Rain! (and Freddy the Frog)

Where Sam's friend Freddy the Frog lives!

Here's where Freddy lives....whenever it rains, he comes out from these flowers to say hi!

Hi Everybody!  Guess what….it’s raining this morning….the kind of rain I like – nice and gentle.  I could hardly WAIT to go outside this morning because I knew my friend Freddy would be there.  He always comes out to play when it rains.  Sure enough, Mom and I rounded the corner by the end of the house and there he was – sitting on his rock!  Mom left me there with Freddy while she went down to get the newspaper from the mailbox – when she got back, Freddy and I were doing our usual thing.  Freddy sits and waits for me to give him a little push then he hops.  I just gently give him a shove and he’ll hop again!  I know if he didn’t enjoy our game he’d just hop away but he never does – he sits and waits for me to gently touch him and one big hop is all he does! 

Sometimes I wonder if Freddy has a family that lives there too.  Maybe under those flowers and the dwarf alberta spruce tree there’s a whole frog community!  Freddy and his wife and children, and maybe Aunts and Uncles and who knows how many other frogs…….Freddy’s the only one I’ve ever seen though.  I know it’s him every time – he’s bigger than my paw and has spots on top.  I’ve seen other frogs around our yard or on our driveway, but Freddy’s the only one who plays with me. 

Like most cats (so they say!) I eventually get tired of playing push the frog, or Freddy will hop back into his garden and disappear OR it starts raining really hard and I run for the door!  But while Freddy’s around, it makes rainy days that much more fun and special.  Of course we’ve needed rain for so long, it’s special anyway but getting to play with Freddy MADE MY DAY!

Hope you all have a nice rainy Sunday too (or if you don’t need rain, maybe you’d rather have a sunny Sunday??)…….

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat with a Frog Friend named Freddy

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    • Hi Sundae! Yes – frogs are interesting things. They are soft and squishy if you touch them – and they make a funny sound (kind of like one of my squeaky toys) – but best of all, some of them like Freddy like to play with me! Wheeee!

      I hope you and your family have a nice Sunday…..you sure have a pretty view out your windows at your house…………..



  1. Great to hear that you have enough rain coming down that Freddie feels like rock-sitting. That must be a nice thing for you two to do. You push, he hops.

    But it is the rain that is the big hing. I checked on radar last night before I went to bed and saw that you guys were in for quite a lot of rain, as least I hoped you were. So you and Freddie maybe can have fun tomorrow to.


  2. Hi Uncle Jerry……yep – we’re SUPPOSED to have rain off and on today and tomorrow but you know what? We don’t always BELIEVE the weather people – they lie a lot! Still, it’s rainy for now so I’m happy – no thunder – just nice frog-filled rain!!

    Happy Sunday to you and Zoe……..


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