Halloween’s-A-Comin’ !!

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf

Me in my Halloween scarf....Booooo!

It’s never too early to begin thinking about upcoming “events” and Halloween will be here before you know it.   Some of the stuff about Halloween I’m not crazy about – like that doorbell ringing all night which sends me down to my safe zone in the basement every time.  BUT, sometimes I sit on the very top step of the basement stairs with the door open just enough I can peek, and when the kids are standing there saying “Trick or Treat!” I can see them!  I like all their wacky costumes.  My favorite is the teeny, tiny kids who can barely say “Trick or Treat” but look so cute in their pumpkin outfits or ghost get-ups. 

One of my most favorite things is that Mom and Dad carve a pumpkin that’s JUST FOR ME every Halloween.  Here’s last year’s and you can see why I like it so much!

Halloween pumpkins - including a "cat" pumpkin!

That little one is a CAT - just for me!

We’ve lived here long enough that all the kids in the neighborhood know we always have a cat pumpkin at our house…..they think it’s pretty cool (and so do I!).

One year we were really surprised when the doorbell rang on Halloween.  Mom opened the door and there were two girls on horses all dressed up.  They’d come over from one of the farms around here and were dressed up like princesses or ladies of the court or something…..they were trick-or-treating in reverse though because they were handing out candy – not asking for any treats!  How cool is that anyway?   Mom gave them some treats anyway and petted the horses then off the girls went to the next house.  They were also offering little rides around the yard to any kids living in the houses (I thought about asking if I could ride but changed my mind…..those horses were BIG!). 

So – anyway – I’m trying to decide what to be this year for Halloween.  Thinking it might be fun to be a dog….ARF.

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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  1. Sammy, you always keep us guessing with what you’re going to be wearing on any given day!! Love your ‘kerchief!
    I can understand Halloween being a scary time for you. It’s best to watch from a distance. That was so neat about the girls from a neighboring farm giving out candy on horseback! What a nice idea!
    And I love, love, love YOUR cat jack-o-lantern. Would that be a “cat-o-lantern”??
    I’m sure you’ll come up with a perfect Halloween costume, and I know your Mom will take pictures for us!



  2. Hi Sundae! Yeah those horses were really BIG – I’d never seen such big animals ever, ever. We thought it was a cool idea for the girls to ride them around the neighborhood and give kids a chance to pet a horse or take a little ride. I’m glad you like the cat pumpkin too….I think you’re right – that’s a cat-o-lantern for sure 🙂 I’ll be sure and have Mom take a picture of me in this year’s costume WHATEVER it turns out to be. Decisions, decisions…….

    Kitty Hugs


  3. Wow, that would be awesome to see horses at the door on Halloween! We would probably think they were the biggest dogs we’d ever seen! It’s hard to believe that summer is over and Halloween will be here soon. We all love the autumn because it’s more pleasant for us to lay outside and soak up the sun’s rays. Love from, Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie (the foxhound)


    • Hi Miss Trish………Your pups would probably be as surprised as I was to see horses! Summer is just about over but now it’s about to be cuddling season – and I’m an EXPERT cuddler……so it’s not all bad that the weather’s changing……I hope you, Ed, Mattie and Simone have a CUDDLY day!!



  4. Sorry I missed this blog yesterday. No excuse, except I just missed it, don’t even remember seeing it. Halloween used to be my favorite time of year, except for Christmas.

    That was pretty neat about the girls and their horses.


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