Me And Mom

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Betcha can't walk by me here on your bed without giving me a belly rub Mom!!

I have more news!  Yesterday I added that page on my blog for Mom….if you visit the blog home page you’ll see the link on top called “Mom’s Stuff”.  I was thinking about putting a bunch of her artwork on there BUT settled on one oil painting and one photo with a link to her website so you can if you wanna see ALLLLLLLLLL of her stuff.  Am I proud of my Mom?  Yeah….of course I am!

My Mom and I have a really close relationship.  Not that I don’t love my Dad ‘cuz I do – but I follow my Mom around everywhere she goes and talk to her all the time – she “gets” me more than Dad does; maybe because I’m the first cat he’s ever been around.  Mom’s an old hand at understanding feline stuff.  I have to admit that Dad’s come a long way since I came to live with them almost twelve years ago though – – – I didn’t think I’d be able to train him but after a lot of work I have to say he’s come along rather nicely!

Still, there’s nothing quite like my Mom’s lap for a nap…..and she’s the one who mostly keeps my litterbox nice and neat (I have a “thing” about that you know!).  She and I used to have our special time in the early morning while it was still dark.  She took me out on my leash and we’d walk all around the yard together ….. sometimes I would come over to her and put my paws up on her leg and ask her to pick me up and carry me – just so I could snuggle with her.  We’d watch the big airplanes flying overhead with all the flashing lights – and Mom would watch for shooting stars!  We don’t do those “in the dark” walks anymore though……now that we have our “visiting cat” Stevie, she stops by in the early mornings for her daily handout and I don’t like to be out there with her around – I’m working on being better about sharing my Mom but I’m still not very good at it!!!!! 

Anyway, I’m a very lucky guy to have great parents……but I am really attached to good old Mom. 

Happy Friday Peeps!!

Sammy, One Spoiled Mama’s Boy

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  1. Don’t let Dad read this, it’ll hurt his feeling and I know you don’t want to do that, Sammy.

    I understand though how you can become attached to one more than the other. Mom is the “caretaker” and has been since the first, sot that is natural I think.


  2. Hi Uncle J! Actually Daddy has already read my blog today and said I was right on target about my Mom……I guess I’ve always been a “one person cat” – Mom’s my safety net – Daddy is in charge of giving me treats though – Mom made sure of that by putting the little bag of goodies by Dad’s chair so I HAVE to go ask him for them! Sneaky huh?!?!?!

    Have a super day and say hi to Zoe for me will ya?


  3. I LOVED your story about you and your Mom and I so understand about her being the one who “gets it” It is the same at my house. My Mom cleans my litter and does most of the cuddling and babying. Dad loves me but he is more of a “dog” person…pfffft!

    My Mom also loved the story about how you walk on your leash because her first cat (Bobo) used to go on a leash (I will have NO part of it!) and Mom used to love that.

    My mom said to also tell your Mom that she is extremely talented!
    Your pal, Cody


  4. Hi Cody! Hey – I don’t blame you on the “no leash” policy you have…..I wasn’t too crazy about it at first but I was only about 3 months old when Mom first put a harness on me so what the heck did I know? I thought EVERYBODY got them!

    Sounds like your Dad is like my Dad. Well, we love them for being our Dads don’t we….even if they don’t “get” cats quite as much as our Moms. Speaking of Moms, thanks for saying my Mom is talented – I’ll happily tell her that your Mom thinks so – I love to watch her paint and draw in her studio. I’ll curl up on her sofa and watch or snooze and while I like to sit up on her drawing table she doesn’t let me do that much because I tend to want to touch the sketch pad or dip a paw in the paint or something just to get her attention away from what she’s doing! Naughty? Yeah I suppose but it sure is fun! YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!! 🙂

    Kitty Hugs


  5. Hey, Sammy,
    My mom and dad were out of town overnight (boy, did I miss ’em), and Mom didn’t have internet where they were. So she’s late sending this message for me. I know what you mean about being closer to mom than dad. But my dad is a great guy and loves and spoils mom and me!



  6. Hi Sundae……….yeah I know what you mean about missing our parents – we kind of get used to our human pets being around don’t we?! 🙂 I hope they had a nice time though and I’m sure you’re happy to have them back where you can keep an eye on them!

    Kitty Hugs and happy weekend!


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