Where Are My Sunglasses?!

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Is that lightning flashing or the camera flashing????

Lights – camera – action…..I’m not a big fan of light.  Especially when it’s accompanied by thunder of course (last night we had a doozy by the way!!)……but also whenever I see Mom holding that camera of hers.  I know there’s gonna be a big flash – and I really don’t like that one bit.  I try to be cooperative so she can take my picture – – – after all I know I’m one handsome guy and it’s hard for her to resist snapping my photo to show off (tee hee)….but gosh that light is SOOOOOOOOO bright!

HA!  She thought she’d managed to sneak a picture quickly enough that my eyes would be open this time!  Fooled her…..got ’em almost shut and even plastered a silly grin on my face too……I really messed up this shot for her didn’t I ?? 
Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

I like DARK when I nap!

Like in this photo – here I am sound asleep, snoring loudly, and just so I can have things as dark as possible, I have one arm over top of my eyes to keep out ANY light.
Funny Face Sam

Oops - almost didn't get the eyes closed in time for the flash!!


And this is another favorite thing to do when the camera’s aimed at me….I make a silly face…..I didn’t QUITE get my eyes closed for this one but with a grin like this – who needs closed eyes anyway?  It still kept Mom from getting a perfect picture of me (one of those little games I play ya know!).
Anyway, you get the idea.  How do you guys feel about having your picture taken anyway?  How about naps – don’t you like it DARK when you’re snoozin? 
Time for breakfast………..hope you all have a swell Friday…….
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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    • Hi Cody! Well good for you on the sleeping anywhere thing…..I seem to be pretty good at finding out of the way (sometimes weird) spots to nap in – – some are in the dark and some not – if not then I can always cover up my eyes (as you see).



  1. Light doesn’t seem to faze my Zoe, nor does thunder.But she can keep up with you when it comes to sleeping. Animals all have a tendency to sleep well, I just it is just in their nature.


    • Hi Jerry – Sam’s Mom Pam here – you’re right about animals and sleep……too bad humans can’t just drop off anywhere (or maybe SOME humans can – I’m not one of them!!).

      Pam (for Sam)


  2. Oh, Sammy. You are really hamming it up in that first photo!
    My mom’s always flashing that light in my face, too. Sometimes the flash makes my eyes glow green, like I’m a space alien or something. NOT very flattering to my beautiful self. But I try to tolerate her…she does fill my food bowl and give me treats.
    And I can sleep in light or darkness, either way is okay with me!
    Have a good weekend, Sammy!



    • Hi Sundae…….Hamming it up you say? Yeah – I am quite a ham, it’s true. I may screw my face up in weird expressions when Mom’s around with her camera, but it’s just because I know it makes her laugh……

      Sam the Ham….that I am!! (hey – I’m a poet too aren’t I ??)

      Thanks for stopping by Sundae…..enjoy your day (hope Mom gives you lots of treats too)….


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