Sam’s Cat Tail Tale

What a view!

Don't I have a nice tail?

Hi !  Today I’d like to talk about my tail.  Funny subject matter you say?  Well, maybe, but I happen to like my tail a lot.  Whenever I’m giving myself a good grooming I never miss making sure it’s all nice and neat too.  I roll onto my side and hold my tail with my front paws and smooth it down and make sure it’s clean like the rest of me.  Mom likes when I do that – she said none of her other cats ever held onto their tails like I do but then I’m the first kitty she’s ever had that has extra toes!!!!  Makes holding stuff super easy. 

Anyway, Mom says when I’m asleep – SOUND asleep – my tail will raise up in the air and sway slowly back and forth…..or up and down…..that’s because I’m dreaming that I’m an orchestra conductor.   She also has told me that sometimes my tail will just slowly lift and stay there in the air for a few minutes then slowly go back down.  I’m not sure what I’m dreaming when THAT happens but sometimes – honestly – I think my tail has a mind of its own! 

One of the cats that lives in the house next door has a very short tail…..Mom says some kinds of cats have short tails or even no tails but I think something GOT hold of that cat because I remember it used to have a LONG tail!  The people next door leave their cats outside almost all the time and I just bet that gray cat with the short tail had a bit of a disagreement with a fox.  EEEK!

So what’s YOUR tail tale?  

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (and his tail)


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  1. Hi, Sammy. What a funny post today!
    I asked Mom about my tail: she says it’s just average. (sigh) I’ve never thought about holding mine – I’ll have to try that!

    Check out Mom’s post today (I know you always do). I’m featured in a new “role”!


    • Hi Sundae….I think there’s nothing average about you – you’re a very pretty cat (hubba hubba) and that includes your tail ! Mom and I were VERY impressed to hear you’d administered several CAT scans on your Dad yesterday. Wow. Do I call you Doctor Sundae now??? Glad your Dad is better………

      Kitty Hugs


  2. Sammy you sound like you have an amazing tail!

    My Angel Bobo used to have a tail like a raccoon. Yep, he sure did! When he would get angry it would puff up SUPER HUGE!!! I knew he meant business whenever I saw that, it was incredible!

    My Cody is a smaller cat so he doesn’t have an ample tail like Bobo did.

    Enjoy your day and have fun with your tail!


  3. Hi Miss Caren! Your cat Bobo and I have that raccoon thing in common…..if I’m irritated or extra excited about something – my tail can get pretty darn BIG too. Mom laughs, Daddy’s amazed, and I just strut my stuff! 🙂

    Hope you and Cody have an extra swell day!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  4. I have a cute tail, Sammy, and try to keep it groomed also. You have it all over me though, because I’m unable to hold my tail and groom it as do you.

    You have every right to be proud of your tail, that picture proves that. Besides, like you said, it is a part of you, but has a mind of its own when you are snoozing. Ever alert for danger, that’s what I’m talking about.


    • I have to stay on the alert around here….someone’s always changing my routine or there are evil creatures stalking my property or SOMETHING causing me to express myself with my tail…….OR my meow!

      Kitty Hugs
      Sam (hi Zoe!!!!!!)


  5. Technically, I only have a tailgate, which of course, resides on my truck. However, if I come across one more blog that I get hooked on like I have this one, my *tail* will expand more than it already has from sitting on it too much!
    Cute post today!


    • Oh now I’m jealous! You have a tailgate! That sounds awesome….I asked Mom if I could have a gate for my tail too but she said I already HAVE one then quickly changed the subject for some reason….hmm….anyway, I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog Miss D…..Mom and I enjoy your pretty pictures and sure enjoyed seeing those pretty Clydesdales.

      Kitty Hugs
      Sammy and his tail…….and its gate 🙂


  6. Hi Miss Layla…..I KNEW you’d understand! Yes, it’s all about communications – mad, happy, curious, tired or perky – there’s a “tail sign” for everything. I think Mom just forgets that even when I’m asleep, I’m still communicating – my magical levitating tail is telling her “THANKS FOR THE WARM LAP FOR MY NAP!!”….. 🙂

    Kitty Hugs


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