6. Hi gang! Yep – I was full of spunk this morning for sure……..I’m heading up to Mom’s bed right now though because I’m “all spunked out”…….you guys know what I’m talkin’ about – some days we just have to go, go, go and other days we take a day off and nap, nap, nap!



  7. Hi Pedro………you’re right – it IS hard work managing my “people” but of course it’s a labor of love. It’s amazing just how trainable humans are really – no doubt you’ve got yours in pretty good shape eh? However, having said that, I totally like “onedeservingcat” AND “onebusycat”……it’s not really being spoiled that’s got me to the lofty position of household manager here – it’s taken twelve years of HARD WORK! 🙂

    Happy First Day of Fall Pedro


    • Hi Isobel! Indeed the old guy still has some “get up and go” left because once in a while he simply can’t contain himself and off he goes. He has to satisfy the inner kitten I suppose from time to time which is fine by me because a good laugh is hard to come by some days!

      Pam (with Sam sitting by the keyboard)


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