OK….you asked for it….Mom got me this silly visor with sunglasses THING and I’m trying to humor her by allowing her (just barely) to take my picture in it!  Of course I’d never sit still long enough for her to put it on me – SOOOOO – Daddy picked me up, put me on his shoulder, Mom stuck this “thing” on my head and whammo – I tried really hard to avoid the photo taking deal.

As you see – THEY won, but I did manage to squirm so much that one of the pictures is blurry and the others are – well – not so hot!  LOL

Sam in his visor and sunglasses!

How's a guy supposed to look dignified in this hat???

And here are the other two pictures I allowed (just barely) Mom to take…….LEMME DOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN!!!

Sam looking like a real dude.........

Dad I can't believe you helped Mom do this to me!

Daddy’s punishment for helping Mom carry out this injustice was for me to dig my claws into his new yellow polo shirt……LOL……it’s only fair if you ask me.  At least I didn’t  cause bodily harm – just a couple of minor holes.  Let that be a reminder to you that I’m a CAT not a DOLL to be dressed up and paraded around.
Blurry but you get the drift...Sam's not thrilled with his new hat!

At least I managed to squirm enough to cause a blurry picture! HA!

Last but not least…..and notice that I was so wiggily and Mom was in a big fat hurry to take this picture that it’s a bit blurry……you know what?  I look pretty good in this thing don’t I…..rather debonaire and cool – like I’m ready to go out and play a game of tennis or something.  Maybe I made too big a deal out of this whole “hat thing”……
I bet the young lady cats in the neighborhood would be impressed if they could see me in this visor.  Quite the dude. 
OK…..I officially forgive my parents for ganging up on me and taking these pictures.  Besides, they seemed to find it quite entertaining and anything I can do to make them happy, I’ll do!  After all, that’s what they do for yours truly…………..
So what do you think folks?  Am I quite the dude or what?
Happy Sunday (and I do mean SUN)…………..
Sammy, One Spoiled and Extremely Cool Dude

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  1. Sammy, you are indeed a dude.
    (Wish we lived closer…..hint, hint.)

    Good luck with the tennis game; let us know how that works out for you!

    Love…… 😉


    • Hi Miss Dianna and Sundae……..glad you liked me in my new hat! I would think that because I have extra claws on my front paws I could handle a tennis racket just fine but I’ll let you know….of course I have to find a tiny tennis racket first!

      Happy Sunday, Sundae (tee hee)
      Sam the Man


  2. Ahhh the abuse we all must endure! My mom says that is super cute!

    You should check out mine that my Mom posted a few weeks back with sunglasses AND a Hawaiian lei! MOL!

    It might be on the blogpaws community and it is definitely on the blog in our archives in July I think…

    Stop by and visit our blog one day too, we would love it 🙂


    • Hi Cody! Thanks for taking a peek at me in my dude-ish gear…..I’m trying to find a suitable place to hide that thing where Mom will never find it again. HA! I’m going to ask Mom to take me to see you in your sunglasses and Hawaiian lei on your blog. Hey – I thought Mom signed up for that already! I need to keep a closer eye on her!

      Happy Sunday………..
      Sam The Dude


  3. Sammy, are you two cats? You cried and sniveled about about the ordeal you had to suffer about wearing the hat, then a little way down you are acting pleased as punch that you might look like a dude an wondering how the female cats are gonna react to you.

    You look like a Shriner to me, which ain’t a bad thing.


  4. Hi Uncle Jerry………I think once I got used to that hat and saw how positively adorable (and hunky) I looked in it in my blog, I decided it wasn’t so awful after all. I guess that made me a little schizo but I’m OK now. Red is my favorite color too!

    Happy Sunday to you and Zoe
    Sam the Visor Dude


  5. Sammy, dude,
    My mom just left you a blog award over at her place. I’m not sure how you feel about such things, but check it out. I think it means love or something like that.

    see ya


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