Sam’s Food Fights

Hanging out in the living room waiting for breakfast to be "announced" !

Waiting for Mom to call me to breakfast!

While I wait for Mom to open up a can of my favorite Fancy Feast for breakfast this morning, I thought I’d whine a bit about FOOD in general!

I’ve always had a sensitive tummy.  It started back when I first came to live with Mom and Dad.   The shelter told them to feed me hard kibble because they’d tried canned stuff and I’d been sick, sick, sick.   In fact I was STILL sick the first few days when I got to my new house – but Mom found a Friskies hard kibble that I really loved and soon I was right as rain.  In fact, I HATED canned food and refused anything Mom tried in the canned department – although I would drink the water from human canned tuna – in fact I loved that!!  Anyway, I ate Friskies for years and years – until all of a sudden, over a year ago or so, Friskies just stopped making my favorite kind!  I was devastated – I even went on a hunger strike (which didn’t work so well)……..How could they just STOP making my favorite meal????????????  Mom even wrote to the Friskies people to ask WHY?!  Of course she never heard back.  Poor Mom – she probably spent hundreds of dollars trying everything on the shelves of every pet store in the entire state trying to find something I wouldn’t turn my nose up at!   She even tried to get me to eat raw food which would (so she says) be the very best thing for me to eat………..NO WAY  BABY……….not for this guy………

One thing I WOULD eat was the semi-crunchy cat treats that come in those little bags.   I also eventually started eating some canned food like Fancy Feast – but only if Mom would mix lotsa water in it so I could slurp it up (loudly of course). 

I think I’ve finally forgiven Friskies for removing my favorite crunchy food from their lineup of food.  It took a while, but now I’m eating some canned wet food along with crunchy cat treats.  I still have digestive issues (my doctor says that’s just ME though because I’m a nervous type guy) but I’m very healthy, and not overweight (I love my doctor!).  He even said my weird combination of super wet canned food and cat treats was perfectly fine for me.  It wasn’t easy getting to this “good place” though with my food – – – – after ten years of eating just one kind of Friskies hard food – and loving it – it suddenly disappeared and I didn’t understand why (neither did Mom!).  But we adjusted…………..kicking and screaming (and screeching) but we did it.

Oh goodie!!!  Mom just called me to the kitchen.  I have this feeling it’s gonna be Salmon Feast (with tons of water of course)………off I go!  Hope your breakfast is as yummy as mine is gonna be……..

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who’s now slurping down his breakfast!)

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  1. Hey, Sammy!
    Sorry about your favorite food being discontinued. How rude was that of those Friskies people! I would boycott them, but I only eat Purina!
    Hope breakfast was yummy. Have a good day.
    PS I took over my Mom’s blog today…check it out!


  2. Hi Sundae! Mom and I just read your blog – WAY COOL! Your Mom has a nice place to work on her cards – and it looks like YOU have a lot of fun “stuff” you can play with on her table too…..Mom keeps her table WAY WAY too cleared off which means I can’t steal things and hide them for fun. My Mom makes notecards too but she just prints images of her oil paintings and photos and BORING stuff like that on them………..Not much entertainment for me – I just sit and watch and nap.

    Happy Wednesday, Sundae!!
    Sammy, the not very artistic cat


  3. I don’t know why manufacturers do that, Sam, but they do it all the time. They say they want brand loyalty but when they get it, they pull the rug — uh, the food — out from under us. I’m so glad you found something else you like. Good luck with that nervous tummy of yours. Maybe you should try kitty yoga?


  4. Hi Miss Trish and Gang! I do kitty yoga all the time – we cats are masters of the stretch ya know. I can twist my fat little body in all kinds of weird positions….LOL Anyway, I agree – these pet food people have no heart! Boooo Hissssss

    Have a nice day!


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