Friday is Monster Day……


Happy Friday Fans!   It’s cleaning day around here – you know that means the monster will come out of the closet in a little bit so I’m hurrying to get my blog done before the noise begins. 

Sam Playing on Stairs With Stuffed Cat
Grabbing some sun before THE MONSTER starts up!

I wonder why someone hasn’t invented a SILENT vacuum cleaner?  As smart as humans think they are (haha) it seems like someone would have figured that one out.  I know a lot of cats and dogs who agree with me…..WHERE’S THE MUFFLER???????????????  We actually have TWO monsters in our house…..since we have three floors, we have an older vacuum on the top floor so Mom doesn’t have to drag the big noisy monster up to that floor – pretty cool huh?   I think Mom and Dad wish they’d gotten more wood floors in the house when they built it (before my time!) instead of all the wall to wall carpet.  I like the carpet myself  but I guess it’s harder to take care of.  I don’t run around here quite as much as I used to, but back in my younger days I’d be tearing around the house and got good traction on the carpet but when I’d hit a patch of wood floor (like in the foyer) I’d slide!  When I was a kitten once I slid right into the front door and smashed my poor nose……….doesn’t take too many of those accidents to learn where to run and where to walk carefully!!  I’m no dummy…………..

So I guess in our next house (Mom and Dad keep promising me that screened porch in the next place!), we’ll have more wood floors and less carpet.  Now that I’m older and spend more time takin’ it easy, that shouldn’t be a problem….AND of course that means the MONSTER won’t be making an appearance every week either. 
BRING ON THE WOOD FLOORS!!! (and the screened porch)  🙂
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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  1. Ruby hates the monster, too and hides under the bed when it comes out. Oddly, Allegra, as much as she’s afraid of loud noises outside, doesn’t mind the monster and watches it do its thing with great interest from a few feet away.

    Have a great weekend!


    • Wow Miss Ingrid! Allegra is my hero! If she can stand to be close to the monster then she’s SUPERWOMAN in my book!! Fortunately, since I did my blog this morning, things have quieted down here – – – both monsters are safely tucked away in their closets for another week. Whew!



  2. that “monster” is just awful isn’t it?

    My Mom took the “plunge” last spring and had Pergo floors put in in half our condo. Yep that DOES help get rid of the monster and Mom says it is a MILLION times easier to keep clean than carpets are. We still have carpet in part of our condo and when I see the big yellow monster come out….I RUN!

    Have a great weekend!


    • Hi Cody! I’ll have to make sure when Mom and Dad pick out our next house I have at least a “say” where carpet goes – or not……wood floors seem like they’d be a lot of fun – and cooler in the summer too……I plan to stay on top of this situation believe me…….someone has to make sure the humans in this house understand who’s REALLY in charge around here!!

      Have a nice weekend!!!


  3. Run! Hide!

    Eek! And a few (&*^#!$

    I know you are old enough to hear that kind of language. Well, my friend, the monster is just ne of those necessary things humans have to do, it seem. Hang in there, it;ll be over soon.


  4. Hi Uncle Jerry…….the monsters have been and gone and are tucked away back in their closets for another week. I just stayed down in the basement until it got quiet then I came back upstairs and have been napping on Mom’s bed most of the morning. Whew!



  5. Sundae is afraid of the monster too! (She isn’t afraid of anything else though: thunder, visitors, etc. She’s just curious about those things.)
    Wish someone would invent a silent vacuum!


    • Hi Miss Dianna! Mom and I really like your cat’s name a lot…..I’m also glad to hear Sundae and I have the same fear of “THE MONSTER”…..I used to think I was the only one! I really do wish I wasn’t so afraid of strangers though – then Mom and Dad wouldn’t have people teasing them about Sammy The Invisible Cat all the time…………. 🙂

      Happy Sunday to Sundae!!!!


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