The Art of Training Humans

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Come on! Play with me!!

Happy Monday!  Today’s blog is all about humans…..specifically “the art of people management” – a VERY big subject for those of us who do this activity on a full-time basis.   We have to begin training right off the bat when we come to live with them.  The key is allowing them to THINK they’re training us when it’s really just the opposite. 

We have the odds on our side in the beginning – after all – who can resist a cute kitten or puppy face?????  A little squeaky bark or soft meow and they’re putty in our paws! 

Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Daddy "thinks" playing on the floor was HIS idea!

Does Daddy REALLY think he “decided” to play with me on the floor?  Or did I drag the toy over to him and look up at him with my golden eyes and look pitiful until he got down on the floor to play with me????  It’s all about training……

I had a bit more difficulty training Dad than Mom.  After all, Mom had been trained by previous cats she’d lived with so there wasn’t as much “work” required.  Dad had been previously trained by a dog – which is a whole other process and probably just as challenging!

I think I could maybe teach a class in “People Management” if someone ever opens up a Kitty Kat Kollege around here. 

So fellow cats and you dogs as well  – – – what was YOUR biggest challenge when training YOUR human(s)???  I can probably use your tips when I’m putting my training program together!

I already know the first thing I’ll tell my students…..The key to the whole process is patience…………and lotsa LOVE!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (and future professor of Kitty Kat Kollege)



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    • Hi Cody! Congratulations on training your humans to do a decent belly rub…..perhaps I’ll ask you to be a guest speaker at Kollege and give a demonstration? Sounds like you’ve got a GREAT technique!!!



  1. Good luck, Sammy, with the college courses. There’s lots to teach humans, that’s for sure.
    I agree with the comment before mine: I stretch out on the floor, and when my “mom and dad” see my beautiful white tummy, they can’t resist! Works for any guests we have too. They don’t seem to like the game, though, if I decide they need a little “love nip”! Then they change their tone of voice, and say “No! No biting!”. Oh well…. They’re still in training anyway.
    Love, Sundae


    • Good Morning Sundae! I’m beginning to think we cats all have similar ideas on how to get our humans to pay attention to us – especially the belly rub thing. I do the same thing – roll over on my back knowing they can’t resist my furry white tummy! It’s a fine line though between “enjoying” and “enough’s enough” – I’ve had to resort to a bit of nipping on occasion – they think I’m being mean when I’m just saying “OKEE DOKEE….BELLY RUB TIME’s OVER!” Humans take a lot of work but we’re up to the task…….they’re worth the trouble don’t you think????

      Kitty Hugs,


  2. Speaking for Zoe, she didn’t have much trouble training me, because she comes from a long line of canine’s who came before her and pretty much had me like putty in her paws when I got her.

    Besides, when the woman who I got her from came to the door and opened it she was holding Zoe and all I could see was that little red tongue sticking out of her mouth, and I was trained at the get-go.


  3. Hi Uncle Jerry……I think Zoe knew before that door opened just how to look cute and irresistible (which we ALL are of course!) and she figured if she wanted a new home, she’d try that out on you……………AND IT WORKED! You guys are living your “happily ever after”……and just think – it hardly took any training at all.



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