Another Wet Day In Paradise

No sense trying to see out the's still dark!

Hey Mom - it's still dark out - could you please turn on the lights out there so I can see????

More rain today….which is OK by me.  I had fun yesterday – Mom made a real cool fort for me in the living room with two stools and an afghan.  I took three of my favorite toys in the fort and played with them all morning (in between naps of course).  Today – probably Mom will make a different fort for me.  This rainy day thing isn’t so bad!

This morning after she’d made the bed in her and Dad’s bedroom, she opened the curtains up so I hopped up on a chair to peek out – oops – I guess it was a bit too early to see anything out there yet.  This picture is of me deciding it was just a little too early for any good chair-peeking.   Normally this is a pretty good spot though because it’s on the second floor and I can see all the deer cruising through the back yard.   Since it WAS too early, I hopped over from the chair to the bed – and she flashed that camera thing AGAIN to catch me settling in while she goes to take a shower:

Sam snoozing in Mom and Dad's bed

If I can't peek out the window - I'll pass the time snoozin' !

I can peek out the window later…..for now, this’ll do me just fine!  Another rainy day in paradise………zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….

Happy Wednesday from rainy Warrenton, Virginia

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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  1. We had a lot of rain yesterday, too, Sammy. And last night: wow! Thunderstorms! All that light flashing and that booming was almost enough to unsettle me. But I didn’t want my humans to know I was worried, so I played it cool.

    Have fun today!


    • Hi Sundae…you’re a good girl not to make your Mom and Dad think you were worried through the thunderstorms. We just can’t help it when we hear noises or sense scary things coming but keeping our parents from worrying is important! Humans have enough to worry about these days I think!

      Kitty Hugs,


  2. You got it made. Rain or no rain, you have forts to crawls around in. The darkness inside the fort makes you invisible and you can spy on what is going on outside but they can’t see you. Pretty neat.

    Mom and her attachment with that thing that flashes, huh? But if she didn’t make the flashes we wouldn’t be able to see you pictures every day.


    • I really don’t mind Mom using that flashing thing – I just like her to THINK I mind…part of my sneaky way of keeping her on her toes don’t ya know! 🙂

      Daddy made my fort today – it’s in the basement, and it’s a cardboard box with some holes cut out so I can spy and hide. Way cool!

      Say hi to Zoe for me


    • Hi Cody! So you’ve got wet stuff there too huh? Well, ours is supposed to start clearing out a bit by Friday but – well – weather people tell fibs sometimes!!! Anyway, we can make the best of it – lots of naps and cuddles ought to make up for all that rain – right?

      Have a super duper day!


  3. That sure is a gorgeous quilt you’re laying on, Sammy! I’d love to know the story behind it! It looks like you have the perfect place to while away the day when it’s raining. Hopefully the sun will peak out soon. It rained here off and on yesterday and my dogs were happy to be inside. Today the temperature is cooler and hopefully less humid.


    • Hi Miss Trish….I’m glad you like the quilt – it’s the latest one my Auntie Carol made for Mom. Auntie Carol sews really swell stuff and used to have an online baby quilt business until she got TOOOO busy with it!!! Anyway, I love it and so do Mom and Dad – Mom says it looks like an “old-fashioned” quilt (whatever THAT means!). We might have some sun this weekend…..hopefully. Meanwhile, I hope you and your doggies stay dry (not your fish of course since they’re supposed to be WET!).

      Kitty Hugs


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