“Beds” – Not Necessary For A Good Snooze!

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

On Mom's bed....helping her change the sheets....this blanket sure is SOFT!

Hi Everybody….today’s blog is all about beds.  Yup…..humans seem to feel the need to have ONE big spot with nice orderly coverings on it where they do their “big sleep” every night.  When Mom changes the sheets, she goes to great pains to get everything JUST RIGHT and all tucked in and smoothed out…..it’s a lot of work! 

Now for me – well, I can sleep anywhere.  Don’t need clean sheets – don’t have to make my nap spots all nice and neat after I’ve done my sleeping thing – I just move on…………….usually to another nap spot – let’s face it – there are nap spots all over my house!  If I had to straighten sheets and neaten things up I’d be doing that all day long. 

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

I can grab a nap on Mom's recliner.......(note - no sheets!)


I guess having a nice big king-size bedwith pretty sheets, blankets, and bedspread and all those pillows is NICE, but who needs it??????? 


It's good to be me......
On the couch…..no sheets required!

It’s great to just plop down wherever I feel like it, do my snoozing, and not have to worry about straightening up stuff afterwards……

Does that make me lazy?  Nawwwww………it takes a lot of energy to keep my parents entertained every single day – and keep watch over them and our yard and all that stuff.  Naps are NECESSARY.  In my twelve years I’ve pretty much perfect the ART OF THE NAP.  And I’ve done it all without the help of a big old bed that you have to change the sheets on every week!!!!!!!
Guess that makes me ONE SPOILED CAT……

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  1. As you have said on many occasions, Sammy, you are the King of Nap, and I believe you. I’m not much of a nap persona, although I do it much more than ever before, blame it on age , , ,


    • Hi Merlin, Ling Ling, Odin, Gris Gris and Domino……I bet with ALL that help changing the bed linen your Mom has a tough time getting the job done! They don’t seem to appreciate our efforts to add those special touches like cat hair…..hmm…..some of these humans just don’t get it do they?!



    • Yep – that’s right Miss Caren and Cody – “anywhere” is just fine by me! I suppose if I absolutely HAD to pick my favorite spot though, it’s on Mom’s legs……body heat. Gotta love it!!



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