Funny Face Sam

Can you tell by this face that I'm undecided?????

So, it’s Day One of THE GREAT EXPERIMENT.  Yep, Mom decided (she wants you to think it was ME who decided…but….) it was time for us to get a new look for my blog.  This is one of the possibilities but I’m – well – not sure how I feel about it.  It’s kinda blah…..I like the top part with the swirlies and curlies but – it’s leaving me less than excited.  Maybe it’s just that it’s something new? 

I’m thinking I’ll reserve judgment until I see the next two days worth of try-outs.  Why get all huffy and puffy with this FIRST one…..I kind of have the impression even Mom isn’t too impressed either (which is kinda funny since she spent hours looking at all the different themes and picked THIS one:)). 

What do you think?  I bet you want to wait to tell me until THE GREAT EXPERIMENT is over with – right?  OK.  We’ll have a vote later in the week.   This might be my blog but I want you all to have fun visiting me and if my blog is UGLY – well – it’s not as fun to read! 

Stay tuned………….tomorrow’s another day and another “look”……I have to admit, this is kinda fun……Mom says it’s like shopping for new clothes and she LOVES to do that……………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (Interior Decorator Extraordinaire!)

p.s.  I decided to wait on putting a page of my Mom’s artwork and photos and stuff on my blog until AFTER redecoration is complete…….:)

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    • Hi Sundae! I love plastic bags too…they’re comfy and indeed they do make a cool noise when you hop on top. If they are on the wood floor you can fly across the room and slide on them like a sled too which is fun. I thought you looked quite happy in the photos on the “bag kitty” blog your Mom wrote! Hey – Mom just got home from a trip to WalMart…..that means there’s at least ONE empty bag for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

      Kitty Hugs


  1. Personally, Sam, I like the original color scheme better than this one. You do not have a blah personality but this is kind of… blah. The original colors matched your beautiful coat. And with autumn fast approaching, that gorgeous coat of yours is in vogue!


    • Hi Miss Trish! I TOLD Mom this “look” wasn’t really ME but to humor her I let her change it this morning. I was trying to hide the keyboard from her so she wouldn’t change it but I guess she was too fast for me. Anyway, tomorrow we’ll try another one – maybe less boring….but wanna make a bet we go back to the original eventually???? 🙂



    • Bold – brassy – BAD – yep – that’s more like ME!!! haha Mom and I picked out another theme to try out tomorrow – so be sure and chime in when you see it OK? I need my peeps to tell it like it is……..



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