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Bye Mom!

Aunt Carol, and Cousins Mollye & Toby!

Mom's visiting my Aunt Carol and her "kids" !

Mom left this morning for two days – leaving me and Dad to fend for ourselves.  We can handle it….we are MEN!  Sure……besides, she left instructions for Dad as to how to make coffee and how to fix my meals….what more could I ask for????

Anyway, I probably will take the day off tomorrow so don’t be surprised if you don’t see a blog from me until Sunday.  Mom won’t be home until late Saturday.  Dad knows ZIP about computers and I can’t turn the computer on without help! 

Hope you all have a super day… for me…..I’m missing Mom already and she only just left………..





Well!  Yesterday was quite a banner day for me because I received TWO – count ’em – TWO blogging awards!  My friend Pedro honored me with The Versatile Blogger Award:

WOW...another award!

Thanks to my friend Pedro  Thanks!

 AND, if that wasn’t enough blogging bling to received in a day, I also received THIS one from my friends Isobel and NotCat:

More award bling!

Thanks Isobel and NotCat Thanks!

I’m just plain overwhelmed – really – I’m quite excited to have received two awards to add to my ever-growing list of accolades.   The requirements for both awards are the same:

1.  Thank the person who sent the award with a link back;

2.  Pass the award on to 15 bloggers you’ve discovered and let them know they have been included in our blog post; and

3.  List seven things about myself

The only thing is – Mom and I don’t have 15 other blogs we visit or have gotten to know in the short time we’ve been blogging!  But in the spirit of the awards (and so I don’t have to give them back…sniff….sniff…) I’m going to nominate those few that I DO know and have come to love.  The other “complication” in the list of blogs I’m enjoying these days is that several of them already HAVE these awards.  Makes it tough because I don’t want to award someone an award they already have – right?  If I’m putting a link here to someone who has one of these awards (and I just don’t know about it), please forgive me.  Just goes to show how “award-worthy” you are! 

Here they are – in no particular order – my FAVES! (Pedro you have the Versatile Blogger award but not One Lovely Blog I don’t think….?) (Isobel you have One Lovely Blog but not the Versatile Blogger award I believe….?)

So, please take what you don’t have and don’t take what you do have (huh???).  This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO confusing.

Now, here are seven things about me!

1.  I hate thunder, doorbells, telephones, strangers, bears

2.  I love my parents, naps, blueberry yogurt, bacon, QUIET, watching football on TV

3.  I like to play games like hide and seek and fetch

4.  I’m a polydactyl cat with extra claws on my front paws

5.  I do NOT like water….except in puddles

6.  I’m not crazy about the barky beagles next door

7.  My eyes change from brownish to greenish if I’m REALLY happy

Happy Awards Day to everyone!

Sammy, One Highly Honored and Flattered Cat

Staying Pawsitive!

Sam in his visor and sunglasses!

Haven't had my sun visor out in a while...rain, rain, and more rain.....

Haven’t had the need of my special hat lately – rain almost every day has meant very little in the way of sun.  When it’s managed to peek out I guess I’ve been napping somewhere…..because I haven’t seen it in days.  Still, I remain hopeful.  Cats need sun.  It’s a fact.  Sunny splashes of warmth on the floor to lie in, sunny front porches to sit on while squinting into the sky, sunny backs of couches and chairs in the window.  WHERE IS IT??????

OK – I’m getting cranky aren’t I….well, we don’t want that.  I guess I’ll just make the best of things with no sun.  Put my little red visor on “hold”……the sun will return!  (THE POWER OF PAWSITIVE THINKING)

I heard Mom talking to Dad this morning about her visit with my Auntie Carol.  That means Mom is going to be away for two days with Dad taking care of me.   Gulp…..that ought to be very interesting.  Mom told Dad not to worry – that she’d leave notes around for him regarding important things like what my favorite foods are, how often to check my litterbox, and of course how to make a pot of coffee for himself.  🙂  Out of all those things taking care of ME is the most important.  It’s not the first time of course that Mom’s been away for a day or two on her own – but whenever she is, it takes me a while to retrain my Dad.  He’s so used to me following Mom around and napping on her lap, that he needs to be reminded that when she’s not here I depend on HIM! 

Don’t worry – I’m pretty good at making my wants and needs known!  Besides, Mom has all day today and tomorrow before she goes away…plenty of time to make sure Dad is well prepared. 

Staying PAWSITIVE…….. 🙂

Sammy, One Spoiled Guy

Meandering Monday Musings

Napping with Mom on the recliner

Say - this isn't a very flattering pose....I look tubbier than I really am!

Say…..this photo makes me look like a fat boy.  I’m not really.  My doctor says I’m at a good weight.  Twelve pounds and a few extra ounces.  I think I look kind of casual and relaxed – got my feet jammed under Mom’s leg so they’re nice and warm.  You know, it won’t be long until snow time.  Last year we got a bumper crop of snow and it wasn’t pretty…..we lost a lot of BIG tree limbs because we had some very wet and heavy snows.  So much snow in fact that I couldn’t even go out and play in it like I usually do.  After Dad got the driveway cleared off with his snow blower (noisy!) machine, I could at least walk around on it….but getting through the yard was impossible.  Here’s a few shots of LAST winter:

Sam looking mighty small in the snow

Hey Mom! Wait for me!


Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

Here I am Mom....where's my sled??

What made me think about snow today?  Not sure….it’s not like it’s cold or anything – going to be in the high 70s today in fact.  I guess we’re luckier than some people who get HUGE snows every winter.  Mom had a friend who used to live in North Pole, Alaska (yes there really is a town called North Pole!!).  They had LOTS of snow there.  But people didn’t make a big deal about it like they do here.  They were used to it I guess.  Here, when there’s a couple of inches of snow everything STOPS.  They close schools and nobody goes anywhere……we just sit and wait for snowplows to eventually get to our neighborhoods.  But one thing’s for sure……’s nice and cozy with the fire in the fireplace and Mom’s lap to snooze in.

Hmm….winter means Christmas……Christmas means Santa Paws……and that means presents!  Oh boy oh boy oh boy……bring on winter – I’m ready………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


Tired Old Teddy

A very old teddy bear

Teddy is 64 years old about OLD!

Good grief!  This old bear looks tired and worn out huh?  Well, perhaps that’s because he is.  He’s 64 years old today.  Look at those RED button eyes……he must have had either not enough sleep OR too many cocktails last night.  Actually, I hear that when his original eyes fell off, someone replaced them with red buttons…..for some weird and forgotten reason.  Another thing you notice is he’s not exactly WHITE and black anymore either…. more like way-off-white and black.  He’s had a tough life.  

Teddy was born in Louisville, Kentucky.  Here’s a picture of him when he was not even a year old:

Teddy and Mom

He looked better back in 1947 didn't he?!

He had a red ribbon around his neck and those wiggily black and white eyes old stuffed animals used to have. 

This old bear has lived all over the place in his life…..Virginia, Alabama, New York, Germany, Taiwan – he’s seen the world.  But never fear………..he didn’t do that all on his own – oh no he sure didn’t.  Know why?

Because he accompanied my Mom.  He was her birthday present on the day she was born.  September 25, 1947 and he’s spent every single day since then with her. 

I’m a little bit jealous…….although I intend to spend the rest of MY days with Mom too!

Happy Birthday Mom