Ouch! Acorns Hurt!

A photoshop funny picture from a friend!

Thanks Miss Penny for my acorn helmet photo - I'm using the helmet EVERY day now!

Happy Wednesday Folks!  Not long ago I was complaining on my blog about how HUGE the acorns are this year – and since we have big, high oak trees in our yard those things fall from a long distance and really pack a wallop when they hit…..unfortunately, they sometimes hit ME or my Mom and Dad.  Yikes.  I don’t know why they are extra big this year but they sure are.  Anyway, when I complained, our friend Penny Maxson (who also has a cat named Sam!) sent us this funny card showing ME in an acorn helmet!  How cool is this?  If only I really had one of these it would save me a lot of headaches.  🙂 

The deer are eating all the acorns that the squirrels aren’t gathering, but still walking through our backyard is a hazard – at least for humans.  Walking across a patch of fallen acorns is like walking through a field of marbles Mom says.  They roll and make you slip…..now for ME, it’s not like that – I’m little enough I can pick my way through but Mom and Dad aren’t that lucky.  SO, today Mom plans to rake them up into a big pile…..I’m sure she will wish she had an acorn helmet like mine while she’s out there working. 

Know what I think?  I think the squirrels sit up in the trees and WAIT for me or my Mom to come by then heave those acorns at us on purpose!  Yep – it’s a game to them….kind of like being at a shooting gallery….I swear I can hear them talking up there…..”Hey, I got another one!”……”Wow!  Direct hit!”……”Did you hear that hollow sound when it hit her head???”…..

Well, anyway, that’s my thought for today…..watch out for falling acorns.  They HURT.

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (with an acorn helmet on!)

p.s.  special thanks to Miss Penny for my helmet

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  1. Sammy, you are so handsome in that acorn helmet!! Maybe we could start a business manufacturing those…?!
    Hope your Mom doesn’t get pelted today while she’s raking acorns. Are you going to watch? Maybe you could find a safe place to hide from those pesky squirrels so you can still supervise.


    • Hi Miss Dianna…..I’m sure Sundae is glad she doesn’t have to wear an acorn helmet – that’s certainly one good thing about being an inside kitty! I’ll be out there with Mom for sure – I’ll warn her when I see those big acorns flying out of the tops of the trees!

      Tell Sundae I said Hi and Kitty Hugs for both of you!


  2. Hi Miss Dee! Don’t you worry – I’ll be watching Mom from up on the deck and I promise (Scout’s honor) not to giggle when she gets bopped by an acorn.

    Kitty Hugs
    p.s. (from Pam) – I’d like to say he was referring to someone else with that hollow head crack but alas he was speaking of yours truly….sigh….the things a Mom has to put up with!


  3. I’m late, I have been utilizing my considerable talent as a Dog Whisperer. I wrote your mom about it, and she can tell you. Who knows, there may be a book about the Dog Whisperer in my future.

    About those acorns, I agree they do hurt, Even if you had a cool straw hat to wear that that would help you out with your problem.

    Uh, your idea about those squirrels? I tend to believe you are right.They are playful critters and that would be just the kind of games they play.


  4. Hi Uncle Jerry……..Mom told me how you handled that little dog – good for you! All you needed to do I guess was show it you weren’t going to hurt it and it came to you. Good for you!!!!

    Sammy The Acorn Whisperer 🙂


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