Mom Mowed The Dirt Yesterday

I love playing in dirt....Mom's not so thrilled about that though!

Grass? What grass? Our yard is weeds and dirt this summer!

Where’s my yard???  My pretty green grassy yard dried up WEEKS ago and all we have now is crabgrass (which grows very well I must say) and dirt.  Now don’t get me wrong – I happen to LOVE playing in the dirt – but I also like to munch on the grass from time to time.  Nothing “munchable” out there anymore…’s dried up and blown away in the breeze.  Sniff.

Anyway, yesterday Mom got the lawn tractor out and I thought to myself “humans are nuts – there’s not a blade of grass out there and SHE’S gonna mow!”…………but then I noticed down in the front yard that the crabgrass was pretty high.  High enough I could see it flapping in the breeze – Mom likes a “neat” yard just like she likes a “neat” house.  So I realized she just wanted to clean things up a bit outside.  When the tractor started up I just watched from the front door inside the house – didn’t take her long to finish up.  Still, it looked like this big cloud of dust moving around the front yard because she was surrounded by DIRT flying up around the mower!  My Mom the dust cloud….HAHAHAHAHA 

I really miss my grass though……..crabgrass does NOT – repeat NOT – taste good enough to eat.  I like that nice tender green fescue stuff…..something tells me I’m going to just have to wait until next Spring to see it again.  It’s been horribly dry and hot this summer and our yard is too big to keep watered with sprinklers and stuff.  WAY too big. 

I remember when I was little Mom got one of those little containers of “kitty grass” for me at the pet store.  She watered it and the grass grew and we waited and watched it getting taller and finally she put it on the floor for me to munch – YUCK!  Mom likes to tell the story of my reaction to the kitty grass…..I took one bite and promptly spit it out and tried to bury the whole container under a throw rug.  That was the last experiment with grass around here!

Sigh…………so I’ll try to be patient – either for a week’s worth of rain to bring back my pretty green yard before fall gets here…..OR for next spring when I KNOW it’s going to be fresh green stuff coming up out there……..and I can pretend I’m a GOAT again!!!!!

Happy Thursday Friends!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who misses his grassy yard)

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  1. Aw, Sammy, I wish I could send you some of our grass. We’ve been kinda lucky with the rain this summer.
    Good luck with some rain in YOUR neck of the woods!



    • Hi Sundae……..boy oh boy you sure are nice to say you’d send grass if you could. I know EVENTUALLY we’ll get some rain – and it’s kinda funny that it rains almost everywhere else in Virginia except here in Warrenton – but sooner or later – it will get wet out there (could be this afternoon or tomorrow!). Keep your paws crossed!



  2. Poor Sammy. I feel sorry for you and for all of the wildlife who have to dependent upon the edible grasses and leaves Mother Nature has in order to feed them. It has just been a terrible year in parts of the country. I know that grass is a supplement to your diet and it is something you need for balance, but just be thankful you have a nice house to weather the storms and hot sun, plus having two very nice humans to cater to you ever needs.


    • Hi Uncle J…..I know – I have lots of other stuff to be happy about and having no grass is a “little” thing…..I also know that it will eventually rain here so tell Zoe to put a whammy on the weather here in Warrenton and bring me some WET!!!!!



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