Mom, Dad (and Me) Celebrate

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

Mom heading up the aisle with her Dad - 9/8/90

Yep – twenty one years ago today Mom and her Dad were heading up the aisle in a little chapel to join my Dad up front to say “I DO”…..Her Dad was very sick but had wanted to escort his daughter up the aisle in his old Air Force uniform since he hadn’t been around (!!) when Mom got married the FIRST time!  Why not?  Because my Mom and her first husband eloped!  This time, Mom and Dad did it right – in a little chapel with their bestest friends and family!  If I’d been there I could have been the ring bearer – I would have been so cute walking down the aisle with their rings on a little pillow strapped to my back!  HAHAHAHA  Of course if a church mouse had shown up – well – goodbye rings! 

OK – enough silliness….today is their special day and I gave them a special present.  What?  Well, I don’t sleep with my parents on their bed – I used to when I was little, but I haven’t done that in several years because I prefer prowling the house at night and sleeping during the day!  However, last night I gave them my anniversary present – – – I came upstairs just before midnight and hopped up on the bed, came over to my Mom and purrrrrrrred loud enough for her to hear me – she woke up and snuggled me next to her.  I stayed the whole rest of the night right between my Mom and Dad. 


Kitty Hugs and Kisses from Sam, YOUR Spoiled Cat


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  1. Aw, Sammy, what a sweet anniversary present! I don’t snuggle with my mom and dad (but I hear Mom talking about how their previous cat, Beezy, used to do that).

    I hope your parents have a wonderful anniversary today!



    • Hi Sundae! Yeah, I thought Mom and Dad would be really surprised when I hopped up on that bed…’s been probably five or more years since I slept with them. SURPRISE – who doesn’t like a surprise right?

      I’ll tell Mom you wished them a happy day……….we wish YOU and your parents a happy day too!



    • Hi Miss Caren and Cody….before I thank you for reading my blog this morning, let me say Mom and I enjoyed YOURS this morning too….it was fun to read how you found Cody and it was love at first sight. That’s how I felt when I saw Mom and Dad at the shelter for the first time! Matches made in heaven……for sure……

      Anyway, I’ll tell Mom you wished them a happy day….I think they will have one – and tonight Dad’s taking Mom out to dinner……of course she’ll fix MY dinner before she goes but that’s as easy as opening a can! 🙂

      Kitty Hugs…………………Sammy


    • Hi Uncle J…..yeah, I try to be one cool cat but it isn’t always easy…..since today’s a special day though I tried to think of something my parents would appreciate and they did! They were really surprised……….. 🙂

      Kitty Kat Hugs


    • Hi Miss Layla….yes I knew – and Mom wasn’t as surprised about me “knowing” as Dad was….but then Mom understands the powers of cats a bit more than Dad (but I’m working on him!!)…………

      Kitty Hugs


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